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How To Counter The ‘97% Of Scientists Say’ Argument: ‘How many of these agree that ‘humans are the primary cause of recent global warming’? The answer is just 1.6%’


How To Counter The “97% Of Scientists Say” Argument


By Paul Homewood

Whenever anybody uses the “97% of scientists agree blah,blah” argument, just ask them a couple of questions.
1) What is it exactly that the 97% agree?
The answer will likely be “global warming”, “climate change” or variations of the theme.
If so, ask them this.
2) How many of these agree that “humans are the primary cause of recent global warming”?
The answer is just 1.6%.
3) Then ask “How many agree that global warming/climate change this century will be “dangerous”?”
This is, of course, a trick question. The survey did not carry out this analysis.
They might actually be surprised at the answers.
The full analysis of the 97% paper is here.

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