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BBC Deny Saying ‘Denier’! BBC: ‘We tend to refer in our output to ‘sceptics’ because the word ‘denier’can be regarded in some circumstances as pejorative’


BBC Deny Saying Denier!


By Paul Homewood Stewgreen passes on this comment on Bishop Hill, regarding complaints to the BBC: @TerryS just shared this on Bishop-Hill I sent them a FOI request asking for copies of any formal or informal guidance on the use of the term “denier”. I also asked for their definition of a “denier”. This is the response I got: The information you have requested is out of scope of the Act. However, we are happy to explain there is no formal guidance on the use of the word “denier” in relation to climate change. I would be surprised if you had heard BBC presenters or correspondents referring to “deniers” except in circumstances when they are quoting remarks by other people. Generally we tend to refer in our output to “sceptics” because the word “denier” can be regarded in some circumstances as pejorative. I have done a search on the word and can only find it used by interviewees or people in the news.” Since the BBC recognise that the term is a pejorative you should raise a formal complaint whenever you hear one of their presenters use it. This is a very good point. Let’s all keep our ears and eyes open, and make sure that a complaint is raised every time the denier word is used.

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