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Has Arctic Ice Extent Reached Its Minimum?


Has Arctic Ice Extent Reached Its Minimum?

By Paul Homewood
Its not clear from the chart, but the data from NSIDC is very clear:

Arctic Ice Extent – million sq km

29th Aug

30th Aug

31st Aug

1st Sep

2nd Sep
It is still quite possible that there may be a few more days of melt, but effectively there has been no significant melt for the last 5 days, so it is unlikely there will be any significant losses.
The earliest minimum on record was 2nd Sep 1987.
To put the numbers into perspective, the minimum in 2006 was 5.749 million sq km. The highest figure since then was in 2009, when it fell to 5.054.
Things should become clearer in the next couple of days.

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