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In wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Actor George Clooney declares global warming skeptics to be ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous’ – Watch Video


Actor George Clooney declared the arguments of global warming skeptics to be “stupid” and “ridiculous.” Clooney made the remarks to reporters on the eve of Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines. He was attending the BAFTA Britannia Awards in Beverly Hills on Saturday night November 9.

“Well it’s just a stupid argument,” Clooney said on the red carpet, referring to the dissenters of man-made global warming.

“If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1 percent that says ‘you’re fine,’ you probably want to hang out with, check it up for the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

“I find this to be the most ridiculous argument ever,” Clooney explained.

Clooney added that he was unsure whether global warming was responsible for the Typhoon that devastated the Philippines.

A Climate Depot special report has found scientists have rejected any link to man-made global warming. See: Media/Climate Activists ‘Hype False Claims’ About Typhoon Haiyan As Scientists Reject Climate Link – Claim of ‘strongest storm ever’ refuted

Clooney’s claim of “99 percent” of scientists agreeing about man-made global warming has been challenged in peer-reviewed studies and other analyses. See: Contrary to reports, global warming studies don’t show 97% of scientists fear global warming: ‘The 97% figure represented just 75 individuals’ – – Another study’s ‘results add up to little more than ‘carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas’ and ‘mankind affects the climate.’

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Analysis: 97% of warmists cite a 97% that’s false

Contrary to reports, global warming studies don’t show 97% of scientists fear global warming: ‘The 97% figure represented just 75 individuals’ – – Another study’s ‘results add up to little more than ‘carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas’ and ‘mankind affects the climate.’

SPECIAL REPORT: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore

CONSENSUS? WHAT 97% CONSENSUS? — ‘The consensus revealed by the paper by Cook et al. is so broad that it incorporates the views of most prominent climate skeptics’

Storm expert Brian McNoldy of U. of Miami: ‘We don’t get to pick and choose which storms are enhanced by a warmer climate and which ones aren’t’

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.:  ‘Philippine Met Service predicted max 18 ft surge from Typhoon Haiyan. So Anderson Cooper’s [show] of CNN ‘off by 22-32 ft’ 

Philippine Met Service: ‘Some of the reports of wind speeds were exaggerated’

Real Science website: Media incorrect to claim The Most ‘Powerful Hurricane Ever’ — Haiyan Was Only A Category 4 at Landfall — ‘Weather officials said Haiyan had sustained winds of 147 mph…By those measurements, Haiyan would be comparable to a strong Category 4 hurricane in the U.S., nearly in the top category, a 5.’

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue: ‘Over past 1,000 years, Philippines have been hit by 10-20 thousand tropical cyclones. Don’t be so arrogant to believe man caused Haiyan.’ 

Maue: ‘Amazing how bad media/news information is on Haiyan: ‘strongest storm ever recorded’ — No independent fact checking. Just rely on a blog’



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          Fast & Furious
          SEAL Team 6
          Obamacare would save the avg family $2500 per year
          Forcing businesses and healthcare institutions to violate their religious beliefs
          Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches
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          Cash for clunkers failure

    • Actually the earth is 4.2 billion years old and the universe – since the big bang – is about 13.7 billion years old. However, you are right on the mark saying human history is a very small piece of the 4.2 billion years.

          • Gee, Chad, when I was going to high school back in the 70s scientists were swearing on a stack of the Wiccan Bible that Earth was no more 4.5 billion years old. And in the early 1900s scientists were again quite authoritative in asserting Earth was about 2.5 billion years old. The bunk about science being “self-correcting” is so much bunk. Scientists today have no more clue about the true age of the Earth or the Cosmos itself than the ancient Egyptians … give or take a couple of billion years. BTW, true science isn’t about “consensus” it’s about actually applying the scientific method and not in the half-ass way most “scientists” do today.

            • Since the universe is expanding at a known rate it is not to difficult to determine it’s age. Only a couple of very reasonable assumptions need be made. But if those assumptions (big bang, speed of light) are ever proven false then it’s a new ball game.

            • Agreed. I really started laughing after the second comment. How do you know it’s 13.7 billion years old? I don’t really care because I don’t think anyone knows. But we do know the earth is old, and Mr. Clooney is a moron for thinking that we can have such a huge impact on its climate.

            • That’s in politics, law, & everyday discourse. In science, consensus is a widely agreed upon OBSERVATION or cause and effect PRINCIPLE. Consensus is the foundation of science. That’s it’s strength – unreproducible claims are rejected. That’s why there is NO scientific consensus on either GW or AGW – that so-called ‘consensus’ is NOT among scientists – it’s a marxist LIE!

              • I have no idea what you are trying to say. The word’s definition is it’s definition. You don’t need a consensus to validate C&E or evidence. Neither of which, btw, exists for GW. And, capitalizing words will not make a weak argument strong.

    • I think you are correct. Furthermore, I think more carbon comes out of Clooney’s mouth than comes out of my biden. He should feel compelled to “do his part” and make the ultimate sacrifice so as to end his carbon emissions. For me, I would consider this impossible. The consumption of beer and Cheetos will continue as I can’t afford better due to the confiscation of my income for obominationcare.

  1. I have to wonder if Mr. Clooney can do sixth grade math, no matter what level of accomplishment attained by this brilliant scholar?

    I never saw his like in a college physics class, let alone a high school earth science class, yet I’m sure he is quite brilliant and stupid little me must be compelled to do as he says.

  2. Well, I declare Clooney is a bad actor with greasy hair.

    This is all part of the church of GW agenda. Sensationalise any and all bad weather stories by trying to link them to global warming, then get some celebrity or politician to spot is as truth. The typhoon that just hit the PI was a powerful storm but it was not the worlds largest or the worlds most powerful, it was a catagory 4, it just hit a very poor area with real bad infrastructure. Doesnt take much to blow away a shack.

