Watch Now! CNN Debate: Climate Depot’s Morano Debates Global Warming – With Full Transcript

December 3, 2009 – ‘CNN Newsroom’

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CNN Host RICK SANCHEZ: One side says the planet is heating up, it’s mostly our fault, and there’s plenty of proof and we’re in big trouble. The other side says nonsense. If we’re warming up, it’s a natural thing, and anyone who believes otherwise is playing with the data for- what, political reasons?

Let me show you something. It’s a very cool piece of video- roll it, if you could, Rog? That’s a glacier right there. It’s in Alaska. It’s the Columbia Glacier. You’re looking at two years of pictures, squished down to show you how this mountain of ice moves, ebbs, and flows. The scientist who made this video and lots more say[s]- look, this is evidence that glacial ice is going away- and not just going away, it’s always gone away- but it’s going away way too fast. He says it is shocking, that this is an emergency.

And here he is to tell you that for himself. That’s James Balog. But wait, I’ve got the other side, as I mentioned, as well- the side who says, nonsense. That’s Marc Morano from, and wait until you hear how fired up he is, especially now that there’s been a pile of e-mails floating around that some say is lending weight to [the] ‘climate denials’ movement.

SANCHEZ: James, let me start with you. I saw the video. I was impressed. It worries the average person to think that that much ice is going into the water and it could possibly make the waters all over the world rise. Convince me that’s the truth.
JAMES BALOG, DIRECTOR, EXTREME ICE SURVEY: Yeah. You know, Rick, I was a climate change skeptic once. When I saw the evidence that was in the ice, I saw the short-term evidence that we were recording and understood how that was embedded in a very, very, very long-term scientific record collected by thousands of very hard working, very cautious, very skeptical scientists from all over the world for decades. Then I realized that we had an issue here. This is not a fiction.
SANCHEZ: James- all right, James, you think he’s wrong? I’m sorry. Marc, you think he’s wrong?
MARC MORANO, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CLIMATEDEPOT.COM: Well, yeah. I mean, certainly, you can go out and photograph some glaciers and say they’re melting. Was James photographing the