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40 published papers find climate sensitivity to CO2 is significantly less than IPCC claims


40 published papers find climate sensitivity to CO2 is significantly less than IPCC claims

The number of peer-reviewed, published studies finding low climate sensitivity to doubled CO2 levels continues to accumulate, with at least 40 papers finding sensitivity is significantly less than claimed by the IPCC mean modelled estimate of 3.2C. In contrast, and due to the 18-26 year “pause” of global warming, the number of recent papers finding climate sensitivities higher than the IPCC mean are almost non-existent of late. The IPCC, however, refuses to lower it’s 1.5C lower bound of climate sensitivities, or lower it’s 4.5C upper bound of climate sensitivities, ignoring the 40 inconvenient publications below finding climate sensitivities of 2C or less. The median equilibrium climate sensitivity of the forty papers is 1.1C, almost exactly what the IPCC claims is the CO2 sensitivity before the IPCC adds-in (false) positive water vapor feedback to allegedly amplify global warming by 3-4X. In addition, most of these papers do not consider natural changes in ocean oscillations, cloud cover, global “brightening” & “dimming,” [which can alone explain all of the post-1950 warming] or possible solar amplification mechanisms [which can explain 95% of climate change over the past 400 years]. If such factors were considered, the climate sensitivities to CO2 could be lowered significantly. Comment from Kenneth Richard elevated to a post: Below find 40 peer-reviewed papers published in science journals by 120+ scientists that have low (2.0 C or less, 1.1 C median) climate sensitivity estimates (with ECS values highlighted below). (17 scientists, 14 of them IPCC Lead Authors) (TCR) [using Lewis & Curry assumption that ECS = 1.15*TCR = 1.84C] (TCR) [using Lewis & Curry assumption that ECS = 1.15*TCR = 1.78C] 0.50 0.50 0.39

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