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Warmist Prof. Alice Bows-Larkin calls for ‘planned recessions’ to fight ‘global warming’: ‘Economic growth needs to be exchanged’ for ‘planned austerity’ – ‘Whole system change’


Alice Bows-Larkin – Senior Lecturer in Energy and Climate Change – University of Manchester

(Full Transcript of her talk here)

Filmed June 2015 at TED Global London

Prof. Alice Bows-Larkin and her colleague Prof. Kevin Anderson have written papers calling for “planned recessions’ to reduce economic growth and thus emissions in order to fight man-made climate change. Anderson and his colleague Alice Bows wrote: “Unless economic growth can be reconciled with unprecedented rates of decarbonization (in excess of 6% per year 15), it is difficult to envisage anything other than a planned economic recession being compatible with stabilization at or below 650 ppm CO2.”

Just in time for the United Nations climate change summit in November, Bows-Larkin is refreshing the call for slowing economic growth in order to fight “global warming.” (Climate Depot Note: Global temperatures are failing to follow predictions: See:  A new record ‘Pause’ length: Satellite Data: No global warming for 18 years 8 months!)

Bows-Larkin TED video in 2015: “And now, if we’re all constrained by the same amount of carbon budget, that means that if some parts of the world’s emissions are needing to rise, then other parts of the world’s emissions need to reduce.”

Bows-Larkin: “So I’d just like to take a quote from a paper by myself and Kevin Anderson back in 2011 where we said that to avoid the two-degree framing of dangerous climate change, economic growth needs to be exchanged at least temporarily for a period of planned austerity in wealthy nations.
This is a really difficult message to take, because what it suggests is that we really need to do things differently. This is not about just incremental change. This is about doing things differently, about whole system change, and sometimes it’s about doing less things. And this applies to all of us, whatever sphere of influence we have. So it could be from writing to our local politician to talking to our boss at work or being the boss at work, or talking with our friends and family, or, quite simply, changing our lifestyles. Because we really need to make significant change. At the moment, we’re choosing a four-degree scenario. If we really want to avoid the two-degree scenario, there really is no time like the present to act.

Because according to our research, if you’re in a country where per capita emissions are really high — so North America, Europe, Australia — emissions reductions of the order of 10 percent per year, and starting immediately, will be required for a good chance of avoiding the two-degree target.”


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Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Canadian TV on Warmist calls for ‘planned recessions’: ‘This is what the Obama admin is all about, except they don’t announce it. But when you try to restrict energy access and manage an plan and energy economy on every aspect – you suddenly have the power to have planned recessions’ – Morano on Sun News TV –  ‘The Source w/ Ezra Levant’: ‘This is what the Obama admin is all about. except they don’t announce it. They don’t call it that. But when you try to restrict energy access and manage and plan an energy economy on every aspect, you suddenly have the power to have planned recessions. That is why they have UN treaties that are part of what they call ‘global governance’. Anderson’s plan is that the wealthy nations will get together and start planning recession to lower our emissions.’

Warmist Kevin Anderson, who advocates ‘planned recessions’ and cut back on his showering, tells UN climate summit: ‘Nations should give up growth obsession’ – Focus instead on ‘health and food and shelter’ – Anderson: ‘Industrialized countries need a 70% reduction in emissions consumption in 10 years to give us an outside chance of holding temperatures to a 2C rise. They need to cut emissions by 10% annually.’
Flashback 2009 — Other warmists proposed same ideas! ‘Planned recession’ could avoid catastrophic climate change -‘Britain will have to stop building airports, switch to electric cars and shut down coal-fired power stations as part of a ‘planned recession’ to avoid dangerous climate change’
Flashback: ‘Planned recession’ could avoid catastrophic global warming –‘Reducing the size of economy…UK will have to stop building airports, switch to electric cars & shut down coal-fired power stations through a ‘planned recession’
‘Planned recession’ could avoid catastrophic global warming  -‘Reducing the size of economy…UK will have to stop building airports, switch to electric cars & shut down coal-fired power stations through a ‘planned recession’
UK Guardian: Report advocates ‘limits to economic growth’, or ‘degrowth’ for Earth’s sake – Scientists vindicate 1972 ‘Limits to Growth’ – ‘Report warns that a continuation of ‘business as usual’ exploitation of the world’s fossil fuels could potentially trigger runaway global warming that, in several centuries or thousands of years, permanently destroy the planet’s capacity to host life.’
Economic ‘degrowth’ proposed to combat climate change – Reduction in salaries does not lead to a ‘reduction in the level of happiness’ -‘Policies aimed at effectively mitigating climate change through a reduction in economic growth and consumption of fossil fuels would have a monetary impact on the economy, but also an impact on the wellbeing and happiness of individuals…Dr Sekulova highlights that the fact that “the reduction in salaries in the two years before the survey, from 1,373 to 1,310 euros monthly in average, did not represent a reduction in the level of happiness.’

Klaus:  ‘This ideology wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central (now global) planning.’

Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for WW2-style rationing in developed world – UK Telegraph – November 29, 2010: ‘Global warming is now such a serious threat to mankind that climate change experts are calling for Second World War-style rationing in rich countries to bring down carbon emissions.’

Excerpt: In a series of papers published by the Royal Society, physicists and chemists from some of world’s most respected scientific institutions, including Oxford University and the Met Office, agreed that current plans to tackle global warming are not enough.

Unless emissions are reduced dramatically in the next ten years the world is set to see temperatures rise by more than 4C (7.2F) by as early as the 2060s, causing floods, droughts and mass migration.

As the world meets in Cancun, Mexico for the latest round of United Nations talks on climate change, the influential academics called for much tougher measures to cut carbon emissions.

In one paper Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing the poor nations to continue to grow, is to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years.

This would mean a drastic change in lifestyles for many people in countries like Britain as everyone will have to buy less ‘carbon intensive’ goods and services such as long haul flights and fuel hungry cars


  1. Put this woman on foot everywhere she goes.
    Make her only light the sun.
    She must never have a cooked meal.
    She must never wear shoes.
    She must drink only water if its available.
    That is only a few of the things SHE wants the rest of us to do.
    You see, energy is required for everything that keeps us alive.
    She needs us alive but poor so SHE can be money filthy rich and have the demented mind of the power drunk narcissist.

      • In December Trudeau will travel to the Paris Climate Summit to receive some obscure green award. While there he will announce his profound belief in the evils of carbon, and sign whatever treaty the UN socialists put before his empty head.

        Then within a year, Canada’s national carbon tax law will be rammed down their citizens throats. A tax to fix the weather.

        Welcome to the Liberal world, Canada. Thanks for all your help.

    • Amen to that…. these ivory tower liberals are truly insane – they are hell bent on their own destruction along with everyone else, all in the name of some fabricated sense of moral duty…it’s like a cult, it really is, just as sure as Nazi’s – all I have to say is MAN IS FALLEN, and history as our guide, the worst of the worst, no matter if the motivation is greed or ignorance, tells us what the end game is here – frighteningly, the average lifespan of a country is 200 years… and the Obama-nation is that he is the new Nero, watching while we burn… our hope lies in the states – end of story.

    • Is this woman aware of the austerity measures imposed on the U.K. including several years after WW 2?

      CARE packages were sent to the U.K. and Ireland after the war by people from the U.S. But this time around the people in the U.S. won’t have the money to send CARE packages anywhere.

      The meaning of austerity simply does not percolate through people’s brains.

  2. We people pay the freight, why dont we decide how to proceed? How long will we let the green nuts dictate our behavior? Most of you humps get more upset about “your” pro sports team than you do about others deciding monumentally important economic decisions that will most assuredly affect you adversely. Maybe you people really do need to be led by the nose…it absolves you of any responsibility for your plight in this big crazy world…… in short, it’s why tyrants have so easily proliferated through the ages.

  3. This is how utterly foolish the left green monster has become.
    When this is viewed in 30 years, she’ll look beyond an imbecile.
    Whatever the left green monster wants to do, it certainly will not help those who have less, ever live a good life.
    This is a complete disconnect from reality….
    What fools.

  4. I would say ‘where do they drag these nutty academics up from?’ except that in my (fairly extensive) experience of universities, they are everywhere – always referencing their own mad papers as if they were the words of Moses, direct from God on Mt Sinai.

  5. So not ONE person in the entire room wanted to shout her down? Call her an ass? Tell her to STFU? I would have, we sane people have to shout these people down publicly. Do not give them the forum to spout such crap.. This is our future, our world, our prosperity, NOT to be subject to such pure alarmist brainwashed garbage.

    Beyond being a hypocrite, as you know this woman has benefitted by fossil fuels her entire life, you never know if she is a true believer or a paid operative to the AGW movement. Meaning, I suspect she is a plant. First, a woman,, then, the accent, (they always say use the British / Australian accent for credibility, Next, her impassioned plea when you know she knows she is full of crap.. For instance, why would ALL warming be bad? Is it happening now or in the future? Then why not ten years ago? There was just as much emissions then, more, probably dirtier. Can she not acknowledge that Fossil fuels SAVE billions of lives each year providing food and warmth?
    We all can go on.

    This is a hoax designed to extract taxes, and take away personal freedom. This will be a war.

    It’s time to take physical action against these people. They will to your family. Strike them down… Hurt them any way you can. AGW alarmists are the enemy. They must be eliminated.

  6. These are the idiot masters of the universe that will get you killed. Energy = standard of living which = life. If cheap abundant energy had never been available The human population would still be around what it was during Elizabethan times. You can look at any population graph and tell where we started to burn coal, where we started to burn petroleum and use the internal combustion engine. A gallon of gas does the work of 400 people. The benefits that cheap energy literally can’t be listed or calculated.

    This misguided B*t*h would return us to the days of slavery and death at 40.

  7. She speaks as if she has the right to control my life. I assume that she is being paid with government money. She certainly is advocating that government should coerce me with threats of deadly force if decline her demands. There will be a point when polite society wakes up and responds appropriately to such pompous fools.

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