Climate Depot’s Round up on National Research Council’s media hyped political science scare report

Repulsive: National Research Council Chaired by Corrupted Warmist Ralph Cicerone: Turned Org. into political advocacy group: $6 million NAS study used to lobby for climate bill [email protected]

Flashback: MIT’s Lindzen Slams: ‘Ralph Cicerone of NAS/NRC is saying that regardless of evidence the answer is predetermined. If gov’t wants carbon control, that is the answer that the Academies will provide’

WaPo: ‘Inevitable complex deniers willfully ignorant recalcitrance cynical catastrophic planetary damage drastic Republican…’ — ‘…preeminent rising seas spreading deserts intensifying storms loom significant risks caused by human activities’

‘The Wash. Post wants candidates to be quizzed on what they would do about ‘the rising seas, spreading deserts and intensifying storms’ — But natural disasters, topographic changes and population booms and busts have always occurred and will continue to occur. None of these phenomena can be scientifically tied to manmade emissions of CO2. So they are simply irrelevant sideshow issues’

Media hyped National Research Council panels are ‘highly politicized and often stacked, with no climate skeptics included — Report is more of an exercise in political rather than climate science’ —

Media hyped National Research Council (NRC) report exposed: ‘NRC report is the opinion of a mere 21 authors – nearly all of whom had a longstanding record of global warming activism’ — ‘Far from providing objective, expert proof of a global warming crisis, the NRC report provides objective proof that – despite their grandiose-sounding names – the National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council are more interested in political agendas than objective, fact-based science’

NRC predetermined outcome of report: ‘Of the first eight names, only one appears to be a climate scientist. The others are engineers, lawyers, and public policy types’

USA Today touts NRC report — Compares Climate Change Skeptics to Birthers

WaPo calls debate over! ‘Climate change denial becomes harder to justify’ — ‘Deniers are willfully ignorant, lost in wishful thinking, cynical or some combination of the three’ — Wash Post: ‘Every candidate for political office, including for president, should be asked whether they disagree with the scientific consensus of America’s premier scientific advisory group, and if so, on what basis they disagree; and if not, what they propose to do about the rising seas, spreading deserts and intensifying storms that, absent a change in policy, loom on America’s horizon’

Arctic Study Countered: ‘Studies have found that Arctic temperatures have fluctuated, and are now around the same level