Climate Ethics Prof. Donald Brown Exposed for ‘vacuous spinning of science and subpar understanding of climate bill’ ([email protected])

Climate Depot Editorial

[Update: Prof. Brown ducks responding to Climate Depot’s point by point rebuttal: “[I am] eager to share [my] reasoning on ethical conclusions in a reasoned way but will not respond to unreasonable ad hominem attacks,” Brown wrote on Aug. 13.]

Note from Climate Depot’s Executive Editor Marc Morano to Penn State Ethics Prof. Donald A. Brown. ([email protected])

Dear Professor Brown:

You have recently been making the news with some very unique and serious claims regarding man-made global warming.

You have made the laughable claim that Senate’s failure to pass cap-and-trade the “worst ethical scandal…and a moral lapse of epic proportions.”

Sadly, this claim alone proves that your understanding of science and economics is what is truly the “worst ethical scandal” here.

How would passing a climate bill that was ‘scientifically meaningless’ improve ethics or morality or the climate? See: Even Obama’s EPA admits cap-and-trade bill ‘will not impact world CO2 levels’

You spend most of your “science” argument trying to convince the public of dangerous man-made global warming by noting that the Earth has been warming.

Wow. So in your simplistic scientific mind Warming = Human caused. Sorry Professor that is not a very deep and well thought out argument.

You claim: “2010 is the hottest year so far and the last decade is the hottest on record.”

Oh really? How long does “so far” go? You are aware that these are land based temperature data and we are talking minute fractions of a degree. See: Climate Depot’s full statement to USA Today on ‘Hottest’ Year And Arctic Ice: NOAA’s Jay Lawrimore ‘should be ashamed of himself’ — ‘Declaration that we are experiencing the ‘hottest’ year is purely a political statement. Lawrimore knows that these statistics are merely tenths of a degree or LESS’

If you had cared to look at satellite data you would find that 2010 is not even the “hottest year” in the last 12 years, let alone of all time. Why do you cherry pick your evidence?

You resort to pure climate astrology when you claim: “More wildfires are being seen around the world…Droughts and floods are increasing in intensity and frequency…Storm damage is rising as predicted.”

Once again, wow! As Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. has noted, claims like yours “have a status similar to interpretations of Nostradamus and the Mayan calendars.”

Tell me Professor, which of the