Watch Now: Morano on Fox discussing debate ducker Dan Weiss & Latest Science: ‘This has happened many times, the global warmers back out of debates’

Marc Morano on Fox Business’ ‘The Independents’ – Broadcast Friday March 21, 2014

Morano on debate ducker Dan Weiss: ‘This has happened many times, the global warmers back out of debates. As CBS News’ Scott Pelley news anchor said, he won’t interview skeptical scientists because it would be the equivalent of interviewing Holocaust deniers if he was doing a segment on the Holocaust.  

On AGW Claims: ‘They are getting more and more shrill, with more tipping points, more deadlinesmore model based predictions. They claim it is worse than we thought because they make the predictions more and more dire in the future as reality gets less and less alarming.’
‘When they claim it’s the ‘hottest year‘, they are claiming to within hundreds of a degree when measurements are not even that accurate (within margin of error), its completely political statements. It’s a fancy way of saying temperature have continued to flat-line.’
‘We are at currently 400 ppm of CO2 in atmosphere. We have had ice ages with up to 8000 ppm ppm, we have similar temperatures with 20 times the level of CO2. As the Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore testified in the Senate a few weeks ago, the history of the earth geologically contradicts man-made climate fears. We have hundreds of factors influencing global temperature. CO2 is not the tail that wags the dog.’
‘On almost every single metric you can think of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, there is either no trends or declining trends on 50-100 year time-scales.’

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Ducking Debate: Warmist Dan Weiss Pulls Out of TV Debate With Morano at Last Minute! Warmits refuse to debate global warming ‘skeptics’ in the media

University ethics: ‘Steve McIntyre reveals that the conclusions of the University of Western Australia’s ethics inquiry into Stephan Lewandowsky were written by Lewandowsky himself’

University ethics

In yet another astonishing post at Climate Audit, Steve McIntyre reveals that the conclusions of the University of Western Australia’s ethics inquiry into Stephan Lewandowsky were written by Lewandowsky himself:

Half an hour later (Oct 15 15:18; FOIT, 9), Lewandowsky replied by adding the sentences bolded below, which add the claim that the University had “considered” my claims and found them to be “baseless” and that his research had been “conducted in compliance with all applicable ethical guidelines”…

Moreover, as Lucia Liljegren notes on Twitter, the university announced that they had held an inquiry that exonerated Lewandowsky, when in fact they had done nothing of the sort.
And apparently there is worse to come.

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New paper finds global sea level rise has decelerated 31% since 2002 along with the ‘pause’ of global warming – Published in Nature Climate Change

This observation, of course, is a crisis for CAGW alarmism and therefore must be solved by a computer model. The authors simply create a hydrological model programmed to say that the reason why sea levels have decelerated is because it must be raining more over land due to ENSO and therefore the land ate the 31% decrease in sea level rise [No mention why ENSO also didn’t cause more rain over the oceans]. The authors admit there is no data to support land water stores prior to GRACE since ~2003, therefore they just fabricate estimate the comparison data for the period 1994-2002 of how much sea level rise was ameliorated by land precipitation. Abracadabra, the land must have more than eaten the sea level rise from AGW, allowing it to decelerate, and the AGW “missing heat” is still very much alive somewhere in the ocean.

The authors also find that even with this huge adjustment to sea level rise, there is no evidence of acceleration over the past 20 years, which means there is no evidence of a human influence on sea levels. 

The authors redeem themselves a bit in the conclusion and appear to contradict their earlier statements in the paper: “Although progress has been achieved and inconsistencies reduced, the puzzle of the missing energy remains, raising the question of where the extra heat absorbed by the Earth is going. The results presented here will further encourage this debate as they underline the enigma between the observed plateau in Earth’s mean surface temperature and continued rise in the Global Mean Sea Level [GMSL].”

Climate science has sunk just like the ‘missing heat’ to the depths of the ocean trying to explain away the “pause” of both global warming and global sea level rise, using synthetic data generated by climate models that can be programmed to obtain any result one desires. 

The rate of sea-level rise

Nature Climate Change








Published online


[note bolding, italics, and comments added]     
Abstract: Present-day sea-level rise is a major indicator of climate change


. Since the early 1990s, sea level rose at a mean rate of ~3.1 mm yr





). However, over