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BBC: Prominent French Meteorologist ‘taken off the air’ for dissenting on ‘global warming’ – Declares UN climate agenda ‘wants to make us perpetual victims of fear’



What is, frankly, a far “sexier” media story: the suspension of state TV’s top weatherman for daring to question the ethics of COP21 and the whole climate change establishment.

Philippe Verdier is not a climatologist, but he has covered the weather for more than 20 years in various capacities and has attended the climate conferences at Bali, Copenhagen and Cancun.

His conclusions are spelled out in a theatrical promotional video for his new book Climate Investigation.

“There is something I have never been able to tell you because it was not the time nor the place,” he says against the inevitable backdrop of time-lapse cloud movements.

“We are all hostages of a global scandal, a war-machine that wants to make us perpetual victims of fear.”

Although Mr Verdier does not deny global warming, he says there could be positive effects.


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