Sen. Lieberman believes Congress can control weather: ‘The run of extreme weather is a real warning to us’ – ‘We’ve got to do something about this’ – Tornadoes to spur passage of climate bill

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Lieberman: Extreme weather could spur climate efforts

By Darren Samuelsohn

6/7/11 5:42 PM EDT

Extreme weather events like this spring’s record tornado activity could be a turning point in the uphill climb to pass climate legislation, Sen. Joe Lieberman said Tuesday.

The Connecticut independent behind nearly every major cap-and-trade bill over the last decade also told reporters that other key preconditions for climate action include an improved U.S. economy and less partisanship.

“The other event that might bring about some climate change action would really be increasingly extreme weather, which just shakes people up so much that they say, ‘We’ve got to do something about this,'” Lieberman said. “I hope we don’t wait until then. I’ve always said this problem is one that challenges our capacity to deal with the problem, which we see coming, before it overwhelms us, and so far we haven’t passed the test.”


“I just think the run of extreme weather is a real warning to us,” Lieberman said. “I can’t specifically say that about the tornadoes, although it is true that they have been more severe than they ever have been before.

“More objectively, you can see sea levels rising, you can see water temperature rising around the globe,” he added. “You can see wildlife species starting to move in response to the climate. The extreme weather is only the most extreme visible example of that.”

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