Have we progressed?! 2013: Warmists blame Syrian drought on man-made global warming — Flashback 1933: ‘YO-YO BANNED IN SYRIA – Blamed For Drought By Moslems’

YO-YO BANNED IN SYRIA – Blamed For Drought By Moslems

BEIRUT (Syria), January 21.

Drought and severe cold is disast-rously affecting the cattle in Syria,and the Moslem chiefs at Damascushave attributed the wrath of the  heavens to the recent introduction of the yo-yo.  They say that while the people are praying for rain to come down fromabove the yo-yo goes down, and before reaching the ground springsup through the subtle pull of the string.

The chiefs interviewed the PrimeMinister, and exposed the evil influ-ence of yo-yos, so they were immediately banned.    To-day the police paraded the streets and confiscated the yo-yos  from everyone they saw playing with them.