Flashback 1992: Gore on CO2 emissions: ‘No government mandated requirements would be necessary of any kind’ – ‘Purely voluntary measures’

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1992, then Senator and Democratic vice presidential nominee Al Gore states that carbon taxes and ‘government mandated requirements’ are unnecessary to maintain CO2 at 1990 levels. Instead, ‘we could all but meet the goal with purely voluntary measures’.

Then Sen. AL GORE: ‘You said for example that you were convinced that the only way to stabilize CO2 emissions at 1990 levels is with a large tax. Quite to the contrary, the Bush Administration itself produced a rather comprehensive study of the options available to us to stabilize CO2 emissions and found that not only would a tax be unnecessary but no government mandated requirements would be necessary of any kind, that we could all but meet the goal with purely voluntary measures if we had leadership from the executive branch with a series of new initiatives that are outlined in that study.’

Senate Foreign Relations Committee
September 18, 1992

Scientist: ‘The President’s Clean Power Plan is Built Upon a Pack of Lies’

Via: http://www.co2science.org/articles/V18/aug/a22.php

The President’s Clean Power Plan is Built Upon a Pack of Lies

Today, President Obama unveiled his administration’s latest initiative to combat climate change, the Clean Power Plan. Authored and overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency, the new program requires a national reduction in power plant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 32 percent just a mere decade and a half from now. Such a mandate, in and of itself, is a Herculean task that can be debated as to whether or not it is even possible to accomplish, as forecasts from the Administration’s own Department of Energy indicate ever more energy will be needed in the years and decades ahead — a need that is unlikely to be met without expanding the production of energy from fossil fuel combustion.

In the days, weeks and months ahead a lively debate will likely ensue with regard to how the President’s new emission rule will be implemented, the amount of jobs it will create, the lives it purports to save, the plan’s reliability, affordability and flexibility, the virtues of expanding renewable energy sources, and — dare we state it — the racial implications for implementing (or not implementing) the new rule.

As important as these features and characteristics are, however, it is crucial to note that none of them truly matter. They are all distractions from where the real debate should be taking place: the reason why the plan is being implemented.

According to the President and his acolytes, the Clean Power Plan is necessary in order to “tackle the threat of climate change.” In their view, increasing CO2 emissions are leading humanity down a dangerous path of irreversible global warming and climate change. Carbon dioxide is a perilous “pollutant” that will wreak havoc on society and the environment unless the new emission rule is implemented.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is built upon a pack of lies. This I know because for the past two decades I have read and published reviews of literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers that show rising atmospheric CO2concentrations have little impact on global climate. These reviews, along with some of my own original research, are archived on the CO2 Science website, www.co2science.org, as well as in the 2013 publication Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science. This massive collection …

Watch Now: Morano on BBC TV on Obama EPA climate regs: ‘Even if we faced a climate crisis, these regs would have no impact. It’s pure symbolism’

BBC World News – August 3, 2015 – Climate Depot Publisher Marc Morano

Selected Highlights of Morano’s comments: “Even if we faced a climate crisis, these regulations would have no impact. It’s pure symbolism. Its going to have a huge economic impact, jobs impact and no climate impact. Even warmists’ are saying this is not going to have any impact, that Obama way off base (and not being ambitious enough.)

This is a heavy move forward to central planning to do nothing for the climate. His own EPA chief told Congress that these EPA climate regs would be an immeasurable temperature impact if fully implemented.

If you are worried about global warming, you do have to scratch your head and say ‘Why are they proposing symbolism if we face this great climate catastrophe?’

The GOP has been traditionally very weak when it comes to opposing the climate agenda. But the GOP is poised to make this an issue in 2016 presidential election.

We always talk about ‘tipping points’ in the climate debate. If the Democrats win the White House with a committed global warming agenda. Then I believe global warning skeptics will be possibly been defeated, despite having won every political battle going back decades, not having the UN’s Kyoto Protocol ratified in U.S., defeating cap-and-trade.

If we get a Democrat president in 2016 who goes forward with EPA regs and a UN treaty — which will be signed this Dec. in Paris — then the global warming agenda will take hold in the U.S.

Now, it could always be reversed like it was in Australia, where they had a huge carbon tax and then reversed it.

If a GOP wins in 2016, this could be overturned and most likely will be, but it also depends on which Republican wins, because some of the candidates for GOP presidential nomination are not that strong in opposition to the climate issue.”

End Morano transcript


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Another coal giant files for bankruptcy

Alpha Natural Resources has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

On Monday, a statement from the company said: “The Board of Directors of Alpha Natural Resources authorized the filing of the Chapter 11 cases to enhance the company’s future as it weathers a historically challenged coal market.”

“The relief provided by Chapter 11 will allow the company to reorganize and emerge as a financially viable business that is better positioned to compete in dynamic energy markets.”

Bloomberg reported last Thursday the company had been planning to file today.

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‘Obama To Announce Job Killing, Inflation Producing, Economy Slowing, Clean Energy, Plan’

Obama To Announce Job Killing, Inflation Producing, Economy Slowing, Clean Energy, Plan


Today at the White House, President Obama and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy will release the final Clean Power Plan, a historic step in the Obama Administration’s fight against the economy. The plan will order steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants than previously expected, directly causing an increase in energy costs and a loss of jobs in the energy industry. The new EPA rule demands that the states sets state targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants or else they will do it themselves. Since all companies rely on energy to produce/ship,etc. everyone’s price to develop, manufacture and sell product will increase. Those increased energy costs will be pass along to the consumers.Data from the federal Energy Information Administration has shown that the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the final version of which will be released Monday, will raise electricity rates for average Americans, at least in the short term. The proposal will limit carbon emissions from power plants, and the EPA has admitted that coal’s share of U.S. power generation will drop by about 25 percent if the plan is fully implemented. The administration is expected to unveil stringent standards but may give states until 2022 to meet emissions targets rather than 2020, as originally planned, according to media reports. There also are questions swirling around the EPA’s new ozone standards, due out in October. The proposal is expected to lower surface ozone standards from 75 parts per billion to 65 or 70 parts per billion, and critics fear the plan ultimately could be the most expensive regulation in U.S. history. And who is going to pay for that regulation (which estimates say will be around $10 billion/year?) The consumer—that’s who.And for those involved in the coal business it’s even worse, “America’s coal miners are getting so desperate, beaten down by the lowest prices in eight years, increasing competition and mounting environmental regulations, that they’re battling each other for scraps. Details emerging ahead of the release of President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan on Monday show pressurefrom Washington to curb coal’s use will only intensify over the next 15 years, escalating the industry’s fight for survival.The Heritage Foundation reported on July 5th that, “without the details of the final regulations, and given the complexities of state plans, it is …