‘Obama’s RICO-style Enemies of Actual Climate Science’

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Obama’s RICO-style Enemies of Actual Climate Science

By Jim Guirard – TrueSpeak.org

In recent months, ‘round-the-clock attacks have been waged by UN-IPCC and NOAA-GISS-EPA “climate change” radicals in the Obama Administration and in radical-Left circles of the media and academia against increasing numbers of climate scientists who question the popular premise that so-called “global warming” – of which there has been none in almost 19 years! — is caused primarily by carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by man’s burning of fossil fuels.

Such distinguished scientists as Harvard’s Dr. Willie Soon, Princeton’s Dr. Will Happer, MIT’s Dr. Richard Lindzen, NASA’s John Christy and Roy Spencer and many others here, in Europe and worldwide are being attacked as “tools of Big Oil” or of “Dirty Coal” or as “climate criminals” — for their daring to doubt or deny so-called “climate change.”

In recent days, the President has even hinted that military officers who dispute his radical climate-control policies might be charged with “dereliction of duty.” And just as vindictive, radical-Left US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has proposed that leading deniers and skeptics – presumably including most GOP Senate colleagues — be charged, tried and convicted as “climate criminals” under the RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) statutes now in place.

Finger-pointing “warmists” are guilty themselves

But as an earlier article by this writer has proven in great detail, it is these UN-NOAA-GISS-EPA finger pointers who are THEMSELVES denying, minimizing and discounting almost 20 elements of actual climate science which are the “drivers” and determinants of both short-term weather and long-term climate – all in deference to the alleged catas-trophic influence (see # 20 below) of the trace gas CO2, as follows:


  • the science of solar cycles — sunspots, flares and eruptions,
  • the science of decades- and centuries-long ocean cycles,
  • the science of jet streams, vortexes and wind currents,
  • the science of Earth’s orbits around sun & tilts on its axis,
  • the science of outer-space galactic and cosmic winds,
  • the science of cloud formation and sunlight feed-back,
  • the science of human beings inhaling, exhaling, flatulence,
  • the science of both wild & domestic animals breathing, flatulence,
  • the science of heat retention by water vapor and humidity,
  • the science of both surface & sub-sea volcanic eruptions, seepages,
  • the science of sub-sea methane formations and releases,
  • the science of CO2 as a result, not a cause, of ocean & global

Skeptical website announces it ‘will no longer give coverage of the views of climate pause deniers’

Climate Pause Plateau


SourceAfter careful consideration this website has made the following policy decision. (Our Inspiration – Climate Change Predictions.)Given the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence in favour of the 18 year hiatus in global warming, the 18 Plus Years plateau in the warming of our planet, this website will no longer give coverage of the views of climate pause deniers.This announcement will remain in place for a few days. Future articles will examine whether climate pause denialism should be regarded as a form of psychological pathology.…………………………………………………………

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