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Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: ‘Planet Is Going To Be Cooling Next 20 To 30 Years Because Of Natural Processes’


Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: “Planet Is Going To Be Cooling Next 20 To 30 Years Because Of Natural Processes”


Veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi at his WeatherBell Analytics site has posted the latest Saturday Summary.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi. Photo credit: WeatherBell Analytics
Just before the 3-minute mark he comments on the general nonsense behind the claims that global warming causes more cold weather and on how John Holdren, senior advisor to President Barack Obama on science and technology, “was mouthing off on how global warming was causing it to get so cold back in January”.
At the 3:08 mark Joe reiterates his long term forecast for global temperatures:
“I do think the planet is going to be cooling the next 20 to 30 years due to natural processes. But some of these explanations border on inane”
He then reminds viewers that those blaming the cold on warming “obviously do not make forecasts for a living“.
Trapped heat constantly AWOL
And already we see that the earth’s temperature has not risen in almost 18 years. This year’s once forecast “super El Nino” is failing to materialize, which raises the question as to where all “the missing heat” could possibly be lurking.
It’s turning out that the missing heat is wholly theoretical and exists only in climate models, and is nowhere to be observed in reality.
Predictions of it reappearing have failed over and over again.

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