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Outgoing UN IPCC Chief reveals global warming ‘is my religion and my dharma’


Pachauri’s full resignation letter here.

Climate Depot’s Morano statement on Pachauri’s resignation: ‘The IPCC is quietly popping champagne corks today. Pachauri gone can only be good news for the UN IPCC’ – Marc Morano: ‘If Pachauri had any decency, he would have resigned in the wake of the Climategate scandal which broke in 2009. Climategate implicated the upper echelon of UN IPCC scientists in attempting to collude and craft a narrative on global warming while allowing no dissent. Or Pachauri could have resigned when he wished skeptics would rub asbestos on their faces or conceded that the IPCC was at the ‘beck and call’ of governments. There were so many opportunities to to the right thing and fade away. But it took the proceedings of the Indian court system over the allegations of sexual harassment to finally bring Pachauri down. Things can only be looking up for the UN IPCC now that it has ridded itself of this political and ethical cancer.’

Many climate change activists are motivated by religious conviction. See: Climate Depot round up of climate religion. Actor Harrison Ford’s Green Religion: ‘I needed something outside of myself to believe in and I found in nature a kind of God’

Wave Bye-Bye: IPCC Chair Pachauri forced out at UN climate panel after sexual harassment complaint

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Pachauri critic: Evidence ‘suggest strongly that Pachauri is a longtime sexual predator’ – Donna Laframboise: ‘What’s missing from this (Pachauri’s resignation) letter is any suggestion of remorse. When a scandal-plagued leader resigns because his alleged misdeeds are nuking his organization’s reputation, that is a mark of failure. He has let everyone down. Where are his words of apology to the thousands of IPCC-linked scientists whose honour is now eternally tarnished by their association with him?’ Pachauri’s letter talks about his “greatest joy,” and his “sublime satisfaction.”

Rajendra Pachauri’s Resignation Letter: ‘A two-page love letter to himself’

Flashback 2010: Greenpeace calls for UN climate chief Pachauri to step down in wake of Climategate


  1. These global warming nuts are nothing but lunatics who use the premise that ‘the sky is falling’ to enrich themselves and achieve worldwide wealth redistribution and worldwide control. Only idiots still believe in these sociopaths after the innumerable scandals, lies and falsificaions of data that have come to light over the past decade plus.

  2. This News should be Filed Under….”But, Of Course it Is and it’s ObVious to EVERYONE”

    I would like to introduce the Heads of Rajendra…and his good buddy, AlGore, to the Business end of a Very Fast Moving BaseBall Bat

  3. So much for “settled science” and mockery of religious beliefs. The warmist religion is akin to a Jim jones coolaid cult.
    How anyone who has stepped outside in the last few years could believe their crap is beyond me…

    • Give them your $ and they will go away for a little while but they will be back for more after saying that was easy. The anyone they teach this stuff is the little future brown shirts that will be enforcing all their stupid settled science.

    • Very true!
      And isn’t it amazing the lengths they will go to in achieving that very thing? Cherry picking data, “manipulating” and “adjusting” data, then feeding it through faulty and inaccurate computer models…………and all to say “See? The religion…….uh…….science… settled”!

  4. I was watching the Climate Summit on CSPAN. Discussions included: The need for more qualitative easing, bank bailouts, debt forgiveness for poor countries and the need to make them exempt from pollution treaties, and the need for Americans to pay more for fuel. Somehow, reducing greenhouse gases never came up.

  5. He’s telling the truth about this. Global warming/climate change IS the religion of the left. They protect it, defend it, and crucify those who oppose it as if their life depended on it. Of course, any sane person knows that it’s only about power, control, and money – all of which may be synonymous.

  6. Outgoing UN IPCC Chief reveals global warming ‘is my religion and my dharma’
    This may be the 1st time this guy has told the truth during his tenure.
    Also, explains the the use of the term “denier” to apostates.

  7. No news to anyone who has been paying attention to the leftards and their junk science of man-made global warming…err excuse me now called “climate change.” It *IS* their religion…they are nothing but modern day Jim Jones cultists. Some of these idiots are already calling for people to kill themselves to save the planet.

  8. Too cold for Global Warming, too hot for Global Cooling. Well, call it global climate change.

    So, we are to assume, global climate change is bad. Are we to work towards global climate stagnation?

    Or are we going to create some sort of global climate thermostat that we set from time to time?

    • The left wing, in its infinite wisdom, has determined the exact temperature that the earth should be. Who cares that the earth is 4.5 BILLION years old and the temperature has fluctuated, sometimes dramatically, throughout its history? And who cares that the miniscule fluctuations that the alarmists are citing have little or no affect on the Earth? The left wing knows exactly what the correct temperature is and even the slightest fluctuation should be cause for alarm. And mankind needs to accept blame for that fluctuation and remedy the situation by sending money to their government.

      It would be laughable if these people weren’t so dangerous.

  9. Fake global warming got them 1000? agencies which are Funded and outside of the government of the The United States. World government! This one Soap Allergic pos resigning is sacrificial. They are going to do it anyway, without ANY truth about Global Temp fluctuations.

  10. cult. it’s a cult.. and along with cargo cults and ghost dances it relies on a dead narrative. Here’s a few more dead narratives: the African American cult of resentment and victimization. The socialist narrative of collective cargo sharing from a non-existent production theory. The Muslim dead narrative of a murdering, jealous, monstrous god. The gay narrative of polymorphous perversity as a foundation for personal relationships defined as marriage. Go ahead…..discuss amongst yourselves. heheh.

  11. Well, well, well. If Global Warming is a Religion, then policies regarding climate change can and should be considered a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution…”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”.

  12. Dude, it’s “Climate” not “Climb it”!!!

    But I guess in the “Church of Global Warming” Sexual Harrassment isn’t a sin!

    Now, if only the rest of them would admit that they’re worshipping a false god…

  13. Of course AGW is a religion. Pachauri see himself as serving a Higher Power– not God, but
    Mother Gaia. Her vengeful wrath will devise a thousand plagues to punish us sinners for polluting her sacred precincts with the vile excrement of our CO2 emissions. We must repent, give up our sinful ways, or Gaia will unleash Armageddon to ravage the land.

    Thus saith the Data.

    Those who dare challenge the truth of the Data, or the interpretation of the Data offered by High Priests like Pachauri, are heretics, apostates and deviationists.

    And of course the AGW religion has it own money-changers in the Temple. In this case their wealth comes from the tithes that intimidated governments fork over in “research grants,” and in cap-and-trade or carbon tax scams. That is another commonality shared by AGW zealots like
    Pachauri with the traditional religions they despise.