  3. And, what exactly are Mr. Clooney’s qualifications to weigh in on this subject and to insult those who dispute either the concept of global warming generally, or that global warming is not caused by man? A high school diploma? What we have here is yet another actor with a huge ego, and who thinks merely because he is rich and famous, that he is also qualified and has the gravitas to weigh in on scientific matters–which is classic behavior for limousine Hollywood liberals to engage in. He is no different than Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, and all the other idiots who live in the reality free zone of Hollywood and think they are experts on political science, economics, metereology and climatology, finance and business, etc. Fools all.

  4. Hey idiot Clooney – First – You just went on my blacklist – I will never see any movie that you are the star of. That sucks because I think you are a good & entertaining actor but the remarks you made prove at an intellectual level you are a dolt and brain dead. In other words you are a typical RTIQI Liberal. (ROOM TEMPERATURE IQ IDIOT) All latest scientific evidence (from real unbiased scientists) not only show at man’s current level of Co2 gases that we put into have no effect in ratio to the size of the earth & it’s atmosphere. That does not mean that eventually we might have an effect – but at the way we are growing in technology and new alternative energy sources we (HUMANS) will never cause global warming. OH – by the way – we are going into a GLOBAL COOLING CYCLE!!!!

    Stick to acting and keep your biased unproven opinions to yourself.

  5. Clooney is an idiot! How many hurricanes have we had this year?… OH RIGHT!!! BOTH Hurricane warmists quit last year KNOWING global cooling was weakening the weather systems. Sun ends 11 year high cycle this year. If you were smart, Clooney, you would know that and shut the hell up. Those poor people in the Phillipines are really suffering and you can’t stop being an a$$hole! Send them 11 million in aid (food, water, and your global warming pamphlets so they have something to wipe with!).

  6. What is Clooney’s carbon imprint? If he’s not living in a shack with no electricity and no running water while growing his own food he’s a hypocritical libtard. Until then I could care less what he or any other libtard thinks about global warming because they’re all hypocrites. Now, I need to go burn some more fossil fuels in vast amounts. I plan on leaving the biggest carbon imprint I can.

  7. Hey Looney, just stfu before you make an even bigger fool of yourself than you already are! You’re about as knowledgeable on this subject as your dear leader in the WH! Your movies SUCK and I gave up watching them years ago! You’re an actor and not a PhD, so stop making a fool of yourself!

  8. Mr Clooney must have a PHD in Something, how else could he know so much about anything. Oh yeah, He is a sexologist. He studies the sexual habits of dumb, under aged girls who swoon in his presence. He knows “climate change”, like “cold shoulders, hot babes and tepid movie rolls. Lets give him some credit. It must have taken him most of the afternoon to come to these conclusions. I know it strained him quite a bit to figure it all out. So Good for you Mr Clooney, if you hadn’t told us none of us would ever have known. We are so grateful for you wisdumb.

  9. We must stop global WARMING!!!
    It is not getting hotter, it is actually getting cooler.
    I meant we must stop global cooling!!

    Look, the U.N. has already stated they want to be funded by a global carbon tax.

    We will not abide, in fact American citizens, not including over paid over privileged unintelligent actors are looking to dismantle the u.N.
    When we take this country back, war is on the first of the agenda. War with the U.N. They must be eradicated as the virus that they are.

  10. “What’s the worst that happens”? Well, for rich elites like his sorry butt, nothing. But for us regular folks out here in “flyover country”, we’ll be paying through the nose for energy to heat and cool our homes, fuel our vehicles, and the prices of food will go through the roof, leaving us destitute just to get the things we need to live in some reasonable fashion. But for him and his pals, they’ll hardly notice the difference. Screw him.

  11. That’s it… Never see any movie with him in it. Instead of offering or asking for help with the recovery of these devastated areas, he goes on a political, self serving rant! What a waste of a megaphone.

  12. I continue to await proof derived through the Scientific Method that Global Warming even exists extant normal cooling and warming cycles of Earth of millions of years. I’m also waiting for one shred of proof, from the Scientific Method, that MAN is responsible for these cycles, and for the Earth unexpectedly heading for warming cycle.

    An actor is hardly the best source of that information.

  13. The fact of the matter is we have 300 year cycles of warming and cooling. We may now be entering a 40 year cold cycle within the 300 year super-cycle. Activity on the sun is the #1 determining factor as to how warm or how cold the planet will be. George H. W. Bush signed the 1990 Clean Air Act. The left cannot so much bitch about air pollution so they shifted the retribution and called it Global Warming. When the data did not support this over a 12 year period they pivoted to the phrase, “Climate Change.” I have news for everyone: The climate will always be changing. Hot, cold, hot cold. These cycles will exist even if we were to get rid of every coal fired power plant and move all cars to electric or even hydrogen. The sun is the major factor, not man. the SUN! Now, when you hear about some ice melting in Iceland please remember that Iceland is literally sitting on many volcano’s. If ice is melting this is not from warm air. This is most likely from sea temperature changing in that very location. What is the cause of the sea temperature changing in that very location? Most likely from heat rising from the ground!!!!! From the volcanic sites that Iceland is sitting on! Anywhere in the world that is experiencing melting ice is most likely doing so because the earth is throwing off heat from deep underground. Do not buy into the nonsense of the left.

  14. Idiots like Clooney pollute the air I breathe. There has been climate change in every way imaginable, long before the advent of humanity. I guess, according to AlGore (more Brains, Algore!!) and his ilk, modern inhabitants (not him of course! Oh, NO! HIS carbon footprint could NEVER be a contribution!) of the United States are clearly culpable, even if they didn’t cause it.

