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Nye Goofs! Holds up pic of Arctic while talking about Antarctic – Watch Bill Nye Debate GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Nye asks if Antarctic has less ice (Climate Depot Answer: No!)


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Full Transcript here: 

More from No Tricks Zone website: Global Warming Alarmist Bill Nye Confuses Antarctic Continent With The Arctic…Doesn’t Know North From South! –  ‘Er, Bill, that graphic you’re holding up is one of the Arctic, and not the Antarctic. Nye doesn’t even know north from south! And concerning global sea ice, today it is at near normal levels. Nye’s cherry-picking the single data-point of September 2013 at the single location of the Arctic is not a persuasive argument – never mind him using the wrong chart.’

Nye was not the first choice of man-made global warming proponents to debate climate on national TV. See: Warmist rips Bill Nye’s ‘Meet the Press’ debate on NBC: Warmist Dan Weiss: ‘Epic fail by [David] Gregory. Nye not that effective. Daily show does it better.’

Warmist Salon Mag. Disses Bill Nye as ‘a professional children’s entertainer’

‘Nye should not be the face of this movement’ – Warmists continue trashing Nye: Salon Mag. – Bill Nye NBC debate ‘a DISASTER’ – ‘Children’s TV host leading this ‘debate’ only enhances impression entire issue is a JOKE’

Warmist ‘cringes’ watching Bill Nye’s debate performance on NBC: ‘I cringed when he held up a picture of the arctic and said ‘antarctic’

Climate skeptics also took apart Bill Nye’s debate performance: NBC Debate Featuring Man Who Plays a Scientist on TV Crashes and Burns

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Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Marc Morano V. Bill Nye Climate Debate on Fox With Stossel in Jan. 2014

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is on track to have highest minimum in modern satellite era! – ‘Sea Ice Extent is 27.4% above normal as of Feb 7 2014′

Antarctic Sea Ice Sets New Record For Jan 31st: ‘Meanwhile, global sea ice area is normal’

The National Snow and Ice Data Center: 2013 Antarctic sea ice was at record highs for the satellite era, record high winter extent & summer minimum

ANTARCTICA: RECORD COLD AND GROWING ICE CHILLS GLOBAL WARMING THEORIES: ‘The southern ice sheet is growing at a pace faster than Global Warming theories can account for’

Studies show South Pole COOLING: Temperatures across most of Antarctica has been FALLING since the mid 20th century, with the exception of the Antarctic Peninsula – ‘Report finds strong evidence that there has been a cooling trend across the bulk of the Antarctic continent, with the exception of the Peninsula which has become warmer. Temperature records over the last decade appear to confirm that these trends are still continuing.’

Media Flustered at News of Antarctica Not Melting; Ice Levels At Record High

New review paper finds temperature history of Antarctica argues strongly against AGW

Warmist rips Bill Nye’s ‘Meet the Press’ debate on NBC: Warmist Dan Weiss: ‘Epic fail by [David] Gregory. Nye not that effective. Daily show does it better.’

Warmists trot out tobacco smear to demean skeptics debating climate on TV: Dem Sen. ‘Giving scientists and climate change deniers equal time is like having tobacco executives debate doctors on the safety of cigarettes’ – Climate Depot Responds: ‘The warmists have it exactly backwards. It is the global warming proponents who are guilty of the tobacco tactics.’

Democrat, Greens Fume over NBC’s Global Warming ‘Debate’ Between Bill Nye and GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Watch Now: Morano V. Bill Nye Climate Debate on Fox With Stossel in Jan. 2014– Nye Cites ‘Hockey Stick’ as Proof – Says Politicians can fix potholes & the climate – Morano denounces as ‘medieval witchcraft’ – Full Transcript

Morano and Nye also debated on CNN in 2012.

Meet the Press to Host Climate Change Debate Featuring a Guy [Bill Nye] Who Played a Scientist on TV – ‘Nye has repeatedly debated Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, and, to steal part of a line from Muhammad Ali, during an early match-up, on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Morano beat Nye so bad, Nye needed a shoehorn to put his bow tie back on. So did Nye come up with some new arguments when Fox hosted a re-match? No, he didn’t bother. He trotted out the same weak arguments…And so Marc Morano trounced him again.’

