Climate Depot’s Morano statement: ‘This inquiry into the UN IPCC process by the InterAcademy Council (IAC) is everything the previous Climategate ‘whitewashes’ should have been.’


Paper: ‘CLIMATE CHANGE LIES ARE EXPOSED’: UN IPCC ‘accused of losing credibility after a damning report into its research practices’

FOOLS GOLD: ‘IPCC reports are supposed to be the gold standard…This Discredited IPCC Process Must Be Purged’ — ‘We cannot make sane decisions on global warming if the ‘experts’ present us with evidence that is biased…I thought that IPCC reports were reliable, fair and transparent. No longer’

Climatologist: ‘Dump the IPCC Process, It Cannot Be Fixed’: ‘UN IPCC was created to use the scientific community to build a case for regulating CO2 emissions. Period’

UK Telegraph: IPCC report raises fresh questions over Dr Rajendra Pachauri’s leadership — ‘The criticism of the management process is quite severe. It is an indirect call for Dr Pachauri to step down.’

UK Telegraph: ‘Flawed science’: ‘UN IPCC was rightly warned not to stray into what might be seen as scaremongering and policy advocacy’ — Report should ‘trigger the resignation of Pachauri but he insists he wants to stay on to implement any necessary changes in procedure. Yet his – and IPCC’s – credibility have been tarnished by this affair’

UK Register: Report recommends UN climate panel shakeup — ‘Rearrange the chairs please’ — ‘IPCC’s work included headline-catching statements which couldn’t be justified’

UK Daily Mail: UN climate experts ‘overstated dangers’: Keep your noses out of politics, scientists told

‘Should UN IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri Resign?’

‘Found plenty of problems’: Independent Audit Panel Slams UN’s Climate Group — Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook: ‘The IPCC report is filled with statements of ‘90% certainty’ without even saying 90% of what or providing any basis for such statements. Yet those pronouncements of certainty were used over and over as though that had been scientifically proven somehow’

NPR: UN IPCC ‘Needs Change At Top’: ‘It’s hard to see how the UN can both follow the advice of this committee and keep Rajendra Pachauri on board as head’

Flashback 2009: Climate Depot Report: UN’s own IPCC scientists trash UN IPCC

Prof. Ross McKitrick: ‘Since UN IPCC gives Lead Authors the sole right to determine content and accept or dismiss comments, it is more like a weblog than an academic report’

UN climate change panel to be warned over ‘series of embarrassing errors in its work’ — ‘A number