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Meteorologist: Record High U.S. snow cover for Dec. 1.


THEWEATHERMOGIL: U.S. snow cover a Dec. 1 maximum; Climate Conference take note.

Discussion started by Meteorologist Mike Mogil

WEATHERTORIAL – This is an editorial (my opinions only) about weather and climate.  However, please note that I typically incorporate factual information whenever I write about these and other topics.

Although snowfall coverage analyses at the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC) have only been generated since 2003, it is interesting to note that U.S. snow cover on the morning of Dec. 1, 2015 is the highest on record for this day of the year.  38.7% of the U.S. (including a small part of southwestern Canada) is currently snow-covered(Fig. 1).  This tops the previous record of 36.5% set on this day in 2006 and the now, third-placed, 35.0% set on this day in 2005.  I recognize and acknowledge that 13 years is a very short period of record.  I also realize that snow cover today may bear no semblance to snow cover a month from now and may not be related to snow cover globally.  And I try not to use single events to proclaim a climate change or a non-climate change conclusion.  Here, we are looking at an accumulation of many events.


While this “record” is significant (albeit a blip on the climate timeline), it is, perhaps, even more so, simply timely.  After all, the current Climate Change Conference in Paris is just getting underway.  Much as there are many potential causes of climate change (not just carbon dioxide levels, as conference attendees and government leaders would have us believe), there are many possible outcomes of how “climate” change may be manifesting itself.  These far transcend the acclaimed warmer weather and more heavy rain events.  Actually, I have serious reservations about whether 100 to 300 years of weather history is really climate.  But that is the subject for another weathertorial.

Meanwhile, much as Al Gore’s many ill-fated climate change appearances and amassive DC climate change rally (when wintry weather cloaked “warming”), it appears that winter, and possibly a chilling sense of reality, may, again, be stealing the thunder from this conference.

It certainly gives me a renewed sense of urgency NOT to tackle the climate change issue immediately, but rather take the time and the science methodology to truly understand a very complex issue.


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  1. Uh oh…where are the melting glaciers, the flooded coastal cities, the small islands disappearing? Where are the terrorists fleeing to high ground countries to escape the waves of destruction? Could it be that our beloved diclesstator has lied to us again? Like he has done since he mounted the chair of president?

  2. Remember last year when Boston got so much snow they had the three liberals clerics (Reverends, rabbis and imams) out praying to God to turn it off? Their prayers didn’t even reach the ceiling. They just made is worse.

  3. It always seems that the global warming weenies blame anthropogenic global warming for the current weather, so I keep on having to do this to expose the fraud of climate change. The composition of the atmosphere is 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 1% trace gases. The less than 1% gasses claimed to cause global warming are in fractional amounts: (CO2) 390 ppmv (0.039%) (Methane) 1.79 ppmv (0.000179%) Nitrous oxide (N2O) 0.3 ppmv (0.00003%) and water vapor 1-4%. Two points: If tiny trace gas methane is causing global warming then isn’t it a good thing that white men came to the Americas and killed off the disgusting local savages, and their 60-million methane expelling buffalo? Also, if you go out to the desert on any 100+ degree day at sunset you will notice that it cools down immediately when the sun sets by about 40 degrees. That wouldn’t happen if co2 was such a great insulator. See? I exposed the fraud and I only have an Associate Degree. He! He! He!

  4. I’ve seen pictures of the shoreline taken 100 years ago, and beach houses being constructed then that exist today.

    The water level seen at the houses today, considering both high and low tide, are the same now as they were then. Where are these supposedly melting glaciers sending their water? Outer space?

  5. I wonder what retardo deecrapio’s love hole looked like after the bear gave him a good rodding?
    I wonder if deecrapio got pregnant?
    Now let’s focus on Caitlin jener’s sexual organs now while allah lops off heads in france! LoL!

  6. You would think after so many “warming” conferences being snowed out, they would at least have enough sense to schedule their northern hemisphere fantasy warming get together’s in Aug.? no?

  7. See there?

    Thy Obamessiah hath healed the planet and cured it of global warming just as he vowed.

    So let it be written.

    So let it be done.

    Fear the wrath of thy Obamessiah!

    Behold his mighty limp wrist!

  8. Retardo DeeCrapio RAPED BY BEAR IN FOX MOVIE
    TUE DEC 01 11:01:02 2015 ET

    The new movie ‘REVENANT’ features a shocking scene of a wild bear raping Leo DiCaprio!

    The explicit moment from Oscar winning director Alejandro Inarritu has caused maximum controversy in early screenings. Some in the audience escaped to the exits when the Wolf of Wall Street met the Grizzly of Yellowstone.

    The story of rural survivalism and revenge reaches new violent levels for a mainstream film.

    The bear flips Leo over and thrusts and thrusts during the explicit mauling.

    “He is raped — twice!”