  15. Hey George, what caused the ice age to end when man didn’t exist? Hmm…in their world they can never be wrong. Doesn’t matter that the earth has been cooling for the past 20 years. We’ll call it climate change instead of global warming so we can continue to push our agenda of wealth redistribution and our work towards a one world government. Too bad we’re on to your masters George.

  16. Typical moron that ignores science. How the heck due you emphatically ‘know” that climate change/ice age/global warming(whatever the political term of the day) is man caused by using a 30 year slice of time on a planet that’s been around hundreds of millions of years? Keep in mind that based on science we know that there were much hotter decades than we are currently in. Must have been caused even though man didn’t exist. It’s clear Clooless has no interest in science which is why he dismisses the fact that most scientists do not believe the NiEA and the UN.

  17. It’s one of those things Hollywood liberals love to chat about at cocktail parties. Clooney, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, all congregate at Oliver Stone’s sprawling mansion, and discuss these things while doing lines with Aaron Sorkin.

  18. Georgey porgie, stay with you day job, count your blessing, most of the general public do not care what you think about global warming. Are you just spouting for more air time or is it just about hearing yourself speak, or maybe you have a new movie coming out, not surprised you would jump on board with the Hollywood elite.

  19. Well, I guess I’ll have to take his word for it. He is after all, a world renowned climate scientist. Has he testified before Congress yet? I also want to know what fellow scientists Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin and Julia Roberts think about this serious matter.

  20. Thus spoke one of the Hollywood elite whose extravagant lifestyle stomps on Mother Earth every day with a carbon footprint bigger than the energy consumed in a year by the tax-paying residents of an average American working-class neighborhood.

  21. I realize what we have government for…entertainment, and actors are for deep wise leadership, but what are we people for? Are we just gargoyles to these mindless ass clowns? I mean if Clooney sums up our carbon balance for us when I am absolutely positive he couldnt complete a calculation with an imaginary number, and he is utterly confident that he is relevant to anything other than entertainment, then as a nation we are on a Disney ride.
    The question is “how long this ride go on?”

  22. As an aside, Obama will see this tragedy in the Philippines as an excuse to throw billions and billions of dollars into the wind to “fight” climate change. While those billions of dollars could be used to help create jobs (ahem, PUBLIC SECTOR) and put people back to work. I don’t give a damn about ‘climate change’. Let the Earth burn up. Call it a mercy killing. I’m more concerned about getting a steady, full time, job that can help pay bills and put food on the table.

  23. let’s see…History deniers, birther deniers, global warming deniers…and the list goes on and on. 95% of scientists including NASA has confirmed humans have made a significant damage on earth, air quality, fauna, ecosystem, etc, etc. but if you lunatics have better technology than NASA…prove it LOL

  24. George, stick to acting…. Leave the weather to real climatologists, they are better informed than you are. Oh and, being that you have so much free time to make stupid comments like this, how about taking some acting lessons… just saying!

  25. Let’s see..he blamed the Youtube video for Benghazi, used it to lament the first amendment for anyone other than progressives, had NADA to say, Mr. Human Rights guy, when the truth came out that Obama let our guys die while the filmmaker rotted in prison, filmed all year everywhere but the states to avoid the tax implications here while bitching about studio heads laying off people here mostly due to the progressive policies and ideologies he promotes, he vilifies conservative women, especially Palin, while keeping his young enough to be his granddaughter girlfriends in line with some sort of contract to not speak of him in public…EVER, preaches “fair share” in his movies but is affected none by job crushing regs like Obamacare because he has more money than God (although capitalism and America all inherently bad to progressives), and now this, although the IPCC report last fall stated WITH SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that the threat of man made global warming have been blown out of proportion. BUT…he’s an Obamabot. He got $10 million raised for the Messiah in order to get Prop 8 (which the people of California voted against…TWICE) handpicked by his basketball buddy to go before the Supreme Court and get overturned. ANYBODY who thinks this guy is “for the people” is SADLY mistaken. He is for himself and his big money cronies in Hollywood. That’s it. So sad. I used to be SUCH a fan. I only wished I had figured this out long ago and saved myself the money that went into his pocket and the money since that he has voted to ‘fair share’ with everyone else. JERK. MORE people need to understand he’s the ringleader of this anti-American brigade out there in La La land.

  26. We’ll Bozo George do you ever look beyond your nose and read any facts?
    The Arctic Ice Cap is nearing an all time high in Ice.
    Russia had it’s coldest winter in 70 years last Winter.
    China had it’s coldest winter in 50 years last Winter.
    NASA Study April 2013 says, CO2 causes Global Cooling.
    Atlanta recorded record low temperatures in August.
    In August during one week there were 2,300 record low temperatures in Cities in the U.S.A. Vs 270 record high temperatures.
    Cooley you are the Dumb Ass of Asses!!!
    By the way Dumb Ass there was a Cyclone that hit Bangladesh in the 1970s or 1980s that killed around 200,000 people. You idiots were wearied about the coming Ice Age back then and wanted to increase CO2 to warm the Earth.

  27. while we’re at it, Mr. Humanitarian who pays to keep a satellite above the Sudan to keep an eye on droning of innocent civilians by their dictator…do you have one for you basketball buddy? He’s droned a 16 year old on American soil and a grandmother. Let me guess…they just get a “what difference does it make?” Jerk.

  28. Soooooo…everyone who does not agree with George Clooney (an actor), on global warming, abortion, immigration or other controversial subjects is…Stupid. Sounds like he has been talking to the liar in chief again.

  29. This coming from a man who makes a living pretending to be someone else. I’m always amazed that so many of the brain dead hollywood stars, (many who haven’t even finished high school,) seem to feel they are experts in every other field out there. In reality the only thing that most of them are good at is reading a script and playing make believe.

