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Nasa observatory reveals high CO2 concentrations in southern hemisphere


Nasa observatory reveals high CO2 concentrations in southern hemisphere

By Paul Homewood h/t Paul2 We all know that it is us wicked developed countries that are destroying the world with our CO2. This doubtlessly explains why CO2 concentrations are so much higher across a wide band of the southern hemisphere. Global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations from October 1 through November 11, as recorded by Nasa’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2. Carbon dioxide concentrations are highest above northern Australia, southern Africa and eastern Brazil. Preliminary analysis of the African data shows the high levels there are largely driven by the burning of savannas and forests. Elevated carbon dioxide can also be seen above industrialised Northern Hemisphere regions in China, Europe and North America.NASA/JPL-Caltech The International Business Times reports: Elevated carbon dioxide concentrations across the Southern Hemisphere from springtime biomass burning are among the highlights of the first global maps generated by Nasa’s orbiting carbon dioxide observatory, OCO-2. High concentrations can also be seen in the region above northern Australia. The observatory is among an effort to study where carbon dioxide originates from and how it circulates in the atmosphere. Latest data shows that global carbon emissions stood at 35 billion tonnes in 2013, a record so far. A global map covering October 1 through November 17 shows elevated carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere above northern Australia, southern Africa and eastern Brazil. “Preliminary analysis shows these signals are largely driven by the seasonal burning of savannas and forests,” said OCO-2 Deputy Project Scientist Annmarie Eldering, of JPL. The team is comparing these measurements with data from other satellites to confirm the connection to biomass burning. Spikes on the eastern coast of US and over China could indicate emissions from industrialisation. The impact of landmass clearing and biomass burning on global carbon dioxide has not been well quantified. As OCO-2 acquires more data, the Southern Hemisphere measurements could lead to an improved understanding of the processes that add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

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