Faith-Based Climate Astrology: Women hit by global warming head to Capitol Hill: ‘We have freezing temps when we shouldn’t have freezing temps’

Climate Depot Editorial

Reuters has a fascinating story that illustrates just how absurd and desperate man-made global warming “science” and claims have degenerated.

The March 8, 2010 Reuters article by Environmental Correspondent Deborah Zabarenko, is entitled “Women hit by climate change head to Capitol Hill.” The article quotes women from the developing nations of Peru and Uganda blaming every weather related calamity on man-made global warming.

“Nature is disrupted,” Marisa Marcavillaca of Peru said through a translator. “It rains when it shouldn’t rain. We have freezing temperatures when we shouldn’t have freezing temperatures. Because our yields are down, it is difficult to feed our children.”

The Reuters article continued: “We didn’t know what was happening,” [Constance Okollet of Uganda] said, wiping away tears at the memory. “We blamed God.” When the floods returned in 2009, with “drastic rain,” hailstorms and wind, destroying schools, contaminating the water supply and disrupting planting seasons, Okollet learned that human activities are one cause of climate change. The floods were followed by a eight-month drought.

“We want reduced emissions,” she said. “Let them have some plans for adaptation so that we get our seasons back.”

End Reuters Article Excerpt.

Sadly, scientific tripe like this are now going mainstream during the waning days of the man-made global warming fear movement. Events which used to be called “acts of God” or Mother Nature, are now being blamed on mankind’s emissions of a trace essential gas (CO2) in the atmosphere that we exhale from our mouths.

‘Climate Astrology’ Takes Hold

Here are two scientists who have accurately described this faith based climate “science”:

Japanese scientist Kanya Kusano, a Program Director and Group Leader for the Earth Simulator at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology, has publicly declared that man-made climate fear promotion is now akin to “ancient astrology.”

Mathematical physicist Dr. Frank J. Tipler, Professor of Mathematical Physics, astrophysics, at Tulane University, agrees with Kusano. “Whether the ice caps melt, or expand — whatever happens — the AGW theorists claim it confirms their theory. A perfect example of a pseudo-science like astrology,” Tipler wrote on May 15, 2009. “It is obvious that anthropogenic global warming is not science at all, because a scientific theory makes non-obvious predictions which are then compared with observations that the average person can check for himself,” Tipler explained.

“As we know from our own observations, AGW theory has spectacularly failed