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UN IPCC WG2 SPM ramps up the alarm – Edits ‘show a ramping up of alarm and a down-playing of adaptation in favour of mitigation’


IPCC WG2 SPM ramps up the alarm

IPCC Working Group 2, “Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability” is currently meeting to finalise its Summary for Policymakers (SPM), which will be published in a few days time (discussed in this BBC report).
The draft SPM was leaked last November. Now there is a new leaked version, which is the November version plus some edits marked in blue.
The edits are interesting, showing a ramping up of alarm and a down-playing of adaptation in favour of mitigation (ironically, the opposite of what Andrew Lilico is claiming in the Telegraph).
In the AR4 WG2 SPM (2007), the word ‘mitigation’ only appears 6 times, while ‘adaptation’ appears about 35 times. In the new document,  there seems to be more emphasis on mitigation alongside adaptation (recall that mitigation is supposed to be the remit of WG3).
Here are a few of the edits, all from the first 5 pages:
Insertion of ‘limits to adaptation’

Insertion of alarmist definiton of ‘hazard’

Deletion of statement saying present ill health due to climate is relatively small

Insertion of claim that droughts, floods and cyclones are climate-related (apparently contradicting WG1).

Can readers find other examples? Or examples of where the edits downplay alarm?

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