Climate Astrology: Are warmists now claiming extreme weather is NOT LINKED to global warming?

Climate Depot Editorial

NASA scientist and’s Gavin Schmidt declared in a February 17, 2011 posting: “There is no theory or result that indicates that climate change increases extremes in general.” See: NASA Scientist &’s Gavin Schmidt: Global Warming Does Not Cause Extreme Weather Events

Schmidt includes all sorts of caveats, including the phrase “in general,” but Schmidt’s declaration may be misread by many as some sort of statement that proponents of man-made global warming do not claim that an increase in many types of extreme storms are “predicted” or “consistent” with their climate model based virtual world. [Note: The latest global warming debacle comes in the form of new studies attempting to link specific rain and flood events to man-made global warming. See: Prof Pielke Jr.: ‘Many will still want to connect the dots between greenhouse gas emissions and recent floods. Connecting the dots is fun, but it is not science’ & Astrophysicist Calls AGW Caused Flood Study ‘Drivel’ & NY Times not buying claims of AGW/flood paper: ‘The problem is that the Nature paper is not definitive at all’ ]

Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl commented on Schmidt’s new ambiguous extreme weather/AGW claim. “The idea that all extremes are getting stronger – a basic pillar of the climate doomsday beliefs – is actually so silly that even one of the most famous climate cranks, Gavin Schmidt, has been able to figure it out and admit that it’s wrong,” Motl wrote on February 18, 2011.

“The idea that climate extremes are supposed to get larger is one of the most omni-present manifestations of the climate doomsday religion,” Motl wrote. “This thesis contradicts pretty much all empirical data as well as theoretical analyses of the climate.

Motl called the link “complete pseudoscientific nonsense” and added: “There’s been no significant global trend in either of them during the last 100 years or so.”

Climate Depot wants to ensure that Gavin Schmidt’s latest proclamation is not misconstrued by some to believe that global warming activists are not attempting to link extreme storms to man-made global warming.

First of all, Schmidt himself has promoted the idea of more extreme storms being linked to man-made climate change. See: Flashback August 2010: Gavin Schmidt predicted more extremes! ‘The unusual heat waves, the unusual rainfall events will not be unusual in 10, 20, 30, 40 years’ time’

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