  14. Well…
    Whatever his other issues / faults…
    And sexism, (if that is his problem), certainly IS a major fault…it’s refreshing to see / hear, of someone taking this impending self-extinction of H_Sapiens_

    That noted…
    Given the past 5,000 years, (of superficially pious…) violence…which calls itself ‘monotheism’…
    I’m unconformable with his / anyone referring to this as a ‘religious’ issue, except, perhaps…
    If the ‘religious’ aspect is mere metaphor.

    As for the ‘climate_change’ / ‘climate_destruction’ deniers…
    I’ll simply repeat what I always say:
    The dinosaurs had their time, a species – survival – interval thousands of times longer than our own…
    Thus far!
    N.Sapiens.Neanderthalensis had their time…
    Roughly, 100,000 years MORE than the current model hominid has, thus, far, achieved, and, at some point…
    Our humanity will have run it’s course, as all species, eventually, do. Then we will dissapper to fossilization, (typically in far less than 1% of a given species) and mass-extinction…

    Why are we hominids so damn greedy for fossil-fuel and other profits, maintained at the cost of semi-continuous conflict, (with its associated suffering and endless profiteering…), that we, seemingly, can’t wait another femptosecond to speed up our, (inevitable), extinction??

    BTW: ‘Femptosecond’ describes the shortest time interval I’m aware, of…
    It’s primary use is in scientific research, concerning very short term events, like…
    Watching the ‘f.second by f.second’ progress in computer-simulated ‘N.-W.M.D.’ explosions…
    N.W.M.D. are yet, another source of potential, ‘flash-extinction’ for our species!

    I’m told that a Femptosecond is a billionth, of a trillionth, of a billionth, of a regular, everyday second…

  15. weirdo’s, global warning is his religion, who is his God? What does this God promise for belief and donations? This is a new form of Heresy and believers are Heretics’. I can’t help but laugh at these fools and their so called religion. What is the prayer?…Oh magnificient global warming please go away! Hahahahahaha

  16. So the only thing that was really warming around him after all was his pants? Wonderful.
    At least this pretender is finally gone. How does one get to be the chairman of the IPCC, (Which should also be dissolved!), when one has NO background at all in anything related to climate science in the first place?!!
    This guy is an engineer who specializes in railroads! On top of that he writes porn, and now we find out that he is sexually harassing women as well. But finally to top it all off he confirms that glowBULL warming actually IS a “religion”, at least to him!
    No sympathy for this asshat!

  17. Good for this guy! At least he admits it. ALL liberals who espouse this cause do so for the same reason: Government, or statism, is their God. Because they don’t believe in God as others do. They try to hide behind the “we’re objective scientist” lie, but their actions prove otherwise.

  18. Admitting that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism:

    ‘”This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.

  19. Al Gore is the Pope of that religion…Truth is the earth has been cooling since 1998.These whackos want to impose carbon taxes on all of us.They try to instill guilt in us by saying humans have caused “climate change”.That way we dont fight the taxes..The next ice age is close.Man has not caused climate change.Climate change is in the natural cycle of earth…warmth,cold,warmth,cold,.Man may be helping the next cycle get here sooner.What will happen is the Arctic ice caps are melting(for the last 10,000 years).The fresh water is pouring into theNorth Sea.Soon it will stop the flow from the Gulf up the East Coast ushering in the Ice Age.The change will be rapid..maybe within weeks.They found plants that froze within hours preserved in the ice….We will freeze to death in great numbers…

  20. Rajendra Pachauri & Al Gore….Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum of the GW religion. Government is their God, regulation is their Bible, and taxes are their contributions. Truth has no place in this cult and speaking it will get you ostracized. May you both wake up with a size 14 carbon footprint up your asss.

  21. And he’s entitled to his own religion. However he’s NOT entitled to take control over giant swaths of our economy and impose onerous carbon taxes, etc. based upon his religion. In any religion there are supposed to be certain immutable truths. Going from Global Cooling in the 70s, to Warming in the 90s to Climate Change now… it would be like a Catholic doing a reading from the Gospel according to John… then next week calling him Bob, then Dan, etc.. but hey, so long as he can’t impose it on anyone else have at it man.

  22. If it is his religion more reason why not to believe it. In addition his “religion” keeps changing its name” first “global warming’ now “climate change”. maybe the latter is the “reformist movement” of the former.

  23. I just read another article about this fellow, seems he is up on sexual harassment charges and has “stepped down”.

    This is the comment I made there:

    “What’s a little sexual harassment when your entire career is based on a lie and your job is to perpetuate the lie by whatever means necessary?”

  24. Its a religion to many if not most. But its also a polytheistic god. To many environmentalists its about ridding the Earth of fossil fuels, while for most ‘scientists’ its about bringing home the bacon. Global warming has put hundreds of billions into the pockets of tens of thousands of ‘scientists’ worldwide. Global warming research directs government grants to scientists that spin the pseudoscience as environmentalists like and to others its grants for green tech developments.

  25. maybe he should try God instead anybody who says something like this isn’t stable. Oh is that him pictured with our esteemed ex VP Al Gore, you know the guy who sold his cable TV channel to Al Jazzeera??? Yup enough said about these phonies, the only religion they know is the MONEY and fleecing the public and this country to attain it.

  26. Too bad that Crichton had to leave us so soon–he saw the same things emerging at about the same time that I did: a growing tendency to politicize complex science to the degree there are no opinions and no theories anymore, just dogma. You are a believer or a non-believer, an acceptor or denier, of the dogma that so insidiously masquerades as “science.” It’s my belief that this is how all dark ages begin, with a love for ignorance and a disdain for rational thought and open discussion. Real scientists don’t fear opinions and debates, they embrace them as an integral part of the scientific method. Real science is not afraid to say, “We don’t know.” The UN, being the perpetual hotbed of corruption that it has been since its founding, is not an environment amenable to the scientific method–rather, it’s a birthplace for all kinds of political rhetoric and unseemly dogma. What a joke it is to think that anything coming out of the UN might be scientifically valid–what a mismatch–like assigning to the Vatican the design of the rockets that will carry the first men to Mars and back.

    • I can’t stand this new smear campaign on the soon guy. Why is it that if a scientists receives funding from an oil company that means it is obviously fraudulent. The fact is the little research funded form big oil was ethical. They don’t need to fudge the numbers. the othe 99% of research and the ipcc are unethical.