  30. So this jack wad is a weather expert? Hey dopey, plowing broads is different than plowing snow, acting is what our POS president does, and you are clueless. Oh, but you make movies – ooooh, scary. Go away, Geoergie.

  31. Did Clooney bicycle to the event, or fly in a private jet? These Global Warmers are all talk and no action, proving that they don’t believe what they’re saying. It’s not about speaking the truth. It’s about being seen to say “the right things.”

  32. This college drop out who took classes in journalism, and who plays make believe for a living, is trying to tell me that I’m the stupid one for not believing the propaganda of global warming? Hahahahahahahahahahhahah! When did he get his Phd. in science? I missed it. He makes millions pretending to be someone he’s not, and people want to take him serious. “I’m not a president, I only play one on t.v., so therefor I can run the country”. Sad thing is that there are a lot of people who would follow.

  33. Back in the Elizabethean Era actors were considered low-lives and untrustworthy. Today we give them LOTS of money and apparently they are ARE low-lives and untrustworthy. It seems the audiences of Shakespeare’s time were smarter than we are now.

  34. This is a good place to recommend Battelle Laboratories research on the two million year long ice ages, repeating cycles of warm 30K years and deep freeze 70 K years and the resulting 500 ft. sea level changes that occur as the ice stacks up in frost at the poles and the complete covering of canada and the USSR down to the 49th parallel for 70k yrs in ice depths of 1 to 1.5 thousand feet deep punctuated by repeating periods of 30 years thawing and warming and the following 70K years deep freezing where the Ice forms over the N. in sheets of 1.5 thousand feet ….repeat for two million years, approximately 2 thousand times per ice age…..
    I am not a book salesman but a PNNL researcher has a book called
    “on the trail of the ICE AGE FLOODS”.
    Read the book, lay the global warming stories into the perspective they need to be put in… near irrelevance. Know your planet, know your home, know your stuff. Read, dont be snookered by politicians and their obsession with cash, fame and notoriety, good and bad. Take a breath, relax, dispell and ward of hostile political manipulations… go to sleep at night with a smile….relax.
    Knowledge is a cross to the vampires of idiocy.

  35. “He attended Northern Kentucky University from 1979 to 1981, majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and very briefly attended the University of Cincinnati, but did not graduate from either. He had odd jobs such as selling men’s suits and cutting tobacco.” ~ George Clooney’s Wikipedia page

    Pseudo – intellectual. Hilarious.

  36. I bet Clooney says what he gets paid by communists to say on public. I bet these anti American a%^$#holes actually don’t believe in this but don’t mind a little payment here and there from Soros, PETA, and the SIerra Club or some foreign rich thug that wants to bring down America.

  37. We are having record cooling and many scientist think we are at the beginning of a mini ice age, and many are saying that we haven’t had anymore global warming for 20 years, and the global warming they are talking about is a tiny fraction of one percent, and they think the world is doomed? Even though we know the world has had changes since it’s existence, but this one is all of a sudden the one to doom us? So every tragic event in the world(which has been going on since it’s inception) is now blamed on global warming? But we’re all stupid for not hoping on the liberal band wagon and hiking our taxes to help Al Gores multi million dollar global warming fund, of which Gore gets rich off of. What a dope!

  38. The US is facing a real crisis, Rain forest deforestation. This is a threat to the world as well in terms of climate regulation, etc. For the U.S the threat is destroying the ability of MIdwestern states like Kansas to produce crops. You don’t hear about it much because the problem is overpopulation in South America which is resulting in a move inland which is destroying the rain forest. In other words, the problem does not call for a massive redistribution of wealth from the west to the third world and therefore leftists like Clooney have no interest.

  39. Clooney’s JOB and BIG TIME incomes DEPENDS on this Globalist position or he won’t see another Hollywood script EVER. The richest in Hollywood aren’t satisfied and want MORE material things and they will use Global Warming Fraud to get it.

  40. “Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had. Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.” – Michael Crichton

  41. First the earth was cooling due to humans. Then it was warming. Then they fudged some data to “hide the decline”. Then they weren’t sure so “global warming” became “climate chaos”. It’s no coincidence that the environmental movement got a big boost after communism fell in the east. It’s more about taxes and wealth transfer than it is about protecting our environment. That’s why acolytes of the movement will not think twice about the huge carbon footprint, a thing they believe in, generated by Al Gore, Maaaaat Daaaaamon, and Clooney due to their lifestyles. These people don’t care about stewardship of our environment, they simply are looking for a cudgel with which to control others.

  42. Did George make these comments behind the tall walls around his gated community protected by armed body guards while preparing to leave in his SUV limo heading to the airport to fly in his private jet to fly to Europe to drink expensive wine and the give a global warming speech?

  43. I guess that makes me stupid and ridiculous. Well, guess what. I will never be stupid enough to pay money to see this fraud ever again. Granted, he hasn’t made anything worth seeing in years, but even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while. I’ll just spend my money on something else.

  44. Stick to acting George

    1. 1881 Haiphont Typhoon- 300,000 fatalities.

    2. Typhoon Nina Early August 1975- 229,000 fatalities.

    3. The Super Typhoon of 1780- 100,000 fatalities.

    4. Swatow China Typhoon of 1922- 60,000 fatalities.

    5. The China Typhoon of 1912- 50,000 fatalities

    6. The Canton China Typhoon 1862- 40,000 fatalities.

    7. Tongking Typhoon 1881- 20,000 fatalities.

    8. The Great Hong Kong Typhoon September 1937- 11,000 fatalities.

    9. Typhoon Vera September 1959- 5098 Fatalities

    10. Tropical Storm Thelma November 1991- 5081 Fatalities.

  45. Clooney is a dope who knows nothing about climatology. Not only has the Antarctic ice sheet been thickening, the Arctic ice sheet is now thickening at a record rate. These facts are all over the Internet from reliable sources. Al Gore – so much for your prediction of no ice in the Arctic Circle by 2013. You were WAY off!