Warmist Salon Mag. Disses Bill Nye as ‘a professional children’s entertainer’ – NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ to host climate change debate between GOP’s Marsha Blackburn and Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ 

Former CNN producer laments ‘leading climate denier’ Morano’s TV debates: ‘Morano is a Gatling gun of dishonest sound-bites, all designed to serve climate denial the way O.J. Simpson’s lawyers drew fire away from their clients’

New paper finds the Arctic was warmer than the present during the Medieval Warm Period – Published in Global and Planetary Change

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry’s at Senate hearing: ‘Attempts to modify the climate through reducing CO2 emissions may turn out to be futile’ – UN IPCC now making ‘a weaker case for anthropogenic global warming’ – Dr. Judith Curry, Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of  Technology – Ice: ‘The increase in Antarctic sea ice is not understood and is not simulated correctly by climate models. Further, Arctic surface temperature anomalies in the 1930’s were as large as the recent temperature anomalies.’


  1. ‘The warmists have it exactly backwards. It is the global warming proponents who are guilty of the tobacco tactics.’

    A tactic of the left through and through.

    Who do they accuse of being “anti-science”? Who is actually “anti-science?”
    Who do they accuse of being “money-driven”? Who gets billions of dollars of government funding annually for very sketchy science?
    Who do they accuse of “politicizing” the “debate”? Who actually “politicizes” the debate?

    When it comes to progs and watermelons, their accusations speak volumes about what it is they are actually doing.

      • I guess if you’re naive enough to believe that the money left in your pocket after all taxes have been extracted is money that is given you by the government, then I suppose you could make the claim that oil companies “get money from the government”. Most of us feel, though that the money we earn is ours, not the government’s.

        “Clean energy proponents”? Such as Soyndra — oh wait, there’s no such company anymore, they went bankrupt after securing a dodgy loan granted with out tax money by a corrupt government. Well then, what about A123? Oops. Abound Solar? Whoops. Beacon Power? Ener1? There you go, a billion dollars and not one erg of energy.

        Anyway, be that as it may, “clean energy proponents” and the “global warming” industry are not identical; they have, of course, similar goals — the plundering of the treasury (or at least they have been co-opted by those who have those goals) — the big money is still in “climate change”. Billions of dollars annually in NSF grants and various handouts for foolish models that can be replicated in a few lines of R code by lagging and scaling the inputs. Any head of a department of Physics, Chemistry or Biology will tell you that their grant applications must reference “carbon footprint” or “climate change” to have the best chance of funding.

        Wake up, Nic, it’s an industry, but an industry that produces nothing but a foul-smelling residue from which no energy may be extracted.

  2. So many politicians, especially on the left, have absolutely no clue as to the factual data of the issue they are speaking on. People who don’t spot these idiotic statements are the very ones that have no clue as to what is going on in the world and vote based on what they get for free. The same examples go for gun control when a democratic zealots speak of “gun facts” such as a “30 caliber magazine clip”. First of all they should say a “30 round magazine”, a magazine and a clip are two different things. Kind of like shirts or pants….you know, both go on your body, so they are the same thing , right? For the left to have credibility with educated people they at least need to know something about the issue they are speaking about.

      • It’s called “climate change” now because your whole warming hypothesis fell through. Smack. A theory that claims everything is an effect isn’t a theory in any serious scientific definition.You Warmers [or nee Warmers, or CC’ers, or whatever your next name will be after it’s been clearly established that the oscillations we see over century long and longer periods have nothing to do with carbon] crack me up. You don’t realize how you sound: Just like the John Birchers/Illuminati/CFR conspirators in the 1950’s. Whatever happened “proved” the theory. “It’s a communist conspiracy.””But William F. Buckley Jr. is part of the conspiracy, and he’s an anti-communist.””That just proves it’s real; they do stuff like that to throw people off.”We’re going to see much more severe and much more frequent hurricanes.Nope. Weakest hurricane season in decades. Arctic Ice is disappearing. No, it’s not. Record cold is caused by CC. This is one of the worst winters ever. Temperature Extremes! Record Snow! Nope. 1995 and 1996 were both worse, and happened during “warming.”

