Don’t Panic! Arctic Ice Hits ‘Record’ Low!? Climate Depot Explains Arctic melting hype


Climate Depot Editorial

First off, Climate Depot extends congratulations to the global warming activists as they celebrate current Arctic ice conditions and try to convince the public that it is a significant event that is due to man-made global warming.

But now, after years of waiting, the Arctic sea ice extent has – at least according to some monitoring sources (See: Update: NOAA Showing 28% More Ice Than The 2007 Minimum) – dipped below the 2007 amount. Of course this is only since satellite monitoring of Arctic began in 1979, so we are in reality talking about 33 years of monitoring. [Update: Has the Arctic record been achieved yet? See Anthony Watts: ‘The NSIDC product, the new and improved “multi-sensor” MASIE product, shows no record low at ~ 4.7 million square kilometers’]

Is this Arctic ice event significant and does it prove man-made global warming claims? Will skeptics now recant and call for carbon taxes to control the weather?

No, no. And No. Global warming activists are clinging to Arctic ice shifts as their number one claim of scientific “proof” as they seek to keep the man-made global warming movement alive.

Current Arctic ice shifts are not “proof” of man-made global warming, nor are they unusual, unprecedented or cause for alarm, according to multiple peer-reviewed studies, data analyses and experts.

In December 2011, Climate Depot released the A-Z Climate Reality Check report, noting: “The scientific reality is that on virtually every claim — from A-Z — the claims of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing.” Since that report was issued and presented to the UN climate conference in Durban South Africa, the claims of man-made climate promoters have continued to fail on every issue from sea levels to polar bears to global temperatures to Mt. Kilimanjaro to extreme weather claims to hurricanes to tornadoes to Antarctic ice. The failure has been so complete that global warming activists and many in the media are now forced to point to any bad weather event as somehow “proof” of man-made global warming.

Here is how the media is presenting the current Arctic ice conditions: AP’s Seth Borenstein: Scientists say critical ice in the Arctic Ocean melted to record low levels this overheated summer. — The National Snow and Ice Data Center reported Monday that the extent of Arctic sea ice shrank to 1.58 million square miles and is likely to