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U.S. Govt Scientist: If climate ‘trial’ occurred ‘only those with religious convictions of warming claims would continue to hold any support for man-made global warming’


[Guest Essay by Chemical Scientist Dr. Brian G. Valentine of the U.S. Department of Energy and professor at University of Maryland, who has studied computational fluid dynamics and modeling of complex systems. Dr. Valentine is featured on page 188 of the 2009 U.S. Senate Report of More Than 700 Dissenting Scientists on Global Warming. Below is a August 25, 2009 note Dr. Valentine sent to Brenda Ekwurzel of the environmental group Union of Concerned Scientists.]

Dear Dr Ekwurzel,

According to the American Bar Association, the purpose of any “trial by legal authority” is to “establish the truth.”

I note with interest your skepticism over US Chamber of Commerce’s petition of the EPA to carry out a “trial” to examine the facts behind EPA’s interest in regulation of greenhouse gases as “a danger to the public.”

What, if anything, do you and your organization have to fear about Chamber of Commerce’s proposed trial idea?

Do you fear exposure of the idea of “man-made” global warming for the abject fraud that the idea is?

You know yourself – exactly none of the predictions related to AGW made over the past 20 by AGW advocates have actualized. You also know there is exactly zero evidence to support any claims that “humans” have influenced the natural global climate in the least – and that means, since the dawn of Human Civilization.

If the US Public were to be made aware of these facts – at the testimony of a trial involving the EPA – then only those with religious convictions of the idea would continue to hold any support for AGW. That is in fact a very small number of people.

Falsehood cannot be sustained indefinitely – and the EPA might as well get it over with and let the facts come to light before all eyes.

I’d be interested in your response to me.

As well as quite surprised. In general, people seem to find themselves “too good” to bother to respond to me when I call AGW the fraud that it is.

Brian G Valentine PhD PE
US Department of Energy
Washington, DC

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