Climate Depot’s News Round Up on Black List: ‘Stasi-esque’ — Inquisition Has Begun! Warmists’ ‘Black List’ Shame: ‘So many errors of data’

[Climate Depot’s Marc Morano Note: Enjoy the latest ill-conceived attempt to resurrect the warming movement. For latest on the last gasp of warmist movement, please stay tuned to]

‘Black List’ Shame: ‘So many errors of data…mistakes regarding backgrounds, employment and specializations of scientists on the lists’

Pielke Jr.: A New Black List: ‘May very well mark a new low point in the pathological politicization of climate science’ — ‘There are good guys and there are bad guys, and to tell them apart, it is important to have a list. A black list’

Inquisition Has Begun! Joe Romm already using Black List ‘to dismiss scientists as unfit for participation in climate debate’ ([email protected]) — Romm: ‘It is time for the media to stop listening to, quoting, and enabling the anti-scientist disinformers’

Authors of Black List Challenged on ‘data selection, methodology and analysis of this paper’ — ‘How should a person listed as one of 20 co-authors on 10 papers be weighted against someone listed as one of 2 authors on 10 papers be accounted for when assessing expertise?

‘Does participating in the IPCC help people make connections and help grease the wheels when submitting papers and going through peer review?’

Warmists Even Upset at Shoddy Paper! Not Peer-Reviewed? Judith Curry ‘My first comment about the paper is that I suspect it was not peer reviewed’ — Real Climate’s Eric Steig says he is appalled by (‘Black List’) paper’

UN IPCC Scientist Slams Black List for Inaccuracy! ‘I Demand a Recount! ‘I was surprised to find out that they think I’m Canadian (I’m not), that I still work at the Fraser Institute (I don’t)’ ‘and that I have only published four—count’ em, four!—publications on climate change! — ‘The researchers didn’t feel the need to do much diligence when looking for publications of the sampled population. In my case, they probed Google Scholar searching for ‘K. Green.’ As I’ve virtually never published under ‘K. Green’

Black List challenged: ‘Does Google Scholar really limit itself to scholars? No. Search ‘Al Gore’ and you will find some 33,200 hits, almost 10 times as many as by searching ‘James Hansen’ — ‘Neither does Google Scholar limit itself to ‘just the scientific literature.’ Google Scholar finds articles in newspapers and magazines around the world: 113,000 in the New York Times, 22,000 in Economist, 21,000 in Le Monde, 16,000 in The Guardian’