Watch Now: Rare ABC News TV Climate Debate: Climate Depot Vs. Center For Am. Progress: Morano: ‘The climate con is ending’

Anchored by Andrea Canning – ABC News Correspondent – Original Air Date: Monday July 12, 2010 — To Watch 24 minute ABC News Nightline TV Debate Go Here:

ABC News Global Warming Debate Part 1:

ABC News Global Warming Debate Part 2:

Marc Morano, Executive Editor, Climate Depot Versus Daniel Weiss, Director for Climate Strategy, Center for American Progress ([email protected]) – Selected ABC News excerpts of highly contentious debate shout-fest: (Note: ABC News also hosted a February 15, 2010 debate between Morano and Weiss.)

Morano: Co2 is but one factorHundreds of factors influence global climate, to sit here and say it is Co2 (as the primary climate driver) is absurd. The movement has been proven to be sub-prime science.

Morano on Climategate Reviews: [Muir Russell review] did not even ask basic questions. They did not even ask [Climategate’s] Phil Jones whether he had deleted any emails.

Two universities (University of East Anglia and Penn State U.) commissioned studies and exonerated themselves — that is not a shocker. For [Dan Weiss] to use it as proof of exoneration is laughable.

Morano: We have people in the UK saying we should have managed recessions to keep our emissions down. …I hope emissions go up, we need more economic recovery and that is a byproduct of growth.

Morano on Congressional Climate Bill: It’s about money. Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin (MD) has called cap-and-trade the greatest revenue generating proposal of our time. They just can’t wait to get their hands on the money…Even Obama’s own EPA admitted [the climate bill] would not even impact global co2 levels, it is a giant climate con, pure symbolism.

Morano on funding: The U.S. National Academy of Sciences took nearly $6 million dollars from Congress and under its president Ralph Cicerone is now lobbying for a cap-and-trade bill. They are almost entirely dependent on government – they have got to go with politically correct science view. The National Academy of Sciences — the ‘esteemed’ group — is now accepting money and disgracefully lobbying for a cap and trade bill. This is what has become of our science bodies in Washington DC. They are dependent on the funding and the politicians that support it. This is not science. This is a manufactured scare issue. All of these (international) National Academies of Sciences are