  27. One simple bible verse sums it up. Romans 1:25–They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.

  28. dur…
    Religion is faith based. Even atheism is a faith. Faith in nothing. The end of freedom of movement and re-establishment of the social class of serfs. That is the goal. Enduring greed is the memory the survivors of this ‘culture’ shall have. The greed of the (gag, spit) elite.

  29. Pachauri stops by your desk and says, “Come by my office at 4:30. I want to talk to you about your performance evaluation. And lock the door when you come in as this will be a private conversation.”

    Would you go?

  30. Here we have a sick and morally corrupted man with brain abnormalities and yet he all these followers and groupies who take what ever he says as Fact. What does this say about these followers and groupies. PS…from his resignation letter he may also be a sociopath.

  31. If it’s his “religion”…its clearly a fickle and false religion. It is another version of a tree-hugger ambiguously worshiping nature. Anyone who makes nature (via climate) their religion (i.e., idol), is in for a nasty surprise. Such a “god” will in the end destroy them all the while letting them foolishly believe it will elevate them.

  32. Snippets from “Heaven and Earth, global warming-the missing science” by Australian geologist Dr. Ian Plimer:
    1.The founder of Greenpeace says that all “green”movements have been taken over by neo-Marxists, who despise trade, capitalism and are anti-civilization.
    2.“Climate change” exists because recently the global warming pseudo-scientists learned that the globe hasn’t warmed since about 1995, despite an increase in carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).The term “climate change” was conveniently chosen because it cannot be challenged. Climate always changes. It is obvious to anyone with a pulse.
    3.CO2 is vital for every life form. All life would die without CO2. There is no connection between CO2 and warming of the earth.
    4.Hundreds of real scientific studies and studies of the earth’s history show that CO2 has been much higher than it is now, even during the earth’s cold periods. CO2 has been far higher than present during the last four glaciation periods. (Thousand year periods within an Ice Age).
    5.Greenland has been cooling since the 1940’s.
    6.The Arctic was warmer in the 1920’s and 1930’s than it is now.
    7.Antarctic ice has been greatly expanding since 2008.
    8.In the medieval warming period, it was much warmer than today, even without automobiles and industrialization.
    9.Virtually all current “climate change science” consists of computer modelling, based on
    mathematics and atmospheric-ocean-land interactions. These ignore such variables as the Sun, the cosmos, bacteria, history, and the geological processes that take place beneath our feet. Computer models and climate science cannot predict weather beyond one week, never mind hundreds of years. Modelers do not even have confidence in their own models.
    10.We are currently in an Ice Age that started 37 million years ago

  33. Well, if John L. Casey is correct, and it is beginning to look like he very well might be, then the Warmer Religion is about to be shown to be lies. All I can say is that it is about time…wonder what they’ll say about settled science? Enjoy the major cooling event the Earth is going to be experiencing over the next 20 years or so! 😉

  34. It is really a very simple discussion as seen from recent weather. Computer model were unable to accurately predict the snowfall levels on the east coast from recent storms but we are to believe, that on a global basis, with thousands of variables, they will tell us what will happen over the next 100 years.

    On top of that, we have seen the purpose falsification of data to meet the prediction of these models so that
    all will believe their accuracy.

    And we are to further believe that scientists have no financial interest in further research in these matters but are only interested in the scientific value of them.

    Lastly, these scientists state that these matters are “settled science” . Which by their very statement defies a basic premise of scientific discovery itself. Just refer to the theory of relativity postulated by Einstein which challenged the “settled science” of Newton…..

  35. This is very interesting because religion is based on faith – certainly not on facts or science. So, the West is supposed to make massive wealth transfers to corrupt dictators in “3rd world nations” based on this guy’s religion? I decline! The people like Pachauri are nothing more than liars and fraud artists.

  36. Love how the liberal media, including MSNBC, castrate any scientist who brings different theories to the table than the accepted version of the liberal elitists. The government funds any scientist who agrees with the official government version to the tune of billions of dollars annually and destroys any that disagrees, and they call this science??? It is the politicization of science and it is dangerous!

  37. The picture above is of the leaders of the biggest SCAM of the last 100 years. Global Warming, Global Cooling, Global Climate Change, Global Weirding, whatever you want to call it, it’s all a huge SCAM.

  38. Well, those of us who have been paying attention knew that the advocates of global warming had shifted from advocacy to religious fervor many years ago. It is one of the problems with having a reasoned debate on the science of climate change. Whenever ones’ beliefs become religious dogma, there is no more reasoned debate and that has hurt the cause of the global warmers more than anything else, except of course the lies they have been promulgating.

  39. Global warming is the new Marxism, the most perverse and destructive religion of the 20th Century and likely all human history. While it remains to be seen whether the alarmist frauds can wreak the sheer level of murder and mayhem that the Marxists managed, their massive fraud machine is certainly off to a good start.

    • Absolutely correct. Now, who/whom wrote and promoted THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO? Germans? Muslims? Eskimos? Not a chance.

      And the New World Order filth? Who promotes and HAS ALREADY DECLARED THEIR OWN (Their words not mine)? Well, search the phrase ‘new york times october 6 1940’

      Then ask them who put this Obama clown in office, ask their boy Goldberg:

      “No president, not even Bill Clinton, has traveled so widely in Jewish circles, been taught by so many Jewish law professors, and had so many Jewish mentors, colleagues, and friends, and advisers as Barack Obama (though it is true that every so often he appoints a gentile to serve as White House chief of staff).”

      Jeffrey Goldberg, THE ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, March 11, 2012

      Now have a look at this:

      Oh well . . . who could have guessed.

      • Bill and Hill were Marxists since their college days, I well remember Willie’s utter panic when a reporter asked him what he was doing in Moscow in January 1970 (the very height of the tourist season in the USSR) – he panicked and started babbling like the proverbial idiot, and when the reporter loudly repeated the question, Willie finally tried to dismiss the question with a lame, “Thass jus’ pathetic, pathetic…” I’ve always felt (and have good reason to believe) that the Clintons were Soviet agents, not spies, but what the Russians termed “agents of influence,” people who possibly could influence public opinion in a manner favorable to Russian interests. Willie’s suspiciously-funded campaign for governor also reeked of outside funding from undisclosed sources. A quite surprising number of Clinton friends and associates met with untimely and unnatural ends, most prominently and publicly Vince Foster who was found dead with a hole in his head and a revolver in his hand. Vince’s body was undergoing re-heating in a crematory oven even before it had cooled. Obviously, their possible relationship with the USSR intelligence services became operationally irrelevant when the Soviet Union imploded, though it could become highly relevant should Russia become a revanchist communist state once again. As always with the Democrats the scum rises to the top. Stay tuned.

