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Warmists blame global warming! Heidi Cullen blames ‘deep warm water’ for fueling typhoon Haiyan’s ‘intensity’ — But data refutes her claim


[ UpdateUK Paper Blames Typhoon Haiyan on Global Warming: ‘As climate change continues, we should expect more devastating storms’ — Meteorologist slams claim]


Climatologist Dr. Heidi Cullen appears to be the first global warming activist to promote a link between typhoon Haiyan and man-made global warming. See: Meteorologist Anthony Watts announces: ‘Dr. Heidi Cullen of Climate Central wins the “First Haiyan BS award” with this missive.

Weather Bell meteorologist Joe Bastardi also weighed in, excoriating Cullen “Are you for real?, Bastardi asked Cullen. “Of course water is warm, NO typhoons within 100 miles of this since 2008. No stirring of water,” he explained.

Did you even bother to look at how infrequent typhoons have been where this is crossing, which means water is not cooled?’ Bastardi wrote.

He added, “Thanks btw. Verified a forecast I issued 5 days ago: agw ilk would use storm. Lets hear what you say about next week cold in US’

This is not the first time Cullen has been at the center of a climate controversy. In 2007, she called for all meteorologists to conform to belief in man-made global warming claims. See: Flashback January 2007: Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen Calls for Decertifying AMS Global Warming Skeptics

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Flashback: Meteorologist Bastardi Slams Heidi Cullen as ‘stunningly ignorant’ for ‘claiming global warming was( is) responsible for all that is wrong in the weather, climate or whatever’ — ‘I am simply astounded that someone that is accorded the honor of a PHD can think this way’

UK Paper Blames Typhoon Haiyan on Global Warming: ‘As climate change continues, we should expect more devastating storms’ — Meteorologist slams claim — UK Mirror: ‘Haiyan had already been recognized as the most intense tropical storm in this area since Super Typhoon Tip (1979).’ – ‘It has long been recognized that the increases seen in global average temperatures are likely to drive changes in the patterns and frequency of extreme weather events…As our planet home, and particularly its oceans, heats, simple physics tells us that the energy stored will likely lead to increases in the intensity and frequency of devastating storms like Haiyan.’

New Study: ’2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever’– Many bad weather events at ‘historically low levels’

Report: ‘Extreme Weather Report 2012′: ‘Latest peer-reviewed studies, data & analyses undermine claims that current weather is ‘unprecedented’ or a ‘new normal’

Analysis: ‘Greenhouse gas levels reach record highs, nothing happens’

Temperatures: Global temperatures have been flat since 1998

Global Cooling: ‘Attention in the public debate seems to be moving away from the 15-17 year ‘pause’ to the cooling since 2002,” writes Dr. Judith Curry, the chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Extreme Weather: “It is misleading and just plain incorrect to claim that disasters associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have increased on climate timescales either in the United States or globally,” Professor Roger Pielke Jr. said in his testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Hurricanes: ‘Hurricanes have not increased in frequency, intensity or normalized damage in the U.S. since 1900.

Tornadoes: Tornadoes and tropical cyclones have also not become more intense or frequent since 1950 and 1970, respectfully.

Floods & Droughts: U.S. floods have not increased in frequency or intensity since 1950, according to Professor Roger Pielke Jr., and droughts have become shorter, less frequent, and smaller over the last century. Globally, floods have changed very little in the last 60 years.

Wildfires: Dr. Bjorn Lomborg, the “skeptical environmentalist,” writes: “Historical analysis of wildfires around the world shows that since 1950 their numbers have decreased globally by 15%… The world has not seen a general increase in drought. A study published in Nature in November shows globally that ‘there has been little change in drought over the past 60 years.’

Arctic Ice: Arctic sea ice coverage was 29 percent greater in September of this year compared to the same time last year — with ice covering 533,000 square miles of ocean more than last year.

Antarctic Ice: The south pole has also fared well, despite rising greenhouse gas emissions. Antarctic sea ice hit a 35-year record high in September — covering nearly 20 million square kilometers of ocean with ice. The previous sea ice coverage record was in 2012, meaning there have been two straight record high years.

Sea Level: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data show the sea levels only rose 1.1 to 1.3 millimeters per year from 2005 to 2012. This is actually below the rate of sea level rise from 1954 to 2003.


  1. Warmists? Is that slang for “people with scientific training who know their butts from holes in the ground”? Give it up. thousands are dead…..again….and you’re beating this same head-in-the-sand drum about this all being Al Gore’s fantasy ride…..again. How many more have to die to serve the oil rich and inbred?

    • Warmists: “scientists” whose paychecks come either directly or indirectly from government agencies and have a stake in faking data to create the appearance that human activity somehow has a long term, irreversible effect on climate.

      OMG, you are beyond stupid.

      • Exactly the way I feel about you. You know nothing of Academe, or the way science works, that’s obvious. Scientists make their money on their reputations, and their reputations on being right: on presenting logical, verifiable research and defending it through a rigorous process of peer review, something the anti global warming crowd have steadfastly refused to do. You want to believe in conspiracy, but who has more at stake financially here? A few potential book sales or hundreds of billions of dollars in oil, gas, and coal sales, which carries more weight for falsification? Follow the money, pal.

        And thats DR. Beyond Stupid to you, comerade. Say Hi to the Koch brothers for me.

    • Millions of people have died in natural disasters since the beginning of our species. Here are a few examples.

      – 4,000 dead in the 1972 Iran blizzard.

      – 20,000 dead in the 1970 Huascarian avalanche.

      – 300,000 dead in the 1839 India Cyclone.

      – 500,000 dead in the 1970 Bhola Cyclone.

      – 830,000 dead in the Shaanxi Earthquake of 1556.

      – 900,000 dead in the 1887 Yellow River flood.

      – Well over 1,000,000 dead in the China floods of 1931.

      The point is….there is no environmental “end times” because of global warming and anyone who says so is living in a religious fantasy world.

  2. gov. types (u.n., prez. obozo, etc) wants some new carbon tax income. we would be racists or sexists but its getting worn out, and really doesn’t fit here too good. so we are deemed ‘climate deniers’ now. can we get a little alinski w/ dat whine? china skies are dark from unchecked pollution but extra taxes from us and programs for friends of this commie admin. are what is called for to fix it all? tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough huh? what a bunch of maroons.

  3. Anyone who disagrees with Heidi should sent to Guantanamo as climate terrorist! Think of the children! Except of course when it comes to dismantling the Constitution, and reigning in the federal debt. Then let’s not think of the Children?

  4. I just heard an interview with heidi cullen. She seems seems very divisive and emotional, not very scientific. I’m a little tired of all the “Chicken Little’s” crying the sky is falling. Unless we have a world government no one country is going to sacrifice it’s economy for something the other countries aren’t going to do. We need to calmly prepare for the worst and deal with it without hysterics .

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