2014 might be 0.01C warmer than 2010!

New devastating evidence of the horrifyingly rapid pace of global warming has climate scientists and their hangers-on in a frenzy of hysteria. Although 2014 is not yet over, the Met Office has issued a Press Release saying that according to the HADCRUT4 system devised by Phil Jones and his friends, 2014 looks like it is on course to be 0.57C above the long term average, smashing the record of 0.56C set in 2010. If correct, that’s a massive increase, 0.01C of warming in just 4 years. If warming continues at this rate, the world could face a catastrophic temperature rise of 0.25C over the course of this century.

No Record Temperatures According To Satellites

Moreover, despite El Nino conditions for most of this year, this year is only running a modest 0.03C warmer than last year.

RSS data for November is still awaited, but is unlikely to alter the October YTD position, which ranked 2014 as only 7th warmest.







What the BBC also failed to tell us was that there are large uncertainties in the surface datasets, which they are reporting on. Colin Morice of the Met Office warns:


Record or near-record years are interesting, but the ranking of individual years should be treated with some caution because the uncertainties in the data are larger than the differences between the top ranked years. We can say this year will add to the set of near-record temperatures we have seen over the last decade.


Streisand v. Inhofe – Outrage over Inhofe singling out singer’s role in promoting ‘global warming’ – But Streisand admitted: ‘I, and others have spent countless millions on this issue’ – She funded UN IPCC Lead Author to tune of $250,000

Actress Barbra Streisand is taking to Twitter to express her outrage that the incoming GOP chairman of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee (Sen. James Inhofe) singled her out as a key player in global warming promotion. See: The Hill: Barbra Streisand blasts Sen. Inhofe on climate change

Streisand tweeted on December 2, “This would be hilarious if it weren’t so frightening. I thank Sen Inhofe for singling me out as a voice against the perils of climate change.”

“God help us! This man is going to head the Committee on the Environment in the U.S. Senate. Like giving a fox the keys to the chicken coop,” she added. Streisand once declared a “global warming emergency”.  See: BARBRA STREISAND: ‘GLOBAL WARMING EMERGENCY’ – Singer says for U.S. ‘not to be part of the Kyoto treaty is unforgivable’

The Nation’s David Corn also weighed in with these comments in his Dec. 2 article titled Barbra Streisand behind global warming hoax, says Sen. Inhofe:

Corn on his 2009 interview with Inhofe: “I pressed on: Who in Hollywood is doing this? [promoting climate change] The whole liberal crowd, Inhofe said. But who? Barbra Streisand, he responded. I nearly laughed. All these people had assembled in Copenhagen because of Barbra Streisand. A singer and actor had perpetuated the grandest con of the past 100 years? That’s right, Inhofe said, with a straight face. And others, he added.” End Corn excerpt. [Climate Depot Note: Corn does not provide exact quotes from Inhofe, but seemingly paraphrased recollections of the 2009 conversation. Corn rewords Inhofe’s comments to say that the entire UN Copenhagen summit was due to Streisand?! Corn is offering up nothing more than very poor advocacy journalism.]

Reality Check: Inhofe’s assertions are correct and backed by evidence. 

But Streisand and the media feigning outrage at Inhofe’s 2009 comments are ignoring the role Streisand has played in the climate debate.  Streisand gave at least a quarter of a million dollars to fund the climate activism of a lead author of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The green group, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) hosted the Barbra Streisand Chair of Environmental Studies, the perch of UN IPCC lead author Michael Oppenheimer, a media favorite.

Oppenheimer, a professor of geosciences and international affairs at Princeton, was a paid partisan of the environmental pressure group Environmental Defense. And Oppenheimer was