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Storm activity at historic lows: ‘First time for almost 70 years that there have been no tropical storms active anywhere in the world on Sept. 1’


UK Meteorological Office on September 1, 2014: ‘Today is the first time for almost 70 years that there have been no tropical storms active anywhere in the world on 1st September.’



Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue weights in: No new Typhoons in August in West Pacific basin. My thoughts year to date are that Atlantic is now in dead decade ahead. WPAC middle of decade lull’


End of August — season-to-date 3 North Atlantic tropical storms (2 hurricanes) total ACE (Accumulated cyclone energy= 19.55 … about 40% below 1981-2010 climo


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U.S. hurricane drought still in record territory: ‘Almost nine years since the last major hurricane struck the US’ – ‘Remember, we are talking MAJOR hurricanes, of Category 3 strength or higher. The last major hurricane was Hurricane Wilma which hit Florida on October 24, 2005. This is unprecedented in the hurricane record since 1900. Its a full 2 1/2 years ahead of the second-longest US hurricane drought ever recorded.

Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. is a professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He writes: “Since 1900 US hurricane seasons have seen more than 20% less landfalls and are more than 20% less intense.”

The above graph shows hurricane landfalls have declined in the US since 1900. And the strength of storms has declined as well. Using NOAA data, we do see a decline in intensity of land falling US  hurricanes since 1900.’

Geologist Rebuts Media-Hyped Draft Of New UN IPCC Report As ‘Nonsense Totally Contrary To Real Evidence’ – Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook takes apart new draft UN report: “What is really astonishing, is how the discredited IPCC can continue to put out such nonsense totally contrary to real evidence and still pretend to be scientists.” 

US Major Hurricane Strikes Peaked In The 1950s – Now At An All-Time Record Low




  1. The UK Meteorological Office’s statement is clear evidence that it is making its way back into line with reality and real-world observation, be it reluctantly. It has to do so for political reasons.

    It is inevitable under the laws of “political physics”… whereby the collapse of the so-called “scientific consensus” comes into direct conflict with one of the main tenets of politics – plausible deniability. When politicians can no longer use scientists as scapegoats, as in “it’s not our fault,,, they told us CO2 was heating up the planet…”, then the political agenda is all but dead. And that’s what is happening under the Cameron government.

    The UK Met Office knows the ramifications if it fails to get back to reality and tone down its unscientific scaremongering about future climate when it cannot even get its short term weather forecasts correct.

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