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Watch: Morano on TV on new dire studies leading up to UN Summit: ‘Its political lobbying disguised as science’


Morano excerpts: “United Nations climate scientists have admitted that the models used to make these predictions of 50 to 100 years don’t account for half the variability in nature, in other words the scientists can juice or  tune the models to pretty much say anything they want to. The current climate reality is failing to alarm, it’s not alarming — according to satellite data we’re at 18 and a half years without any change in global temperature.

In others words, global temperatures have been at a standstill. How do you make that sound scary? You make a bunch of scary predictions about a hundred years from now and you say ‘Hey it’s worse than we thought’ – You respond: ‘What’s worse? Global temperatures haven’t gone up’ and the climate activists answer is ‘The predictions of the future are now much worse than they were a few years ago.”

Morano on new modeling study claiming: Climate Change Will Make the Persian Gulf ‘Uninhabitable’

“This is just lobbying by science and press release all leading up to this big UN climate summit coming in December.

That’s all this study is that’s all it’s meant to do is scare people. It actually says in the study that without action to prevent climate change — What is the action? Carbon taxes, regulations, UN treaties, EPA regulations — its political lobbying disguised as science.”

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Warmist questions climate predictions – Now admits it is ‘insane it is to try to predict what’s going to happen in 2100′


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