    Not to be outdone, DiCaprio rips open a horse and sleeps naked in its carcass!

  9. In before someone sniffs and says “that’s WEATHER, not CLIMATE!”
    Here’s the Big Secret, global warming theorists- It’s the SUN that determines Earth temperatures. Use your SCIENCE to overlay 2 charts- temperatures and sunspot activity for the last 50 years. Be sure to use raw temperature data, and not data “adjusted” by NOAA. Hey! Look at that! They match up perfectly. Oh wait- can’t generate new taxes with that information. Sorry.


  11. Still plenty of grass to be seen in Minneapolis right now. With the newest forecasts, we will have near ZERO snowcover in the Twin Cities within a week. I’m not complaining though, as it keeps my heating bill down. That map needs updating.

  12. I did this experiment. I put some ice in my glass of 18 year old scotch. Eventually the ice melted but the level of scotch did not rise.
    Conclusion: It is wrong to water down a glass of 18 year old scotch.


    Grizzly bears usually hibernate for 5 to 7 months each year, emerging
    in April or early May, but over recent years many specimens have been
    emerging from their state of inactivity in early winter because of
    climate change. Scientists have observed that these bears were
    particularly aggressive due to the lack of food at this time of year.

    It is the first recorded sexual assault by a grizzly bear on a human
    being in the history of the United States and most experts believe that
    the rare and specific conditions which rendered it possible make
    it very unlikely that it could occur again in the near future.

  14. Global warming does it every time! RI must delight in the “free” worlds preoccupation with superficial issues such as GW. RI need not launch a campaign against the thinking world; its self-absorbent destructive policies of total subjugation will deliver us all to al-lah.

  15. Well, it is good to see all the 5-star jet setting fat cats dine and live so well in Paris, while they predict the end of the world, and finalize a 30 year long written plot to tax their prols into energy poverty. To save a 5 billion year old planet you know. Except they (BURP) get to spend the money collected. How can I get in on that game?

    If you like your air conditioner, you can keep your air conditioner.

  16. In 2005, shortly after Katrina, the ‘97%’ of scientist told us that that unusually active hurricane season was ‘the new norm’. Since then, over 10 years later, there has not been even one major hurricane to make landfall in USA. Infact, that is a new record. Never before in the 100+ year history of hurricane records has there been any 10 year period where a major hurricane has not hit the USA.
    For the Alarmists: No this is not cherry picking. Major hurricanes to hit USA is the only long term cyclone record in existence. Any other record can only be considered comprehensive for the last 30ish years (satellite era only).

  17. “Great news!
    All Global Warming fears now subside!
    The world breathes a sigh of relief!”

    These are the headlines that Leftists should be touting, if they were honest.

    But alas, they are not.

    Now they will change the subject so they can remain angry about something else.

  18. Isn’t it amazing how God works. He gives us all the potential energy, locked in the ground, then gives us the ability to unlock it, right when our population increases, when we need more vegetation. Then makes it so when we burn the energy it releases plant food causing the earth to become more habitable for the increase in population. Sounds like a friggin miracle to me. So sad the leftists worship at the alter of the pale(green) horse.

  19. 27 years ago my teacher taught students in class that global warming was going to end snow forever, we’d have to live underground, and that all life on the surface would burn to death. This is not an exaggeration, he quite literally said all of this and blamed our mom’s use of AquaNet hairspray for this.

    Today I am sitting at my desk, freezing, wondering when the snow is gonna melt. Meanwhile, my mom is still blasting her hair with AquaNet and the world hasn’t ended. I never got my underground bunker.

  20. Liberals are so despicable, disgraceful and desperate that they hire @ssholes like the troll using Matt Drudges name and picture so that we become disgusted with his comments that we quit making any comments at all. What a f.u.c.ked up world we live in where the truth has become an enemy to the Leftist/Progressive/Liberal @ssholes. Pardon my language.

  21. @liberalismdestroyslives:disqus Beware, the Leftist/Progressive/Liberals are the ones running, I mean RUINING our Nation. Some believe that these same “Climate Change” fear mongers, will be placing all dissenters into jail for disagreeing. The new label is “DENIER”!! Soon they will try to take away ALL liberty, unless you agree with them. Can you spell C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-M?

    • lol
      its warm its cold it freezing its boiling it BS
      you global nuts cant make up your mind what to use to screw the rest of us out of our hard earned money.
      you say its cold because its warming
      you say the ice is only getting thicker and more at each pole because its warming ..
      STFU your models are broken your record is broken and your lie has been exposed for what it is a crock of crap..
      liberals lie that is the only truth

      • A warming planet disrupts the natural ocean cycles that move warm water north and coller water south. The result is the north will become colder than ever. The arctic ice is not getting thicker. It’s growing wider because it’s melting, spreading and refreezing. Imagine you take an ice cube, melt it halfway and refreeze. The ice is spread over a wider rea but is much thinner.You should try reading instead of watching Faux news.