  46. Why doesn’t this nitwit shut up about a subject he knows nothing about instead of opening up his mouth and proving what a lame-brain he is. THERE HAS BEEN NO INCREASE IN AVERAGE TEMPERATURE ON THIS EARTH FOR AT LEAST 15 YEARS> SO WHERE THE HELL IS GLOBAL WARMING?

    • And so what if there was an increase. The sun and the earths rotation and dynamic position has everything to do with the Earths climate. Not to mention the Earths tectonic plates can and often do shift Earths axis ever so slightly literally changing weather patterns and the four seasons run early or late. Oh wait, no I am wrong, it is cow flatulence, my breathing and driving my car that causes volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and solar flares. I despise stupid peons!

  47. I’m sorry Looney Clooney, but I will never join your Cult of Global Warming. This is all about liberals trying to control the lives of everyone on the planet through scare tactics. There has been extreme weather throughout Earth’s history. This is merely unhinged hyperbole from the looney left fringe.

  48. Clooney and his crew burn more carbon with their mansions, movies, constant flying than an average person does in a lifetime. Where does this jerk get off mouthing off about climate change? Give up your mansion, flying, cars, swimming pools and every other movie star over indulgence, THEN, only then, you can lecture people on such things, Clooney.

  49. A lot of Hollywood actors have either high school diplomas or are high school drop outs. So they like to jump on various causes in order to feel smart and intellectual. He really has no idea whether or not global warming is caused by humans or not, he is just spouting off to feel in with his Hollywood buddies.

  50. Now this is an expert – a self involved actor with little academic background. I have a masters degree and I find that the assertion by climate change advocates like the silly former Vice President to be egotistical believers in their power over the environment. Does that make me correct – no – but I can tell you that one big volcanic eruption or a hit by a meteor will make their global warming hubris look like the ripple before the tidal wave. Get a life Clooney and go do something you are good at – making poor movies.

  51. The last time Clooney was able to achieve an erection was in March of 2011.

    And even that required him to take a triple dose of Sildenafil, which is generally thought to be an unsafe level of that Erectile Disfunction medication.

    • Yea, but it lasted 4-hours…bwahahahahahahah!!! I really think the clunerator is down low, just like ohole. How else does a suave “hunk” explain never having a female relationship last longer than a few months. Cum to think of it, perhaps old george is a better actor than I give him credit for…;-)

  52. An actor, average actor, calling me, a person trained in science and a skeptic, an idiot? LMAO! Hollywood needs to stick to making movies because mst of what comes out nowadays is pretty lousy. Maybe it’s too “warm” in LA.

  53. What Clooney fails to address is the fact that it is mankind who is spraying and clogging the atmosphere, not through accidental over-use either. Global warming is real. . .it is created by rich bankers, who pay for mass spraying programs, who want to be richer by then collecting carbon taxes. . .,i.e. tax whatever they want as a pretense to the actual reason.

  54. You have to admit …, Clooney has Impressive credentials , Clooney is after all one of the top minds on the side of the global warming religion. He is probably smarter than all 75 of the so called scientist that promote the warming scam.

  55. George supports Obamacare which only passed because a fraudulent lie was told by the liar in chief. And now millions of plans ARE being terminated because of that lie. And premiums are skyrocketing Georgie–another lie. Who was more stupid George? Palin is smarter than you George. Looks like you are the gullible moron George. Don’t think we’ll credit Georgie on the global warming fraud either.

    • Excellent post Tom. Just what does George think about the “World’s Worst Polluter For the Faux Waming”
      CHINA? They told the rest of the world to go get phu cked.” George is being conned by the biggest Con of Chicago, who Wants to distribute OUR tax dollars to nations that CAN’T afford picking up the tabs for HIS Global Waming Debacle, that HAS been disputed by Reputible Scientists(and NOT the ones who Ginned up the Numbers to make this faux warming hoax for Obama to REDISTRIBUTE OUR TAX MONEY. LET GEORGE PICK UP THE TAB, IF HE BELIEVES OBAMA, THE LAIR IN ALL THINGS HE DOES “AGAINST
      arrogant(O’s words) America.” George, stick to your dumb movies and pretending you’re SO SMART and COOL….than opening your mouth, and PROVING OTHERWISE, GENIUS.

  56. I’ll put my carbon footprint up against any of those Hollywood liberals and beat ‘em by a mile. When we’re all living in mud huts and burning cow patties to keep warm, George Clooney will be flying in his private jet, owning three mansions, just like his buddy Al Gore.

  57. This is how the Communist Liberals work. They ratchet up fear by making bold yet false statements that are pure and knowing exaggerations such as “Biggest Storm Ever” or “The Sky is Falling” or “Run Everyone and Hide, the Zombies are Coming.” Sound insane? It is. But that is how the Leftists work and we all know what they really want is to make us all their economic slaves.

    • Yea I was trying justify going to see it too. A respected former astronaut reviewed (parts of it) and said they got close to reality.

      I rarely go to movies anymore because of dolts like Clowney, he should’ve kept his mouth shut.

  58. If man-made global warming is truly a reality that has very bad consequences for mankind, then why is this Lear Jet Liberal jetting about the world in the furtherance of his career chasing the almighty dollar? Hypocrite! Until members of the Global Warming cult begin living a lifestyle consistent with their global warming rhetoric, then they really have nothing to say to the rest of us.
    I’m not denying the planet might be warming (even though it hasn’t been warming since 1995 and recently some “climate scientists” (sic) said it may not warm over the next twenty years … sheesh!), but man’s contribution to the overall “climate change” lies somewhere between 1% to 5%. BTW, the dirty little secret is the global warming cult has way overestimated the effect of increased levels of CO2 on temperature rise. And another dirty little secret is though CO2 levels are presently 420 parts per million, there have been several times in Earth’s history where CO2 levels were 1800 parts per million without resulting in climate devastation. Clooney is just another snake oil salesman and has been huffing too much essence of unicorn in his later years.