        Ya got nuthin’ pal. Man up and admit you were wrong and the whole AGW scam was just a way to shut down capitalism and transfer money from middle-class people in rich countries to billionaire strong-men in poor countries and let’s move on.

  3. Follow the money! “Green energy” government loans to favored friends. Now we fry birds in the south west, with 4000 acre mirror farms, along with beating them to death with windmills! Neither energy source can stand alone as economically viable.

    Nye wants the talking $, maybe a Fed. grant?

  4. This just keeps adding on to what is already a credibility problem beyond repair for the GW alarmists. It starts with scientists and pundits like Al Gore who have made dire predictions that were supposed to have taken place by now, but instead has them crying wolf.

    Couple that with more left wingnut pundits who make comments on threads such as this one. Most of their comments consist of telling us how stupid we all are in a manner that you would expect to hear from common street thugs.

    They can’t even sound professional when trying to prove their point.

  5. Three points:

    #1 — Certain statements flowing from the mouths of people who are paid to talk, but never have to actually produce anything. Included in this group are career politicians and the media. They are so dim, and desperate for approval, that they will herd like a cow if someone speaks emphatically enough, such as President Obama loudly proclaiming as if he is Moses: “It is settled.” (what a joke)

    #2 — Q: is there “climate change” A: yes, always has been and always will be.

    #3 — Wonder what would be the results of a survey of scientists who receive <20% of their funding from a government supported enterprises ? It seems to me that, the greater the presumption for "man made" influence on "global warming" (recently renamed "climate change" — probably when the proponents noticed there is little decipherable warming) — the more money that will flow from government supported entities to scientists who study climate.

  6. Bill Nye is a gullible putz. Say anythign wacky you want to around him and he will believe it and preach it with great fervency. He’s no better than the ranting raving lunatic libtards we have to witness on TV news everyday.

  7. The climate part is moot anyway, think the real issue is just having clean air to breathe and water to drink.

    We should be worried about the stuff that gets put into the atmosphere and oceans that nature can’t undo.

    People that think we can’t damage this planet are kidding themselves, and not realizing that we need the Earth a LOT more than the Earth needs us.

  8. Simple mistake. You idiots lambasting him do not have a drop of his education. You just make truths from a book of ancient mythology. Dont get me wrong, I like conservative policies like in the fiscal/economic area, but religion? Stop being enslaved you stupid dolts. Pick up a biology book, do some physics problems, get an education.

  9. Lots of seminarians, country backwoods hillbillies, and other assortment of religious mind-stunted ultra Conservative freaks.
    Conservatives DONT have to be religious, plenty of us are atheists. Stop making policy based on mythology, discard religion and THINK.

  10. I suppose by TeaBagger standards, a conservative atheist such as myself (and a scientist) who backs up Bill Nye’s POV….is automatically = “Marxist”, “Liberal”, “Democrat”, “Obama Lover”…..what else? Typical TeaBagger response I was expecting. Damn, I’m afraid of the future of the United States. Uneducated moronic herds of you folk…

  11. Bill Nye is an idiot. I was really hoping to hear a good debate between a creationist and an evolutionist but instead we got every religious nut jobs dream, an incompetent oaf named Bill Nye. It is not surprising that the guy does not know if he is upside down or not.

  12. Michio Kaku says it’s too late to stop Climate Change. Why are we trying to legislate the destruction of the economy for something that can no longer be helped? Why can’t Global Climate Change obsessionists find something else to focus their terror on? Maybe there’s nothing like it that comes with rubber stamp funding prospects.

  13. More hysteria. Back in the ’60s we confronted: the coming ice age (cover of Time magazine), the population bomb (Ehrlich), silent spring (Carson), and on and on. In the ’70s we were told the killer bees were coming to get us all. AIDs was the plague of the ’80s (at least until Bush 41 left office). It’s all mindless, unreasoning fear propagated to control the dumbed-down masses into thinking these impending calamities can only be warded off by central planning, more taxes, total state control of every minute aspect of the sheeple’s lives by the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise, all-beneficent state. When in reality it’s just a bunch of crooks cooking the books to enrich themselves and their cronies with bogus cap and trade nonsense, commissions earned on farcical carbon credits and on and on, it never ends. FOLLOW THE MONEY. It’s all a dressed-up version of just organised crime under the guise if science. The Borgias and the Medicis would be proud of such a scheme, not to mention the Mafia.

