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Tornadoes Numbers Remain At Near Record Lows Through September


Tornadoes Numbers Remain At Near Record Lows Through September

By Paul Homewood


US tornadoes continue to run at close to record low levels, with September numbers again well below average.

Preliminary tornado data is based on Local Storm Reports, or LSR’s. It takes about three months to confirm this preliminary data, categorise it on the Fujita scale, and eliminate duplicate reports. Consequently, we still only have confirmed numbers up to May.
Comparison of LSR’s, however, suggests that tornadoes are running at about 55% of the 2005-11 average, and the lowest of any year during this period.

The two years with least F1+ tornadoes, since 1970, were 1987 & 2002, with 316 and 311 tornadoes respectively. On current trends, this year is likely to come very close to these years.

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