Obama was right–‘the rise of the oceans began to slow’

From his June 4, 2008 speech on winning the Democratic primaries:

“This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal.”

Here’s the proof: Ten year running mean sea level rise from satellite altimetry.


Figure 1. Decadal (overlapping) rates for sea level rise as determined from the satellite sea level rise observations, 1993-2011 (data available from http://sealevel.colorado.edu/).

h/t to Dr. Pat Michaels


More Woes: Warmist John Cook’s 97% Consensus Study Falsely Classifies 3 More Scientists – Dr. Morner, Soon, Carlin — Plus: Round up of analyses of Cook’s study

Round Up of Analyses of Cook’s 97% ‘consensus’ claims: 

Warmist turns on UN IPCC, accuses IPCC lead author of ‘behaving like’ Marc Morano: Warmist Dana Nuccitelli’s Twitter war with UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Tol over that alleged ’97% consensus’ paper

Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981: @richardabetts ‘@richardtol is behaving like one, RTing Marc Morano’s Climate Depot and misrepresenting our paper’ 

The Cook ‘97% consensus’ study comes further 

Warmist Dana Nuccitelli Refuses Reality: UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Tol Calls John Cook’s ‘Consensus’ Survey ‘Silly Idea…Poorly Implemented’

UN IPCC Lead Author Richard Tol on Cook’s 97% Consensus study: ‘Cook survey included 10 of my 122 eligible papers. 5/10 were rated incorrectly. 4/5 were rated as endorse rather than neutral’

Retraction Watch: Warmist John Cook’s 97% consensus study falsely classifies scientists’ papers according to the scientists that published them — ‘When asked about the categorizations of Cook et al, – ‘It would be incorrect to claim that our paper was an endorsement of CO2-induced global warming’

Germany’s Der Spiegel Newspaper Trashes John Cook’s 97% Consensus Survey. Man’s Impact ‘Remains Hotly Disputed’…Only 10% Have Faith In Models 

‘The 97% consensus claim – a lie of epic proportions’ – Warmist John Cook’s study exposed — Warmist study author John Cook’s email: [email protected] — ‘To John Cook – it isn’t ‘hate’, it’s pity, – pity for having such a weak argument you are forced to fabricate conclusions of epic proportions — Proving that crap can flow uphill, yesterday, John Cook got what one could consider the ultimate endorsement. A tweet from the Twitter account of the Twitterer in Chief, Barack Obama, about Cook’s 97% consensus lie…This whole story is predicated on lies, and they just seem to get bigger and bigger, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to the gullibility of those involved and those pushing it. Here’s the genesis of the lie. When you take a result of 32.6% of all papers that accept AGW, ignoring the 66% that don’t, and twist that into 97%, excluding any mention of that original value in your media reports, there’s nothing else to call it – a lie of presidential proportions.’

New ’97% Consensus’ study goes belly up: ‘This study done by John Cook and others, praised by the President of the U.S., found more scientific publications whose abstracts reject global warming (78) than say humans are primarily to blame for it’ (65)