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Watch Now: Morano on TV (humbly) promotes new climate film: ‘We are going to have the greatest climate documentary of al-l-l-l-l ti-i-i-ime!’


Watch Marc Morano here:

Morano: ‘We are shooting for entertainment value first as our goal and education as number two. We have to make this entertaining and appeal to the average viewer who does not follow climate change on a regular basis.

‘We confront UN IPCC lead author Michael Oppenheimer who claimed in a climate documentary with Tom Brokaw that skeptics were motivated by money. I got to ask him point blank — I asked him about his funding of a quarter million dollars from none other than Barbra Streisand. Oppenheimer was the climatologist to the Hollywood stars and I ask him about this on camera. And he is accusing skeptics of being motivated by funding.

We have hard hitting sections. We bring in scientists whose stories have not been told before.

Climate Hustle is set for a Fall 2014 release.

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‘Climate Hustle’: New skeptic documentary planned for Fall release is ‘off to a roaring start’ – ‘In just three weeks, we were able to surpass our initial funding goal of $50,000 for the production of our groundbreaking Climate Hustle film. This exciting CFACT project has clearly struck a nerve, as people are fed up with Green climate propaganda and hungry for an informative documentary that will take apart global warming myths – and do it in a unique style sure to entertain and amuse!’


  1. I will keep a look out for this film. When available on CD I may purchase/copy/steal and distribute to children (students, we call them here). There is not much which I can contribute other than broadcasting the message that Warble Gloaming is THE hoax of ALL TIME. Good luck.

  2. Marc, I listened to you on Mike Church’s show this week. You mentioned sustainable development. I hope you really get into this in your movie. Sustainable developement is pack and stack 300-600 square ft apartments in a centrally planned society. This transition is beginning as farmer’s are being moved off their land. We will also see life in the suburbs become so expensive due to regulations and taxes that we will all have not choice but to live in these cities. I hope you are able to articulate that global warming is the excuse to move people to socialism

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