        • do you live any where near the artic ?.
          do you have any idea what you are talking about ?.
          your using liberal talking points..
          heres some facts..
          I live in and around the artic..
          those that are telling you the above lie is just that a lie.
          I believe my eyes my ears my feet and the fact that I can see smell touch the truth..
          the artic ice is in fact getting thicker wider and has more square miles that in previous years.
          and to keep telling the lie when so many have caught on is just ludicrous
          that couple with the data that the liberal left has submitted and has been proven to be inaccurate.
          so no global warming is nothing more then a hoax with the goal to drain those working and giving to those that done. .

            • problem with the left is they truly believe they are that much more intelligent because they can memorize something some liberal teacher spewed in some class and they actually equate that to being intelligent. and the more schooling they get the more intelligent they believe them selves to be.
              problem is being intelligent does not come from a book that is why its called book smarts..
              most of those so called intelligent liberals could not survive with out their smart phones or computers and if the lights ever went out they would starve to death because they are in fact to stupid to learn the basics of how to live if it is not in a book they have no ability to adapt and learn from personal mistakes because to them they never make mistakes.. they are perfect in their own eyes.
              and that truly is stupid.

              • there’s the one
                calling the kettle black..
                crawl back in your
                basement BOBBY you have no credibility here heck you have yet to make a
                intelligent statement in any post you have ever made.

    • not we understand that liberals lie
      anything to perpetuate the lie .
      lie lie until you believe your own lie.
      change the data to meet your lie .
      lie even though the snow and ice are growing year to year and tell us that your eyes are deceiving you don’t worry we will change the temp on paper to prove it to you
      you have a problem liberals mother nature is not your friend she shows you for what you are a lying deceitful POS that just needs to go back under your rocks.

  22. there is no liberal truth in anything they say
    especially the fallacy they call global warming..
    when their lips are moving they are lying ..
    mother nature is just showing every one just how full of crap they are.

  23. If obama says terrorism is due to climate change and not bombing these people and their families for 8 years, one more time. He should immediately be placed in a straight jacket along with Bernie Sanders and the other psychotic libtards. These creatures are all lunatics.

  24. I continue to be on the lookout for rising seas, unfortunately, the ocean level in the Emeryville mud flats on San Francisco Bay are exactly the way they were back in the 50s. The way 0bama was talking today, however, I better make a run out there and check ’em out…..better take my fins and snorkel gear.

  25. the empowering of marxists by the fools that are manipulated by their lies and by whoever voted them into office are the problem. Not just fools, but satanic puppets, who neither belive in god or satan and therefore have no clue that they are being used.

  26. Who cares the sun will burn out one day anyway. Might as well live it up while we’re here and 1) focus on space technologies for interplanetary colonization 2) send muslims and jews back to the mideast and let them settle their conflicts without us interfering. 3) Take the oil from Iraq as payment for our wounded warriors.

  27. .is funny how so many folks pooh-pooh happenings as “conspiracy theories” ..that oddly enough just happen to be true once you dig into some history and facts ..and yet they fail to label the great weather change boogie man as such

    .so let’s call it what it is made catastrophic global warming/climate change is a conspiracy theory by the purposely deceitful . for the wilfully ignorant

  28. All the worlds problems are rooted in liberalism….. Inner cities falling apart, Blacks freaking out, poverty everywhere, Non existent economic growth, the most people every NOT in the labor force, Healthcare costs skyrocketing, ISIS fueled by the CIA on Hillary’s watch, The world on the verge of WW3,

    And the boy king president thinks Climate Change is the cause of all of this., AND remember, the socialist Sanders does too,

    • I can see uneducated fools falling for all the crap the left is pushing. It’s very disturbing to see public schools and colleges brainwash our kids and turn them into Marxist robots. The leftist media keeps pounding away at us with their lies about rising seas, melting glaciers, and record high temperatures. On top of that, several science programs and websites I used to enjoy have gotten involved in the warming hoax. Fortunately, more of us are seeing through it all. Even Putin, whose country has been the victim of harsher winters, is telling us “global warming” is a hoax.

  29. Obama and his European partners-in-fraud are a much bigger threat to the globe than climate change. What they are trying to make us believe is the opposite of what is happening. They’re trying to convince us that warming is the problem when cooling is the actual problem. Instead of preparing us for an adjustment to cooler temperatures, they’re attempting to lead us the wrong way. Because of cooling, we’ll need more energy to keep warm. We’ll need to know where best to grow crops in a cooler climate.

    We’ll be paying more for energy in the future without the carbon tax the left wants to impose on us. If they succeed in implementing it, we’ll be paying considerably more for energy. The middle class worker/taxpayer will be hit the hardest. Many below the poverty line will receive higher energy subsidies at the expense of taxpayers and future generations due to mounting government debt.