  59. Notice how these rich, leftist, government worshippers ALL agree that man made global warming is real and that YOU must reduce YOUR carbon footprint by having less children, living in a smaller house, consuming less energy, using less water, traveling less, pay more taxes, eat less food, etc.
    Not THEM……YOU

  60. I’ll match my 30 years of scientific research background against Clooney’s any time or day.
    Man made global warming/Climate change is BS.

    A single storm is anecdotal, not evidentiary. Empirical evidence shows temperatures have been flatlined for 17 years or so and even those behind the UN’s attempt at social engineering admit that the cooling trend could last another 20 years. The most telling hint at the cluelessness of the UN folks was when they said the sun had a bigger impact on the weather than they had expected.

    You NEVER massage data to prove a hypothesis, you MUST change the hypothesis when empirical data raises questions. The UN considers data massaging to be SOP. This alone renders all of their reports to best suited for the Science. Fiction section of your local Half Price book store.

  61. “Consensus” is not a word that relates to science. Science is based on provable facts. True believers like Clooney, who choose to join a “consensus” believing that human activity causes a significant change in climate rather than remaining skeptical of unproven theories are similar to members of a religious cult. His arrogance is evidenced by his labeling skeptics as, “stupid and ridiculous”.

  62. We are such peons in the cycle of life. Huge huge dinosaurs….millions of them roamed the earth dropping their dung EVERYWHERE for millions of years until an “ASTEROID” took them out…NOT their own dinosaur global warming contributions. One extra large volcano erupting at full mass can infiltrate our atmosphere and do more damage than man could in 300 years….much more. Do we have an impact…of course we do but it is so miniscule compared to Mother Earth’s forces. Now cleaning up our rivers, seas, lakes and oceans is a whole other ball of wax. Humans do not need to live like pigs and dirty up our beautiful blue marble. This planet is unique and we need to take care of it just like anything else we value so we can pass on this exquisite masterpiece of rock we call HOME to our children and their children..

  63. Clooney went on to declare people that work for a living to be morons, lit a Cuban cigar , hopped in his 6000 pound 3 mile per gallon fossil fuel powered limousine , drove to the airport and fired up his 1000 gallon per hour fossil fuel powered private jet and flew off to watch the riot police in France gas some anti-tax protesters.

  64. George – You went to college and earned what degree? Please, you Hollywood actors are good at regurgitating what others have written but have nothing on those who have earned degrees in science and engineering.
    I only have one question for you – Why are people boating on the Great Lakes instead of skiing down glaciers?

  65. Another arrogant, closed-minded, rude, disrespectful Liberal…who, insults those with a different view. Perhaps he should look in the mirror.

    Oh, and so he knows, Asia has been wholopped by Typhoons for hundreds…thousands of years. He really is a moron.

  66. Clooney: “If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1
    percent that says ‘you’re fine,’ you probably want to hang out with,
    check it up for the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore
    that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What’s
    the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

    Except that the “doctors” want to charge you a million dollars, and their “cure” consists of bleeding you. Maybe you should listen to the smart one.

  67. I love how all these man made global warming idiots reject religion (something I understand), yet they are too ignorant to understand that they embrace the oldest religion known to man……Gaia (earth) worship
    Clowns…..all of them

  68. The people who are really stupid are those like Clooney who believe that each isolated weather event, such as the typhoon Haiyan or Hurricane Sandy, is incontrovertible proof of climate change. These opinionated imbeciles don’t understand the difference between weather and climate, the latter requiring decades worth of data to determine if a trend is underway.

  69. Clooney needs to stop going goo goo all over himself The real stupidity is exists with the people who believe everything that crawls out of the mouth of the egotists in Hollywood who think they are smarter, healthier and more beautiful than everyone else. Just because Clooney is one of the beautiful people doesn’t mean he has a mind to match. Ole George can take his superior wisdom and hurl it where the sun don’t shine, way beyond Solarass.

  70. This imbecile would do well to stay in the role-playing game. Or, you could attend a legitimate physical sciences course, paying attention during the first week to this not-so-little thing called, “The Scientific Method”.

    Or, if you can’t be bothered, have someone on your staff Google it and have them read it to you. Twice, perhaps.

  71. Hey Clooney-you disrespect OTHER OPINIONS and dare call them stupid and ridiculous? Priceless-Just shot yourself in the foot didn’t you when you look to those SAME people to buy Your stupid movie tickets? So who, is dumb here Loony? as YOU repeat lines from “truly talented writers who feed them to you.” You’ve been ‘acting COOL for far too long, as you think you ARE really COOL. Sean Connery IS cool- you are an Imitation.

  72. Gee George. When the poler ice cap covered all the way down to NYC some say 2 miles thick , the earth warmed and all of Canada was uncovered. Must have been SUV’s and coal fired electric plants. What? Man was not around yet?
    Mmmmmm. Could be the suns output changing over time….. Just a guess But My feeling is your a dumb
    @ss. Next time your in NYC, take a boat ride down the Hudson and ask how the Palisades were formed and how the NY harbor was gouged out from the breakout of a massive lake from the melted water from the ice cap.
    I’m sure Colony’s a nice guy, but, not so bright.

  73. George anybody that’s not from Hollywood is stupid. Oh wait a minute …you’re a Ky boy who made it big and wants everyone to believe that gives you a different insight to everything going on out here… Cute yes….smart???? not so much.