    • You do realise that the majority of those that you mentioned did not become what they could of becuase of the publicity that they recived. That is why aids transmission rates were not as high as they could of been. Silent spring was factual. Hell, waterways of the 70’s were drastically worse than they are today. To bad you want to make it political instead of scientific. GOPers for you.

      • It was all hyped BS, all of it. And I’m not some yahoo from Podunk, Arkansas. First, I’m not a Republican, I’ve been a registered Democrart my whole life, albeit of a dying breed (pro-life, pro-2d amdt.). I immigrated here with my parents when I was a teen. My father was a Brit, my mother an Italian national. I served 4 years in the USMC as a noncom, then 12 years later on as a USN officer, after which I served as an international protocol officer with the UNO in NYC and Geneva and the UNFAO in Rome. I’ve seen it all first hand and it’s all rotten and corrupt, driven by filthy lucre. Keep your head in the sand, if you wish, BUT FOLLOW THE MONEY $$$.

      • Not the least bit true. Population went to exactly where Paul Ehrlich said it would. No “publicity” stopped it. And 1/3 of the Earth’s population did not die. AIDS was predicted to “break-out” of the homosexual and IV drug user communities imminently and never did. Not because of “publicity,” “awareness,” or even condom use — read what the NIH said about how ineffective the condom programs were, especially among homosexuals. The major newsweeklies did indeed predict we were headed into an Ice Age. How could/did “publicity” stop that?
        Silent Spring was 100% rubbish and lead directly to the deaths of nearly 100 million people in the third world as a result of a malaria break-out that DDT had largely contained. A couple of birds die in the US and 100 million brown people have to die because of the white liberal guilt it produces.

        You’re brainwashed, pal. And unfortunately, your brainwashing hasn’t just harmed you. Condign punishment if that were the only consequence. Your brainwashing has cost millions of people their lives.

  14. TeaBaggers would rather get a science degree at a university run by Sarah Palin, the IQ 50 soccer mom, rather than a university run by Bill Nye or Neil DeGrassie Tyson (both because he is a scientist, and because he is a black- OH NO!)

  15. From The Covenant, James Michener, and it stuck with me all these years, the thought.

    “In the year 1856 the diviner Nongqawuse told the Xhosa people to burn their crops and kill their cattle because a great day would come when the sun would set in the East, the white man would be driven into the sea and fat cattle would walk out from the base on the mountain bellowing for their new owners. The dead would be resurrected, the ancestors would revive, the old would become young and fat cattle would be slaughtered for a feast. The nation divided into believers and unbelievers – as in today’s world, Anthony Fleischer says. The believers look to fundamentalist icons and to Almighty God, the unbelievers look to themselves.”

    As I recall, in the novel, many died of starvation after doing this.

    Remove the race element because all cultures, races, seem to have tribal leaders and right next to them, witch doctors, shamans, throwing some flash powder on the fire, and warning how a red moon portends disaster unless……

  16. Lol “Nye Goofs”. Tea Baggers only hold on Bill Nye is that he switched “North” and “South” by mistake. But Mentally retarded Sarah Palin is all cool when her justification for understanding foreign policy matters regarding Russia is “They are our neighbors, in fact I can see Russia from my house.” ahahahahahhaa

  17. Moron for the “progressive” climate change cause. Progressivism is either a mental disease or the opiate of low information useful idiots. BTW, there’s more “sea ice” and more ice in Antarctica than ever before. If you look at the goofy models that the global warming cult … er, climate change cult were foisting upon the world ten/fifteen years ago, they DID NOT predict more ice and cold weather. In fact they said the ENTIRE PLANET would be getting steadily warmer because of CO2 emissions. In fact we were told snow would be a thing of the past, that glaciers would all melt off the mountains, hurricanes would become more frequent and intense as to tornadoes. All lies.

  18. WAKE UP! Follow the money…

    CFACT, who wrote this article is funded by at least $542,000 from ExxonMobil, $60,500 from Chevron, and $1,280,000 from Scaife family foundations, which are rooted in wealth from Gulf Oil and steel interests.