Analysis: Media claims that ‘Greenland’s ice loss has tripled in a decade’ are propaganda

Media claims that “Greenland’s ice loss has tripled in a decade” are CAGW propaganda
by MS
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The CAGW alarmist media is awash today with claims based on a paper published in Nature Climate Change that “Greenland’s ice loss has nearly tripled in a decade.” As usual, the paper has been hyped by the media to portray impending doom, while examination of the actual scientific paper reveals very little of concern. 

Figure 1a shows the tiny region of Greenland that the paper studied, with a blowup of this region in figure 2 below. The authors find an increase in the natural glacier calving process in this regional, relatively tiny portion of the Greenland ice sheet. According to the authors, this is due to regional warming found at the site “HKH” marked by an “X” in fig. 2a below. The key word here is regional, which indicates these processes are localized and not characteristic of global warming. In fact, the authors also looked at another nearby site “DH” marked by an “X” in fig. 2a below and found that this site cooled over the past decade.

Examination of Figure 2 below reveals that over the past 34 years 1978-2012:
Annual subsurface temperature at 315m depth shows no trend
Annual sea surface temperature anomaly has cooled at both sites DH and HKH
June-August summer temperatures sswarmed at site HGH but cooled at site DH, and are only about 2C above the freezing point
Annual air temperatures at both sites increased, but are about 10 degrees cooler than the freezing point
These localized, regional changes are not supportive of the CAGW meme, and in fact suggest that other processes are responsible. For example, geothermal sources have recently been discovered under the Greenland ice sheet, which create lakes under the ice sheet and lubricate the natural slide to calving in the ocean. In addition, storm activity and winds largely control Arctic sea ice, which can act as an impediment to glacier calving. 

Figure 2:

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