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‘Tornado season close to quietest ever despite the two F-5s in Oklahoma’


Tornado season close to quietest ever despite the two F-5s in Oklahoma

TWC sadly did a story interviewing Jeff Masters of their affiliate Weather Underground (named after an Bill Ayers radical left organization founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan, where Jeff’s Weather Underground was founded) claiming warming is occurring at a rate ten times any time in history. As we have shown numerous times, that is only in the manipulated data from NOAA/NASA. Record highs in long term 90 year + stations, show what Hansen observed in 1999 before the heavy duty manipulation started, that the 1930s was by far the warmest decade.


The media and some at NOAA continue to pretend and hype that extreme weather is at unprecedented levels, out global hurricane activity is at 30+ year lows, the summer has been wetter and cooler (many more record lows than highs) with a shrinking drought (hard to do in summer). And in the US, the number of tornadoes is within 14 of the lowest ever recorded year to date.





My meteorologist buddy BK sent this video yesterday on the Moore tornado. He comments “This is the most dramatic one I have seen yet, at least from a documentation standpoint.  It’s long, but it didn’t seem that way b/c I was mesmerized and in awe most of the time. His dialogue is excellent.  No yelling or wild, silly statements.  He gets really choked up around 13:20.  After that is quite dramatic as he is driving through the damage path running right behind the tornado.  Around 8:15 he gets caught in a violent RFD suddenly, even though it appears he was not too close.  He catches the tornado right from genesis, and as you can see, it had relatively modest start (for a tornado anyways)—classic narrow funnel.  It quickly turns into a elephant trunk, then cylinder, and then into a monster wedge.”

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