      • Well, there’s no question that “da Jooz” have had influence all throughout Western History well out of proportion to their numbers, for good and for evil. The reason is quite simple and requires no real analysis – they’re, on average, smarter than any other group on the planet, as is well established by both IQ tests and their huge overrepresention in the theoretical sciences, math, medicine,and all other disciplines requiring high intellect. I’ve had many, many business dealings with Jews in my life and have never had one try to cheat me or fail to deliver on his promises. They may drive a hard bargain, but once the negotiation’s done, that’s the deal and you can rely on it. I can’t always say the same for members of various other groups I’ve dealt with.

        What baffles me about them is why so many of them (but not all) lean left. They, after all, invented communism, perhaps the most evilly perverse and murderous ideology ever devised by a depraved human mind. Incidentally, many of my Jewish friends and associates are as baffled by this strange phenomenon as I am.

  40. The LIE of Global Warming is this guy’s religion, trying to save the planet that does not need to be saved, and not to mention the liberals are being buried in the earth they are so called trying to save everyday. How stupid can you get in being a Liberal? No one is more stupid on earth.

      • Not only that, but the world doesn’t need to be “saved” because by that time it will be too late and most of us will already be dead. The fact is that we are just trying to “fix” the damages we have already done so that our later generations don’t have to suffer for the arrogance of some people on here.

      • Really, then why did the United Nations Chief on Global Warming state that Global Warming is not about Global Warming, but to destroy CAPITALISM and redestribute wealth around the world? Let’s try and get off the Liberal stupid pills, shall we?

        • You stupid fuckup.

          Only an asswipe like you would look at the clowns in that link and continue babbling mindless check out counter CRAP. And capitalism, that is “conservative”? You fool. It was the “capitalists” that funded Marx and Lenin and Luxemburg and the entire Communists stench pile.

          But dimwits like you just don’t get any of this. But let’s slow down for your sorry ignorant but trendy ass. Here’s that link again M0R0N; try reading it this time:

          Here’s a famous and TYPICAL quote about the current power brokers:

          “No president, not even Bill Clinton, has traveled so widely in Jewish circles, been taught by so many Jewish law professors, and had so many Jewish mentors, colleagues, and friends, and advisers as Barack Obama (though it is true that every so often he appoints a gentile to serve as White House chief of staff).”

          Jeffrey Goldberg, THE ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, March 11, 2012

          And now you political asswipe, search the term ‘new york times october 6 1940’

          What wealth you idiot? The wealth that this crowd has already plundered from ignorant trolls like YOU? Is any of this getting thru to that check out counter skull of yours?

          Big Money has no loyalty to “liberal” or “conservative.” Try and get that thru your dense skull.

          • No shortage of Liberal jibberish here. No shortage of Liberal hate here either. Wow, did Bill Clinton’s Jewish mentors teach him to be a pedophile too? How about a constant liar and unfaithful husband? Oh, yea, those the Liberal traits to be a good Liberal????

            • “Liberal” You stupid asswipe. “Liberal hate” You have no choice but go waaaaaaaay off point into a bunch of adolescent CRAP. And by the way ASSHOLE, Monica is a jew, okay asshole?

              Again dipshit, this “global warming” crap has NOTHING to do with “liberal” or “conservative.” It’s talmudic, but that’s waaaaaaaaaay over your stupid skull.

                • You’re just ANOTHER check out counter asswipe that has no clue. Me…a “liberal” Man are YOU a dumb. POS. Nothing on point, just sleaze and slime, and “liberal versus conservative” STUUUUUUUUPIDITY.

                  But you can hide in your stupid little talmudic cesspool for the rest of your IGNORANT if you like. You’re BS won’t change the facts.

                  And the truth that you are a LIAR at heart, refusing to address the FACTS contained in the links I sent proves it.

                  BUZZ OFF you pathetic cowardly ignorant fool.

  41. slobotnavich • 25 minutes ago

    Global warming is the new Marxism, the most perverse and destructive religion of the 20th Century and likely all human history. While it remains to be seen whether the alarmist frauds can wreak the sheer level of murder and mayhem that the Marxists managed, their massive fraud machine is certainly off to a good start. see more 0

    RememberGolgotha to slobotnavich • 21 minutes ago

    Absolutely correct. Now, who/whom wrote and promoted THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO? Germans? Muslims? Eskimos? Not a chance.

    And the New World Order filth? Who promotes and HAS ALREADY DECLARED THAT TO BE THEIR OWN (Their words not mine)? Well, for an answer, search the phrase ‘new york times october 6 1940’

    Then ask them who put this Obama clown in office, ask their boy Goldberg:

    “No president, not even Bill Clinton, has traveled so widely in Jewish circles, been taught by so many Jewish law professors, and had so many Jewish mentors, colleagues, and friends, and advisers as Barack Obama (though it is true that every so often he appoints a gentile to serve as White House chief of staff).”

    Jeffrey Goldberg, THE ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, March 11, 2012

    Now have a look at this:

    Oh well . . . who could have guessed.

  42. I believe this is the guy who let the cat out of the bag a few years ago when he said AGW has nothing to do with climate. It is all about wealth redistribution. Interesting picture with algore, mentored by his father , best friend of armand hammer, former CEO of Oxy petroleum and verified as communist spy by Verona archives after fall of USSR.

  43. These people are swimming in neck deep Bullsh-t they can’t keep anything straight anymore. Their new religion “Climate Change” is one gigantic hoax. The name changes as more deceit is uncovered. It’s all about the money. Keep perpetuating the Hoax and the Grants will keep coming.

  44. Of course AGW is a religion. Pachauri see himself as serving a Higher Power– not God, but
    Mother Gaia. Her vengeful wrath will devise a thousand plagues to punish us sinners for polluting her sacred precincts with the vile excrement of our CO2 emissions. We must repent, give up our sinful ways, or Gaia will unleash a new Noah’s Flood to ravage the land.

    Thus saith the Data. Those who dare challenge the truth of the Data, or the interpretation of the
    Data offered by High Priests like Pachauri, are heretics, apostates and deviationists.

    And of course the AGW religion has it own money-changers in the Temple. In this case their wealth comes from the tithes that intimidated governments fork over in “research grants,” and in cap-and-trade or carbon tax scams. That is another commonality shared by AGW zealots like
    Pachauri with the traditional religions they despise.