  74. “I am not a climatologist… But i play one on TV” George C.
    Disclaimer… This is not an actual quote but has been presented to be satirical in nature.. Can’t be to careful poking fun at an easily offended liberal.

  75. Right because that’s the first typhoon ever. They never had them hundreds of years ago. This is a new thing because of “climate change”. Did we ever have Noreasters? How about tornados? George Clooney is now a scientist too. Wow. A jack of all trades but you know what they say about them–master of none. I never did see what the big deal about him was.

  76. “What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

    Cleaning up the earth a little bit? Recycling? If it were only that simple. It’s actually about social engineering and taxing certain behaviors out of existence and creating a false parity amongst ‘world powers.’

    Who’s the stupid one?

    • destroying coal, making everyone drive electric cars, making people eat only approved foods, making sure they can’t set their own thermostat, but all the while NOT even making a second glance at CHINA emitting more and more carbon. ITS Ok for them, just not us.
      THEY are idiots.

    • You’re right about that… think: the sky is all about point down & you point to the center of the Earth, China or Middle East & ? drum roll THE SKY ! So if Clooney says the sky is UP? Say NO it is all AROUND us. LOL

  77. Just remember OBAMACARE,and those lies while they look you right in the face,it easy to declare sometime if you and your life style are effected by lies, do you think colonel has OBAMACARE, do you see him flying commercial jets, if he was so worried about the climate, why does he fly on a private jet that causes green house gases.

    • YEP, I was about 12 then and wanted my mom to take me to the store for a new coat and some skis. What happened? OH that’s right, scientist couldn’t account for it NOT happening, so they asked for more GRANT MONEY to ‘study’ the situation.

  78. How many of these “expert” scientists who claim man made global warming is real work at universities which receive MAJOR funding by the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations (all of which push for global carbon taxes)? How many of these professors are eager to receive tenure? How many rely on grants in order to continue their research? To not tow the company line would certainly put an end to both

    • 10 to 1 Clooney couldn’t do basic algebra. Yet he is an ‘expert’ at Global Climate Change?
      TELL me Mr. Clooney, what SUVs did the dinosaurs drive to cause THEIR global warming?
      Global climate is caused by several factors. 1. Solar output. 2. Volcanic activity. 3. Location of the Earth in its Ellipse around our sun. And a few other small things. ONE of the smallest is the amount of CARBON, humans put into the atmosphere. Additionally CLIMATE change is a natural thing. Climate is NEVER stable. WE are still coming out of our last ice age. There have been ice ages before MAN, and will be more in the future. But it is never stable as the eco-idiots think.
      WITH that lesson, Clooney now knows 10,000 % more than he knew before I told him.

  79. I forget, is it Global Warming or Climate Change?
    Probably the second because the first didn’t go to plan for the past 17 years or so.
    Does Clooney know that this has been the quietest Hurricane Season since Al Gore decided that the big bucks could be made deluding the Useful Idiots that believe in Global Warming?
    I will make sure to not spend one thin dime on anything involving Cllooney. Every time he opens his mouth there is more Globull Warming, with an emphasis on the Bull.
    I also love his Analogy about Doctors. It is fitting considering his Commie Buddy Obama is destroying the best Healthcare System in the world and replacing it with something akin to the systems used in Cuba and North Korea. I think they call it Gulagcare.
    BTW – if 99% of people think that Obama is a LYING POS, does that make the Idiots who agree with the 1% who don’t Obama Deniers?

    • Idiot actors and idiot ex-vice presidents talk about “Global climate change”, then demand we all live in grass huts and ride bikes everywhere as we eat wheat germ.
      THEN the elitist actor and ex-vp jump on their private jets, head to their mansions and talk about how ‘great’ they are for fighting for “global climate change’.
      Can you say HYPOCRITES?

  80. It’s what liberals do: Ignore the merits of the message and attack relentlessly the messenger. Straight out of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

    You’re a good Progressive, George. America needs fewer of you.

  81. I guess Clooney would know a perfect storm since he, as a stupid and ridiculous captain, sailed into one and lost his ship and got all he crew killed because he was stupid and ridiculous. Stupid and ridiculous seems to be Clooney ‘mo’ both on and off the screen!

  82. If I hang out in a room full of Republicans, chances are I’ll find 99% or more disagree with the President. If I hang out in a room full of Democrats, chances are 99% or more will disagree with Republicans. If George Clooney asks a bunch of scientists that support the Global Warming agenda, chances are 99% or more will agree that its mankind’s fault.

    Actors and politicians, heck everyone not a scientist needs to get out of the debate, and stop labeling those with dissenting opinions as “stupid,” “retarded,” etc.

    If I stand in a room with a bunch of people that agree with me, I’m never going to hear a dissenting voice which opens the way to intelligent debate.

  83. This guy calling ANYONE stupid and ridiculous is utterly stupid and ridiculous.

    How much did he get paid to show up for the lame-O space movie he made with Sandra Bullock? It couldn’t have taken him more than 10 minutes to learn his lines in that stinko movie.

    How many houses, planes, cars boats and electric appliances does Georgie Porgie have?

  84. Half of today’s progressive politicians say we have global warming. The other half say it’s (now) Global Cooling. Both groups are pushing for Climate Control Legislation which will give THEM control over new policies and taxes. THAT’S what this is all about. New taxes and pork chops to be distributed to “Friends of Obama.”

    Clooney’s still riding on the “short bus.” He doesn’t know what’s causing these storms, BUT he’s sure that Obama and his cronies have the answer. Someone needs to tell George that we’ve always had storms. They’re caused by … the weather 😮

    • Good post. Also reminds me what another actor, Tom Cruise said recently-that HIS job is JUST as dangerous as military….REALLY? HOW DUMB IS THAT Cruiser-do YOU have REAL BULLETS flying into your head or body…do YOU wind up with MISSING LIMBS-IF you survive?? Holly-woodheads like these genius types are what WE should all follow??? Yeah Right…what fools, and tools for Obammie.

