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Report Finds Schoolchildren Being ‘Brainwashed’ Over Climate Change


Report Finds Schoolchildren Being ‘Brainwashed’ Over Climate Change

Andrew Montford, blogger and author of a new report on climate change in education, says children in England and Scotland are being brainwashed over climate change. He blames the United Nations for setting an agenda which has been blindly adopted in schools. VoR’s Scott Craig asked him to explain.

Andrew Montford told VoR: “Environmentalism and, in particular, global warming alarmism, is all-pervasive in the curricula in England and in Scotland. We found that global warming is being taught in almost every area of the curriculum. In one examination board we found global warming being tested – as it were – in papers in economics, in chemistry, geography, religious studies, physics, French, humanities and one-and-on-and-on.
“It’s absolutely everywhere and it’s not being taught as something that is there for debate, that there are different views on it. It is being taught in a quasi-religious fashion. You are being taught a dogma. You can get marks for following the dogma and repeating the dogma, but you cannot get marks for questioning it and for challenging the aspect of it.
“There are actually very few people – including most people who are termed ‘deniers’ – who actually deny that global warming is something that happens. People don’t deny that Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. The question is how much it’s going to affect us. What we find is that global warming is being taught as a definite disaster that is impending. And that just isn’t true from the science.
“The IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] working group report, the scientific report, reported a range of possible warming that ranges for relatively un-alarming to really quite alarming. Now that range of different outcomes leads to very different conclusions. If warming is going to be slow and potentially even beneficial for the next 50 years, you adopt quite different policies to those you would adopt if we’re going to see very serious effects in the short term.
“Again, you see none of that in what our children are being taught in school. This is being mandated by the national curriculum and by the curriculum for excellence in Scotland. We traced it right back to the United Nations, who are promoting sustainable development as something that really can’t be disputed (although, if you read the academic literature, it is a disputed concept – it’s a rather nebulous concept at the best of times – but people certainly dispute whether it’s the right way for mankind to move ahead), but – yes – it carries on from the United Nations into the curricula and into the schools.
“I don’t really point particularly point to the teachers as being the problem here. They have a curriculum that they’re required to teach. Now I think some of them are all for the green agenda and they bring environmentalists’ activists material into their classes. Others pay lip-service to it and try to teach knowledge and questioning in the way that you would hope would happen in schools. But the overall impression is that the activists are winning here.
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