  45. The global warming scam is falling apart. No problem; I’ll rename it. Several times. I’ll use Nazi allusions. I’ll claim planet earth is at the “tipping point.” Heck, I’ll claim planet earth passed the tipping point. No; that won’t work; I’ll again claim planet earth is at the tipping point. Well, maybe I’ll just claim it’s a religion. But, if all else fails, at least I’ll get some 29 year old babe to worship my heroic efforts to save the planet, my incredible good looks, and my witty double entendres transmitted via text messaging. And if that backfires? I’ll employ the proven Anthony Weiner defense: I’ll claim some yahoo hacked me, man…

    • You were doing fine until you babbled, “I’ll use Nazi allusions.”

      This “global warming” crap is Marxism, and Bolshevism, and Talmudism, and Judiasm…it’s anything BUT Third Reich policy. Try this :

      “No president, not even Bill Clinton, has traveled so widely in Jewish circles, been taught by so many Jewish law professors, and had so many Jewish mentors, colleagues, and friends, and advisers as Barack Obama (though it is true that every so often he appoints a gentile to serve as White House chief of staff).”

      Jeffrey Goldberg, THE ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, March 11, 2012

      and then this:

      and then search the term new york times october 6 1940′

      And your friend Weiner, was he a “Nazi”? Or was he the clown show they warned us about?

      Funny how it all fits together (Although no truly informed person is laughing). Try again.

        • Who said you did? You mean like “holocaust deniers.” It’s the same “they” that made up that STUPID term as well. And it wasn’t “nazis” You seem determined to miss a simple point. Read my post.

                • What kind of imbecile are you? And when in doubt run and hide behind THEIR vernacular?! You talk and POST out of two sides of your wretched mouth. I should have known from your first post that you are indeed just another trendy talmudic PUKE. BUZZ OFF worm.

                    • You didn’t answer the question PUNK. That’s the equivalent of cowardice. One minute, in a confirmation of schizophrenia, you complain about their term “denier” and THEN you use their vernacular as a pseudo-rebuttal. Again, I should have known from your first post that you’re just another talmudic PUKE. BUZZ OFF PUNK, you can’t talk out of both sides of your mouth, get caught and then run like a coward without it being noticed. If there’s a loser in this pile it’s trendy trolls like you. B U Z Z O F F PUNK.

                    • Knowing that I am veering way off point, I’m going to give you some valuable, albeit free advice: you should think about your life. After all, do you think Jesus appreciates your uncharitable attitude? You seem gripped by hate. That’s not good for you. At the risk of having a log in my own eye, I’ll tell you: you should rethink your mission and the manner in which you try to achieve it…

                    • You are in no position to give advice PUKE. When the King said ‘Be ye wise as the serpent’ he was referring, in part, to demented souls like you that talk, like satan, out of both sides of his mouth. And your trendy CRAP, quote, “You seem gripped by hate”? Try looking in the mirror punk, no one is more hateful than a LIAR. Any questions punk?

  46. It is exactly that… a religion and the phase they’re currently in is the Inquisitions. You either believe or you’re a Climate Change heretic and it is justifiable to destroy you in any way possible as a “denier”. All I can say is, its a good thing that burning people at the stake is illegal, because I truly believe this crowd would resort to this if they could.

  47. remember golgotha sounds like a 13 yr old kid using his mums computer [somebody should challange his manhood to find out]
    the great kazoo is worth reading if you like put down artists [pinko leftist control freaks] if you add 300 dollar a bottle wine drinking it even sounds more stately [300 dollar a bottle wine drinking pinko leftest control freaks] the bottle should read “no aphids were harmed in the making of this wine”
    alter or abolish government seems focused [on what I have no idea]
    wre should get more screen time [this one has done his/her homework]
    everyone else gets a big hip hip hoorah

    • Hey moron, do you have anything on point, or just trolling BS. What’s a matter PUNK, you don’t like the truth of this “global warming” farce? I’ll spell it out for you PUNK, It’s talmudic:

      “No president, not even Bill Clinton, has traveled so widely in Jewish circles, been taught by so many Jewish law professors, and had so many Jewish mentors, colleagues, and friends, and advisers as Barack Obama (though it is true that every so often he appoints a gentile to serve as White House chief of staff).”

      Jeffrey Goldberg, THE ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, March 11, 2012

    • yeah they will be scrambling next week to come up with a new punch line for the kids in kindergarden class.
      children we will no longer be serving sodas during recess because the pepsi truck crashed yesterday and released CO2 into the atmosphere which cause the sun to go silent.

  48. Sun output goes up, Earth gets warmer
    Sun output goes down, Earth gets cooler.

    Now, the Sun is going into a quiet period.

    It is going to get colder and people will die.

    Especially in areas, that Islam has taken over.
    They have killed half of the farmers, trashed the farms, and taken all of the seed.

    People are going to starve because of the Muslims.

  49. Always said it is a cult, err I mean religion of the left with abortion as its unholy sacrament. Mankind is a cancer to these people that needs controlled and regulated. If these people had their way, they would make the nazis look like amateurs in exterminating people in order to save the planet…

  50. Anthropogenic climate change supporters are like the scientific consensus that the earth is flat, round earth deniers – they are sun deniers – as sun spot activity better correlates to the earth’s temperature than CO2 levels…

  51. If environmentally enlightened celebrities, politicians and diplomats really care about Mother Earth, they should all demonstrate for the rest of us how to observe Air Hour.

    It’s like Earth Hour but instead of turning off the lights, you express your love and concern for the planet as well as the good of all of humanity by giving up breathing for one full hour. And when the hour is over, the world really will be a much better place.

    Any takers? UN? Hollywood? Washington DC?

  52. Yes, and religion is a matter of faith and ideology. Not facts and evidence.

    From Wikipedia:

    Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views

    Faith is defined as confidence or trust in a being, object, living organism, deity, view, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion. Faith may also refer to a hope or belief, rational or irrational, in a certain outcome. Faith is used to refer to a belief that is not based on proof or evidence.

    Ideology is a set of conscious and unconscious ideas which make up one’s goals, expectations, and motivations.

    No mention of facts of evidence anywhere. JUST LIKE CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

    • I noticed it in 1997, before i changed parties. It’s a core dogma that islamofascism bumped and they’re very resentful, now they’ve incorporated islamists into the gobblygook, drought caused by mmgw cause islamists to action, soft of like scratching crabs.

  53. Climate change is here people! Get the facts! We must do something
    about human caused climate change. Just look at the crazy weather we’ve
    been having. What else could it be? We need to change course now
    before it’s too late!