  85. Hey Clooney, try 99% of UN sponsored scientists support your warming theories along with anyone else posed to make a buck off it. Most of the rest scientists disagree or perhaps the largest ice sheets in years isnt proof enough?

  86. I’ve enjoyed some of Clooney’s movies, but when it comes to ideas, he’s a follower and a True Believer [see Eric Hoffer] — with the statist ring in his nose so that he knows where to go and what to think and say. Getting laid a lot makes him a genius, evidently, but if that is the standard, then I’m Albert Einstein. ~:<)

  87. Clooney’s argument that in the worst case, we “clean up the earth a little bit,” shows an alarming lack of understanding of the economic costs and damage to our economies by pursuing his agenda, to say nothing of the “lost opportunity” costs associated with government action.

  88. I’ll start believing in “Man Made Global Warming”……

    When the elites like Clooney, Kerry, and all……

    give up their limos, private jets, and mansions for the good of the planet……


    otherwise it’s just another scam to tax the peasants……

    because even with the “Carbon Credits Scam” , you can buy as many credits as you have money.

  89. Well, George, there is a pretty good chance one of us us an idiot, and I’m pretty sure it’s the guy who thinks 99% of the world’s climate scientists really believe in man-caused climate change. Liberals like to make up huge numbers to make their phony points. And there are plenty of idiots like this guy who just lap it up like a thirsty dog….

  90. I live in the Arctic for well over 30 years time – We live in a small remote village above the arctic circle 200 miles north.
    We live @ sea level – (gosh) .. .. The last time it flooded up here was in the early 1970’s.
    Global B.S. is very obvious – our ocean ice is the same as it was way back when – it goes in repeatable cycles which we keep track of because we live out on the ocean ice – for two months to harvest food in sub zero temps.
    NOTHING has changed up here one bit. If the sea levels rose – we would be the first to know it. Take a glass and fill it with as much ice as possible. fill the glass with water. Notice when the ice melts – water never spills !!! doh!!!

  91. Boy, now I feel really bad. To be called stupid by this paragon of knowledge and analytical experience puts me down hard. On the other hand, I never tried to a analyze and reach conclusions based on fabricated or purposely modified data, especially when some of the data was hidden because it was embarrassing to that which I was trying to prove. I’ll try harder next time. Now, I have to go out and shovel my driveway (sarc)..

  92. George the scholar…I am sure he has only a Prius and never uses an airplane…

    The fraud of global warming exposed years ago, Hollywood and algore wish it wasn’t so.

    “Hide the decline, and pass the grant money….”

    • Funny you mention that-I thought a while back Obama had it-especially when they said he lost SO much weight returning from Another Vacay in Hawaii,-called it a ‘stomach parasite’…..geez-wonder if Reggie Love
      HIS body man, had the SAME THING?

  93. George needs to sell his Italian Villa and stop flying back and forth from Italy to Hollywood as these things are causing global warming and Al (Gump) Gore needs to sell his 10000 Sq. ft house to save energy. What low IQ hypocrites.

  94. Here’s a dumbf*ck who had to do a high school equivalency to get into college so that he could drop out and use his great aunt Rosemary to get him some acting gigs. GC is the luckiest dope since Ringo Starr, except, of course, Ringo has talent (and enough brains to marry Barbra Bach). GC, the party is over and your movies suck.

  95. Mr Clooney seems like a very nice and kind person, from all the stories about him…never a bad word about him. That is so admirable in that cesspool of Hollywood. But I don’t think he would ever say anything that would jeopardize Obama’s agenda. Some of his statements seem a little on the silly side, but I think he is trying to be a loyal friend, which he seems to be to many people.

    • I own a great book on that “Galveston The Horrors of a Stricken City”, by Murat Halstead, copyright 1900. It’s an amazing book written during the aftermath. It has many pictures I’ve never seen anywhere else. What a disaster!

  96. Let’s add the facts. Is Clooney a scientist? No, he’s and actor…that’s a zero. Is Gore a scientist? No, he’s a washed up politician and journalist who flunked out of law school and divinity school. So, that’s another zero. Zero plus zero is still zero. So, is it stupid and ridiculous for someone like Clooney to discount all of the scientists who actively and firmly disagree with the politically correct socialist fascist manifesto on global warming – oops, climate change (sort of like saying cell dividing)? It seems to be a scientific certainty – loony Clooney is not only stupid, but he is also ridiculous. He is definitely someone to laugh at when he talks science.

  97. What makes Clooney an authority on global warming? Where are his credentials? Other than another hard left winger from Hollywood. The only credit you can give his opinion is that he touts his parties line. He probably supports all UN mandates as well.

  98. The ruling class of the ancient druids were made up of priests, politicians, lawyers, medicine men, judges, soothsayers, etc.. They ruled all of Europe for thousands of years. One particular sect of this ruling class were the Magi. They carried wands and were believed to be able to cast spells on people. This is where the word magician comes from. These wands were made from the wood of Holly trees. This is where Hollywood gets it’s name from. Hollywood likes to brag about how it creates it’s films using “Hollywood magic” (special effects, mis-direction, editing, lighting, etc.) Disney even portrays Mickey Mouse as a wizard who carries a wand and casts spells on the audience.

  99. Weather activity on Earth is due to the sun’s solar activity not fossil fuel. I’m tried of the lies so the elites can push carbon taxes. The solar activities have been effecting other planets in the solar system too. I guess it’s because people r driving cars on Venus, Jupiter, and mars.