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Record Lows Outnumber Highs 3:1 – But You Won’t Hear It From PBS!


Record Lows Outnumber Highs 3:1 – But You Won’t Hear It From PBS!

By Paul Homewood
It was not long ago that we were bombarded with claims of record high temperatures in the US. For instance, PBS introduced their new widget in 2011, shown above, to track daily records.
As they pointed out:
We’ve built this widget so our viewers can understand the significance of the heat, not only in terms of raw degrees, but in a format that compares today’s temperatures to previous record highs.
As of last September, it was still running. (Not that they cared to show record daily lows as well!)
Given the unusually cold weather experienced in much of the States this year, it will probably come as no surprise to find that PBS have now pulled their widget.
And it’s not only PBS.
HAMweather have been running this map of record events for at least the last 14 years.,mintemp,rain,snow,lowmax,highmin,
Yet, mysteriously, since February NCDC appear to have yanked the data feed, as they been showing no new records recently.,mintemp,rain,snow,lowmax,highmin,
We know this is not the case, as NOAA have been showing low temperature records vastly outnumbering highs throughout this year. The chart below is tucked away on their website, where it is not easy to find.
 I wonder why they are so reluctant to publicise this?

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