  54. The greatest travesty of this Century is this snake oil salesman Al (Jazeera) Gore has a Nobel Prize for this Global Warming fraud; and Alan Turing (go see the Imitation Game) does not. Unbelievable. This travesty is at a Shakespearean level.

    • This issue has NOTHING to do with “liberals,” that’s a game for the sayanim cattle:

      And this is just a short list of the names:

      Ignacy Sachs

      Nicholas H. Stern

      Richard L. Sandor

      Todd D. Stern

      Benjamin D. Santer

      Gavin A. Schmidt

      Michael E. Mann (Dr. Hockey Stick)

      Stephen H. Schneider

      Joseph J. Romm

      Jeffrey Skoll

      And of course, there’s their “Father of Global Warming” Professor Stephen “It’s okay to Lie” Schneider:

      “On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but — which means that we must include all the doubts, the caveats, the ifs, ands, and buts. On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings as well. And like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climatic change. To do that we need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This ‘double ethical bind’ we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”

      The truth is NEVER a matter of balance. And this subject is anything BUT “liberal.”

  55. Although these are atheist /agnostic, they derive from god gave man “dominion over everything thing that moveth and creepeth upon the earth,” a warped hijack of Genesis. Extremely delusional and grandiose.

    • Goebbels/Hitler were talking about the Jews doing the “big lie” technique. They didn’t say “We do the big lie technique,” but that Jews do. (You are misrepresenting it I notice; lying about what they said.)

      Now consider all the Jews behind 9-11.

      Consider no gas chambers were ever photographed or found (beside the small ones for delousing; by which Germans tried to keep Jews etc. alive) — and consider that there were not 6 million Jews in all of Europe.

      Then consider who is mainly behind the “global warming” hoax and you will see that Hitler and Goebbels were right: Jews specializing in telling Big Lies.

      • mentious you sound like the guy in the movie ‘the big bus’ when he told his co-pilot [when it was discovered he had participated in cannabalism during a previous adventure] that he only ate one lousy foot.
        just one tiny gas chamber
        give us a break

        • Not even the legions of Jewish storytellers have ever claimed that the small gas chamber the Germans used to disinfect clothes, trying heroically to keep inmates healthy and alive, was ever used to gas people. Yes, the only gas chamber was a small one used to disinfect clothes. Meanwhile, the places Jews claim were used as gas chambers have 1) Zero traces of Zyklon B in them, and 2) Could never have worked as gas chambers to kill anybody. For example, Zyklon B pellets can’t float through plumbing like water for the “trick showers” story. You people are such liars. There is zero evidence for homicidal gas chambers in the camps. The whole myth is based or lies told by two (count ’em, TWO) Jewish liars.

      • Hey there Mentious, you sure are a big mouth behind the keyboard. Try your Jew-hate in front of something other than your computer. Try talking your 9/11 antisemitic sh*t to my face. Try explaining Hitler and Goebbels to me in person.

        I’m not Jewish, not part of a “International Jewish Conspiracy”, not a Mason or Bilderberger or member of the Bohemian Grove. I don’t love Obama, am not a Democrat or progressive, have no ties to any leftist organizations and consider myself a Constitutional Conservative.

        I just don’t happen to like Jew-baiting loud-mouth punks who talk your kind of trash and would like to teach you a little courtesy using the gentle persuasion of my fist. You might actually man-up and try to swing back, but I doubt it.

        • “behind the keyboard.

          You’re not behind a keyboard?

          Try your Jew-hate in front of something other than your computer.

          Why? Are Jews violent and dangerous now? Do you profess Jew-love?

          Try talking your 9/11 antisemitic sh*t to my face.

          Why? Do you get physically violent for the sake of Jew-love? Why did the 3 buildings fall exploding out the sides like controlled demos and why were Jews all over that thing in key positions?

          Try explaining Hitler and Goebbels to me in person.

          Because you can’t comprehend written words? Hitler was a homosexual put in power by Jewish bankers to destroy the Germans. Goebbels was one of his sidemen and looked strangely Jewish. That’s enough for you to know.

          I’m not Jewish…(yada yada)…and consider
          myself a Constitutional Conservative…using the gentle persuasion of my fist.

          But you get violent if anybody dares to criticize Jewish agendas. Right. Oy vey. You’re so obvious you can’t even be called a crypto.

  56. Yup, being disgraced in this manner and boxed into a corner causes all manner of candid comments. Admitting that this is a religious belief rather than evidence based science is huge for him. The rest of us have known this from the get-go.

  57. This man appears to be Satan or a Satan look-alike. And yes, Gore-bal Warming is a cult religion with no more basis in science or mythology than Scientology, Mormonism or Islam in its various permutations. All three made up by a psychopathic personality for his own aggrandizement.

  58. There are at least a dozen differences between man-made global warming (MMGW) and real science. While science follows a defined scientific method, MMGW uses political campaign tools like polls, demonizing opposition, scare tactics, deception, and propaganda.

    Real science, for example:

    1. says “Question everything”. MMGW says “Questioning MMGW is reckless because it threatens the planet.”

    2. never ends, but is an ongoing cycle of testing and correction. MMGW tries to break that cycle by claiming “the debate is over” and “the science is settled”. “SETTLED SCIENCE” IS AN OXYMORON invented by non-scientist Al Gore to avoid debating his profitable beliefs in public.

    3. develops hypotheses that are falsifiable via testable predictions. MMGW ISN’T FALSIFIABLE because it makes contradictory, changing predictions. More hurricanes (see Al Gore’s movie cover) or fewer hurricanes (reality now attributed to MMGW), more snow or less snow, warmer or cooler than average temperatures, etc. are all cited AFTER the fact as proof of MMGW. There is no observation that MMGW proponents will accept as refuting their belief. Predictive models created by warming proponents are consistently wrong:

    4. relies on skeptics to make progress. Many real scientists spend their careers try to disprove accepted wisdom. MMGW, on the other hand, intimidates and SMEARS SKEPTICS as “non-believers”, equating them to holocaust deniers and treating them more like the Church treated Galileo:

    5. grants awards for disproving accepted truths. MMGW researchers, on the other hand, have a VESTED INTEREST in only one outcome. They can access billions of dollars in government money only while MMGW is perceived by the public as a threat to humanity:

    6. has nothing to do with polls or consensus, but MMGW proponents CONSTANTLY USE POLLS to defend their claims. Ironically, even when they use polls they have to spin their outcomes:

    7. doesn’t claim validity by citing the credentials of proponents. It respects only data and analysis, regardless of who is publishing it. Einstein was a little known patent office clerk when he overturned the consensus understanding of space and time in 1905 with Special Relativity. “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your guess is or how smart you are or what your name is. If it disagrees with experience, it’s wrong.”-Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize Physicist

    8. keeps testing to remove bias and discard bad models. Einstein’s Relativity is still being tested a century later. MMGW ignores or HIDES DATA it doesn’t like:

    9. accepts that bad predictions imply bad hypotheses. When MMGW predictions are wrong they don’t question the hypothesis…they just change the predictions and REBRAND the movement.