    That’s the stark naked truth of it all. The sooner we smarten up and turn against these lying leftists, the better for all of us.

  30. You again? Carbon, pure carbon, naughty, naughty carbon. And the oxygen twins too! For shame. No, don’t you look away when I’m talking about you. You know it’s your fault. It’s always your fault. And don’t you dare bring up your cousins, nitrogen and oxygen now because it’s time for bed.

    We’ll talk about it in the morning.

  31. The ice is thickening at both poles. The sun is going into its expected sleep mode. Volcanic activity may be increasing, These are a few things that point to a cooling trend. And here are our “leaders” trying to con us into believing human activity is warming the planet at a rapid pace. Should we believe these liars or should we believe what we’ve been experiencing these last few winters?

  32. Prophecy 72

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  34. It as if some divine power is rubbing it in the face of the GW/CC denizens like fat al gore and the barry puppet along with the pope ( lower case deliberate to show contempt) to show how insignificant they are…

    One thing that is a concern though…I know the MSM and the officials lie prolifically…Usually what “they” say is the opposite of what is occurring…Perhaps we are heading into an ice age as predicted in the 70’s…Thank goodness we have efficient heaters and 4X4’s…Bring it on!

  35. where this “GLOBAL WARMING” i keep hearing about. this heating of my house is expensive. i know muslin leader comrade BO BOZO our dear leader should come here and give a speech on “GLOBAL WARMING” his hot air might help to melt the snow and warm up the area.

  36. It’s just wonderful that our Dear leader is over there in France and working so diligently at saving the planet from that which doesn’t exist while totally ignoring the destruction that he and his cronies are about to wreck on both America’s and the worlds economies.

  37. The only thing complex about global warming is where the cash and power is going. Global warming is also complex because a few scientists want to be “Experts” in the subject so they usually start off with “This is a complex issue, but I will try to explain” and this is usually directed at the idiots viewing the tv show or attending the “conference”. This is called the Tyranny of the Experts, where they tell you that something is to complex for YOU to understand but, they say, just trust me that I understand it and this is how to fix it (Their fixes never do anything really. When global warming doesn’t happen they can say “See, I did this and it didn’t happen”…which is so anti-scientific).

  38. Call what Gore and Obama’s efforts what they really are. POPULATION CONTROL AND GRAFT. That’s all it is. The elite tell the pee-on public what to eat, drive, where to live, how to live, while Gore/Obama live high on the hog, at taxpayer expense, putting out enough Carbon dioxide to equal small countries. But it’s OK for them, he just not the people

  39. Personally I think it snowed because the temperature dropped allowing atmospheric H2O to form into snow which then fell from the sky onto the ground. Science (uh oh there’s that inconvenient word algore) tells us that this has been happening for millions of years! Personally again I love C02 also because I can go to the store and buy all the things that used it to grow like fruits and vegetables and eat them so I can live and be healthy and strong.

  40. Obama is such a gangster. Where are all the environmental wackos when you need them protesting his pollution of the atmosphere? Where? I’ll tell you where… at home because they weren’t called into work that day for a paid staged protest. I suppose we could see them at a laker game because they pollute so much.

  41. Great for the ski resorts. The thing is, most people stay home for the holidays, so they don’t open all lifts and terrain. But they’ll have a good base leading into January. That means people can plan an early January ski trip and know there will be plenty of snow on the ground.

  42. Those in charge of the “consensus” love to tell us that CO2 is the number one contributor to the greenhouse effect yet for some reason they always forget to mention water vapor. When you add water vapor to the list you suddenly realize its responsible for 95% of the greenhouse effect. CO2 only contributes around 3%. Almost 100% of water vapor is natural and most CO2 is from natural sources too (volcanoes, decomposition of plant life, forrest fires). Removing all sources of man made CO2 will only lower the global temperature by a tiny fraction of a degree. Global warming is just a scam to give more control to government and another form of wealth redistribution. When you read a report that says they are 100% certain man is responsible for global warming and they start spouting off CO2 numbers if you don’t see water vapor mentioned anywhere then you know they are lying to you. If we reduce the man made CO2 to zero there will be no significant change, likewise if we double or triple the amount nothing will change. Water vapor will always dwarf CO2’s effects. And higher CO2 makes for a healthier environment.

  43. Ice age followed by global thawing followed by subsequent ice age. This has been the cycle throughout history yet somehow it has occurred without the burning of fossil fuels or SUVs nor Kabuki Theater conferences in Paris or Al Gore sideshows. What an absolute crock!

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  45. Ironic to see BB criticizing Ramos for trying unsuccessfully to ask simple, polite questions of a presidential candidate when BB has publicly called our president a “skinny ghetto crackhead” and continuously gives the finger to the Pope.

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