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Denialist Denier Tom Harris rebuts David Suzuki


Denialist Denier Tom Harris rebuts David Suzuki

In a recent piece in the Woodstock Sentinel-Review,  International Climate Science Coalition’s CEO Tom Harris was described by David Suzuki as a “Climate Change Denier.”  Tom counters in a rebuttal in the same paper: (Link)  “I deny that I am a climate-change denier, I am a denial denier.”Climate changes all the time. The only constant about climate is change. It has been changing since the earth formed 4.6 billion years ago and will continue to change until the planet is enveloped by the sun five billion years from now (at which time global warming will be a real problem.)After adding that Suzuki’s attack is an attempt to discredit those who disagree with him, Tom continues:I also deny that the science of climate change is in any way settled. Experts in the field know that climate science is highly immature. We are in a period of “negative discovery,” in that the more we learn about climate, the more we realise we do not know.Tom the discusses the Essex and McKitrick’s “Doctrine of Certainty” (this doctrine is a collection of now familiar assertions about climate that are to be accepted without question) and the confidence expressed by Gore and Suzuki.Essex and McKitrick explain: “But the Doctrine is not true. Each assertion is either manifestly false or the claim to know is false.”The rest of Tom’s piece can be found in this jpg image of the comment page: Click to enlarge.

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