    10. never recommends that skeptics be JAILED:

    11. doesn’t create billionaires who get rich peddling untested theories.

    12. tries to account for all interfering variables in studies. MMGW simply ignores all the variables that have drastically impacted Earth’s climate for billions of years unless those factors are needed to excuse faulty predictions.

    • Very long screed of vacuity clearly not written by a scientist nor a scientifically literate person but one suffering from severe case of Dunning-Kruger syndrome. The syndrome is prevalent among the ignorant, poorly educated and simpletons. It tends to take the form of pseudo-scientists who think that their University of Google knowledge trumps the knowledge of scientists who have dedicated large swaths of their lives to the rigorous study of conditions such as paleoclimatology and the question of how earth’s climate naturally warms and cools.

  59. This is what Liberals look up to. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. The pied pipers of the global warming hoax. Anyone who prays at the alter of these two knuckleheads is truly pathetic. By the way…has anyone seen Jim Jones or his barrel of kool-aid? I hear there are some real thirsty sheep in the Democrat party who are looking for a cold drink.

  60. This AM, the massive CO2 cloud, hovering in only certain places, caused my temperature to go from -17 to -18, -24 going down into a low lying area in a 5 mile stretch. Often, in 1/2 mile, with elevations as I drive along. Please do the same. They aren’t measuring your temp and sending it to your Iphone, properly. They aren’t measuring global temperature properly, to within a degree over hundreds of years??? You people are gullible, and Stupid! CO2 is only a Trace Gas or 3 parts per MILLION, and it is NOT a greenhouse of any variety. bunk

    • CO2 is only a Trace Gas or 3 parts per MILLION

      FALSE! Not even close. Just like your comment so far from reality its pathetic and sad. Your disdain and ineptitude for science is not a virtue. Opinion doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters are the FACTS and EVIDENCE. If you can’t even learn basic science or facts on an issue, then no one will or should care about your opinions on it?

  61. This sucker looks like the devil ! I mean just look at him. He says global warming is his religion.

    And look who is standing beside this thing. His # 1 disciple Al Gore. Amazing and very telling.

    Back in the day, Tennessee men sold moonshine whiskey. But now we see they sell BS.

  62. Prior to 25 years ago, one who’d seek higher education in the field of science (biology, physics, chemistry) and those fields being limited by supply and demand regulated higher education. Now with the “new age of Environmental Science” being pushed in higher education, all they needs is more taxes, regulations, propaganda, man made computer models, and manipulation of data, to create environmental careers worldwide. Governments and universities are the beneficiaries of global warming, climate change or what ever they want to call it. How many graduate every year with a degree in environmental science? And need a well paying job to pay of those government backed student loans, and the universities endless gravy train of graduates, stuffing their pockets just like Al.Gore.the.climate.whore. This Agenda is a trillion dollar business, Religion and income at our expense, with tax and regulations knocking at every politicians door, that’s not going away anytime soon.

  63. no surprise here! This man was perfect in the leadership role of the IPCC. This whole thing is as queer as a 3 dollar bill. The people of this world are being completely mislead with this global warming crap. The fools are going to spend trillions on this “problem” so that their well connected buddies can get rich.

  64. When the “science is settled,” the “science” has become dogma and the dogma a new religion. All worship the new God, Nietzsche killed the old one so we must have a new one to worship. “Religion poisons everything.” Christopher Hitchens.

  65. Soon, under the new Obamanet “the truth” will be whatever Big Brother says it is … and those of us seeking the real truth will be lucky to dodge the Obamadrones and duck into a back alley to whisper the latest news.

  66. Well well well. They say you can catch a fish by the its mouth. At least he admitted that it is about religion and not science. It is about intentions instead of proof. As long as your intention is good junk science will be given a pass. This guy is not even a scientist. What a fraud!

  67. And this guy has no degree in anything to do with climate. His degree is in mechanical engineering. These are counted among the expert weather scientist used for the peer reviewed material? not to mention a pervert.

  68. If it is cold it is global climate change called man made global warming. If it is hot, rainie, hail, dry, cloudy, cloudless or earth quakes, volcanoes, storms, disease, being turned down by hot girl for date, you guessed it, Global Warming. This kind of science is foolproof and it has to be right. After all Obama says so. How do we get rid of these fools.

  69. Liberals are the Dumbest folk on the planet. They criticize people of faith yet put theirs in dumb things like internet regulation, obama and global warming. They surrender their freedom to fallable humans and a power elite. They all need to be driven into the Sea, all of them every last one of them!

  70. I have tried so hard to make my carbon footprint noticeable. I drive a gas-guzzling 8 cylinder, burn trash in my backyard, turn the heat up to 75 in winter and the air down to 65 in summer. I don’t recycle. I do leave chargers and appliances plugged in and leave lights on for no reason. You know, it is all to no avail because I just can’t compete with Al Gore’s $36,000 a month electric bill!

    • You forgot to pour your used motor oil along the fence to keep the grass from growing through it, rinsing your old car battery out in the driveway so you can throw the empty case in the trash, use small plastic bottled water, ask for plastic at he grocery store, retrofit your car A/C so you can use the old, cheap freon, paint your house with lead based paint, use asbestos insulation in your attick and spray gasoline on the weeds in your driveway and sidewalk.

      The next treehugger I meet I’m going to staple his/her hands and feet to the nearest elm.

      Oh, and build a potato cannon so you can use plenty of old, cheap hairspray with lots of CFCs to fuel it.

  71. Freedom from religion??, maybe these two guys can start the new Mars society and make it in their image, from scratch, with their own stolen goods and hands and blood and sweat and tears……

    They NEED to be on that first ship outta Shanghai…….Praise be to Global Climate Change Warming

  72. “Eppur si muove” (And yet it moves) is a phrase attributed to the Italian mathematician, physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei after being forced to recant his claims that the Earth moves around the Sun rather than the converse during is trial by the Catholic inquisition on heresy against church dogma. Sound familiar?

  73. Did you know that the personal behavior of about 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES the actual average / person? As such, this small group comprises more than 33% of ALL (that’s right, ALL) U. S. CO2 emissions. How come all the plans proposed and promoted by the AGW proponents in this group, the president, and his party will financially hammer the lower income and middle class folks while allow this small group to continue to spew CO2 unabated, remaining THE PROBLEM (by their own definitions)? Gosh, it almost seems like a scam, doesn’t it?

  74. We live in the age of stupidity. Worshipping the planet and blaming mankind for blizzards and hurricanes is enlightened…..but believing that “God created the heavens and the earth” is backward.
    At lease one of these fools finally admitted what many of us with brains have known for years.

  75. Since he is also another leftist sexual predator, I wonder if he and bill clinton partied together on pedophile island with epstein? Maybe he also had 20+ phone numbers to hide his sexual deviancy from the public and authorities.

  76. If there were such a thing as ‘global warming’, then maybe, just maybe, it should be headed up by a first world country scientist of merit. Not by a third world ‘wanna be’. That said, the entirety of the “climate change theory” started as a couple of theoretical papers from some noodniks having to write for acedemia, didn’t have to be truthful, just some written paper. Some third world scholar picked it up thinking it could be the basis for taxation of the first world countries to fund welfare in the third world. People really need to understand it all about economic redistribution, and nothing more. The new politically correct term is climate disruption which has been occurring for 4.5 billion years. And likely, will continue for another 4.5 billion years…

  77. Two questions the global warming people never answer. First, when the Earth was young and warm what created the ice age? Second, After the ice age what made it warm up again? Both times this happened with a much lower population, no fossil fuel burning, no factories, no cars, etc. So how did it happen? And since it did happen an d no one argues that, wouldn’t that indicate that fluctuatinos in climate are a normal occurrence for the Earth?

  78. Global warming? Believing in fairy tales and tooth fairies is more credible (the gullible innocence of youth) as compared to the gullibility of “Gruber’s” whose stupidity is formulated by a continuous intake of garbage.

  79. United Nations/IPCC Climate Change Co-Chair Ottmar Edenhofer explicitly articulated their agenda on November 14, 2010 …
    “One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is about environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economic summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.”

  80. Did you see what this man and Harrison Ford said

    Let me show you this

    23 and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and[o]crawling creatures. Romans 1

    These men are worshiping mother nature and animals just like the lord said they would when they wouldn’t worship him

  81. The question is who will now take his place at the IPCC? I am not sure that the IPCC is going to change all that much when there is so much money at stake in regards to the ongoing the global warming scam. Several US government agencies depend upon this fraud for a portion of their funding as well as a host of professors and universities.

  82. This validates exactly what Dennis Praeger has been saying for years – that Environmentalism is a Religion. Religions are based on Faith and the existence of each Religion’s God cannot or has not yet been proven by science. Therefore, the whole Global Warming or Climate Change movement should be recognized for what is really is – A Religion with various clerics and High Priests- like Al Gore. So we the People need to demand “Separation of Church and State” that is so often thrown around by Liberals against Christians. We need to throw it back to the LIbs and demand the Government separate itself from this “Religion ” and cease funding Government Grants and all other funding in the name of their Religion.

  83. Lasting social-political movements have several components. AGW has three: The religiously motivated are the bulk of the Alarmists, but cynics seeking political advantage by making it a Mencken hobgoblin (Democrats) are most dangerous. They can divert trillions from genuinely important environmental issues, not to mention sick and starving children. The third leg of the stool, the hired ‘scientists’ whoring themselves out for grants as science falsifiers, provide the priestly class for the apocalyptic earth-worshippers, and shrill rationales for those who will wreck the world economy to stay in power.

  84. The climate change community can’t convince the average person that they are sincere because:

    1. They have not set the ideal level of CO2, how it is determined, or a plan to achieve it. Is it 350 ppm? 300? 250? 200? At what level will climate change forever cease?

    2. They do not LIST all the worlds scientists by name, and show the 97% who believe, and the 3% who do not. Or do they simply homogenize the raw list of scienctists to arrive at 97%?

    3. If the average person follows the money, the climate change community is simply proposing trillions of dollars in taxes, which will go the less developed nations in the UN, from you and I in the more developed ones. Or, the global warming leaders, like Al Gore, will collectively get upwards of a trillion dollars in cap and trade brokerage fees.
    These cash movements will do nothing to stem the rise in CO2.

    4. There is little transparency in global temperature calculations. The proponents are in control of both the temperature data itself and how it is manipulated and maybe even selectively used to determine global temperature. Although not proof of impropriety, is gives the appearance of impropriety.

  85. To bad it also is a fraud. It has to be an act of faith as there isn’t any proof. And to believe something that cant be proved is faith. This flat earther and his buddy Algore are genius they are making millions from helpful idiots, This has got to be the greatest scam in the world.

  86. How can anyone with any significant influence discuss ‘temperature change’ in a total panic and make no reference to overpopulation. Most of the earth’s problems stem from too many people on the planet using too many resources and polluting the land, sea, and air with crap. If nobody addresses the overpopulation problem then none of the other problems are truly solvable.

  87. Environmentalists don’t hold themselves to serious standards and this is why no one with any sense takes environmentalists serious. If you don’t present all your data and fail to provide verifiable reasons for disregarding any portion of your data that’s not “cherry picking” it’s falsifying. I don’t care that “everyone is doing it” it’s unethical and inaccurate. You can’t get away with that kind of garbage in any serious scientific field, you’d end up in prison. Environmentalism is the worst parts of politics and religion.

  88. Now that IS problematic. I don’t care if you hold to the theory of anthropogenic global warming or not, the very word religion implies that there is an element of faith involved and THAT is very unscientific. I’ll willingly debate any proponent of anthropogenic climate change, just so long as we all play by the same rules. The problem has always been that they are so wedded to their ideas that facts become irrelevant, and when facts are required, they simply make up their own. I’ve often been called a climate change denier. Nothing could be further from the truth. The climate IS changing – but that’s nothing new. Climate is ALWAYS in a state of flux. Climate is not a static system, but a dynamic one. The Earth has undergone countless cycles of cooling and warming. It has not been conclusively determined that the cause behind any recent warming is man-made carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, if you take solar activity levels into account and temperature readings from Mars (which is now possible), we find that average temperatures are rising across the solar system as the result of increased solar activity.

  89. Global warming is real because I said so. Pay no attention to those altered temperatures and cooked models. Now go buy carbon credits from the companies I have interests in and give me more grant money, suckers.